UFC 165 Kick Off Press Conference Video: Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson UFC 165 KickoffUFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson takes takes places Sept. 21 at the Air Canada Center in Toronto and is headlined by a light heavyweight title bout between champion Jon Jones and Swedish challenger Alexander Gustafsson.

Jones and Gustafsson joined UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright on Tuesday for a public press conference at the Real Sports Bar and Grill in Toronto.

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  1. Right now this very minute, chris weidman is the most famous man in the world,behind J E S U S of course

  2. Anybody else notice how small JBJ tries to look against his opponents. Right up until he squares off in the middle of the cage before the fight he slouches. He spent an entire season of TUF looking smaller than Chael. Even when he talks he talks about how his size advantage isn’t a big deal. Not a pro or con I’m a fan of what this guy can do but he is playing the game on a level that in my opiion you really need to pay attention to in order to comprehend. I see him defeating Gustaffsson and Texiera and winning a Machida rematch. Also I can see him beating JDS 2 out of 3 times {because JDS will probably catch him once} and I also see him beating Cain. Considering JBJ is at least 130 before he cuts to LHW and Cain and JDS walk around at about 140

    • JBJ is 230 and Cain and JDS are 240

  3. Jones is going down reason he has never fought any one with his size and reach. Alexander must use leg kicks and foot stops to keep him from clinching. Machida is a counter puncher and made Jones look bad while standing. Alexander is a master striker with long arms Jones wont be able to get close enough to take him down this will be a brutal knock out loss for Jones.

    • He fought Stephan Bonnar and wrecked him. Bonnar even has a bigger reach advantage than Alexander and is about as big as Alexander. That being said I think it will be a great match up, and if JBJ can’t stand with the Mauler, he’ll be sure to beat him on the ground.

  4. Gus put a serious whoopin’ on Shogun. I can’t believe Shogun’s chin. If he is able to strike like that against Jones, this will be one heck of a fight.