UFC 165 Jones vs. Gustafsson Kick Off Press Conference, Tuesday at Noon ET

Jon-Jones-UFC-135-Post-460x270UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson takes takes places Sept. 21 at the Air Canada Center in Toronto and is headlined by a light heavyweight title bout between champion Jon Jones and Swedish challenger Alexander Gustafsson.

Jones and Gustafsson will join UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright on Tuesday for a public press conference at the Real Sports Bar and Grill in Toronto.

You can watch the press conference streaming live on MMAWeekly.com at Noon EST/9 a.m. PT.

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  1. Gustafsson will knock out Jones he has one chance to grab him before he is rocked just like Anderson when you find some one as tall and long as you with equal or more skill your number is up

    • I’m afraid that you are seriously delirious. Every time Jones fights the naysayers come out. I bet you thought that Silva was going to win as well. Do yourself a favor and do not place any bets against Jones. If you do you WILL lose!!!

  2. Everything Gustafsson does well, Jones does better (much better), end of story. I give Jones three rounds at the most, to finish Gustafsson by either TKO or submission.

    Just like Silva, Jones will be holding that belt for a long time, and will only lose when his head and heart are no longer in the game, (just like Silva).

    • Hate to break your bubble but Guftasson is a MUCH more impressive boxer than Jones could ever hope for. Mousasi’s footwork is incredible and I hope he uses his boxing to dethrone Jones.

  3. easy fight for Jones. I would have rather seen Mousasi ko Gustafsson, then fight Jones for the title.

    • Mousasi KO Gus? What are you smoking? Mousasi had trouble with Latifi ffs.

      • What trouble did he have? Latiffi was a raw stake after their fight. And Mousasi had a bad knee at the time.

  4. Cmon gus, knock out that islamic terrorist jones

  5. What’s with all the Jones haters??Jones is THE most explosive, unconventional striker in MMA today, possibly EVER. Get a clue ppl, stop chugging the Haterade and actually WATCH the technique of an MMA fight