UFC 165 Announced for September 21 in Toronto

May 14, 2013
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UFC CanadaThe Ultimate Fighting Championship is returning to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday, Sept. 21, for UFC 165.

The event, date and location were announced on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV.

It’s no surprise that the UFC will be returning to Toronto or that the date falls in September.

In March of last year, UFC president Dana White when announcing the promotion’s first trip to Calgary revealed that Montreal, Toronto and Calgary were three Canadian cities guaranteed to be in the promotion’s future plans.

“We’ll be doing these three cities for the next two years,” he declared.

UFC director of Canadian operations Tom Wright added that Toronto and Montreal are the UFC’s “tent pole” locations in Canada, indicating that they would be on the schedule annually, and would likely return roughly the same time each year.

The UFC has been very successful in Toronto. Its first trip to the city, UFC 129, filled the Rogers Centre, drawing a record-setting attendance of 55,724. Return trips to Toronto – both at the Air Canada Centre – drew 18,303 fans for UFC 140 and 16,800 for UFC 152.

UFC 152 took place in September of last year.

No bouts have yet been announced for UFC 165.

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  • troop

    OK, so now we know where GSP vs Hendricks will take place….so then who headlines UFC164?

    • JDMMA

      Not necessarily… Princess George is shooting Captain America until August this year

  • dan

    It’ll be GSP headlining. That way they can keep his drug tests under wraps… if they even test him @ all. If anyone cares to look into it, you’ll find that the UFC has either
    never revealed the tests for GSP cards or hasnt gotten tested in the 5-6
    fights. Dont be ignorant and just get upset. Look it up so you dont
    think Im talkin outta my rear

    • Sir_Roy

      Yeah … the world’s one big conspiracy man.

    • Quick…somebody call Alex Jones