UFC 164 Results: Josh Barnett Back With a Vengeance, Takes Frank Mir Out Early

September 1, 2013
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Josh BarnettIn the UFC 164 heavyweight co-main event, two former champions squared off as Josh Barnett returned to the Octagon to face Frank Mir.

It was Barnett’s first fight for the UFC since 2002 in front of the crowd at Milwaukee’s Bradley Center.

Mir entered the much-anticipated bout with Barnett coming off back-to-back losses to Daniel Cormier and former champion Junior dos Santos. The Las Vegas native moved out of his comfort zone in Sin City to set up shop at the famed Jackson-Winkeljohn camp in Albuquerque, N.M., to prepare.

Entering the bout, Barnett looked to prove that he belonged with the division’s best after making his name overseas and in Strikeforce, while Mir wanted to prevent his first three-fight losing streak and hush rumors of retirement if he were to lose.

Mir made his way to Octagon smiling, briefly stopped to kiss family sitting cageside, and appeared to be in a great place mentally.

However, Barnett would be the heavyweight walking away smiling with the victory once the action ended and it didn’t take long.

Barnett made a triumphant return to the UFC by pressing Mir against the cage and controlling the action from the clinch, where he eventually finished the fight with a crushing right knee.

Immediately following the referee stoppage, Mir popped up, protesting the result. UFC president Dana White soon followed suit on Twitter by stating, “(Expletive) ridiculous stoppage!!!! The guys with experience make mistakes. That guy had no business being in the Co Main event!”

Regardless, Barnett used the clinch to engage with dirty boxing and a devastating knee that dropped Mir, which prompted a halt in the action from referee Rob Hinds.

Options are plenty for Barnett going forward in the division, while Mir has dropped three-consecutive fights for the first time of his career.

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    You could argue that the stoppage was early but I don’t believe it would’ve changed the outcome much. I’m a Mir fan but to complain after giving Barnett free shots for over a minute without much retaliation. Didn’t seem like he was doing much fighting then but he wants to fight after he gets crumbled with that big knee. What was his plan anyway? Maybe to hope Barnett would gas out from throwing so many shots.

    • Kbroesq

      I totally agree with you. I think people will ultimately come here and be outraged at this because they don’t like Barnett, but if you look at this objectively, it just wasn’t a bad stoppage.

      Mir crumbled to the ground and was out. Arguably, he woke up when he hit the ground, but Barnett was already on top of him throwing punches and only stopped because the ref came in to save him. Barnett handled it well, too. I hope people give him credit for this.

      • porquenao?

        Indeed, Frank was out, no doubt. If you examine his posture after the knee, Mir was clearly lost control of his conscious capability. When a fighter loses consciousness due to strikes, even if only for a brief second, is the fight not over? The recovery time should be irrelevant at that point.

        • Mr Pete

          Kind of sort of, ehh.. Its really hard to tell the difference between lost equilibrium, stunner, wobbled, iron chin and unconscious. Some people go unconscious standing, while others stay conscious taking a beating. Some people just get wobbled and come back just fine. The only true KO is incapacitated non verbal non movement eyes rolled.

          • deepgrim

            doubt he was out to be honest, I think it was a bad stoppage but he may not have recovered anyway- tho on the ground is were he would be most dangerious. pretty sure he was out in 2nd fight against nog before nog tried the guiltione. I think it may be near retirement time for mir

          • Mr Pete

            After seeing the replay in slow motion, he took the shot to the side of the head around his ears and temple. So most likely he lost his equilibrium, explaining the sudden drop and popped back up fully conscious. However, Josh was all over him from the beginning with no indication of letting up. 99% probability Frank would of taken more punishment and suffer another devastating beating. ie Shane Carwin, Brock, Junior

    • uncle

      Yeah I know Mir can’t always expect the ref to let him go unconscious

  • William Dave

    sucks man..

    • julian moran

      not at all.

  • The real issue here is that this ref was not used to being in their with Mir. Now Barnett did win the fight fair and square but Mir is a ground fighter, and curled up after hitting the mat. Frank could have been playing possum or could have taken a few more shots and rolled like he did with Carwin. In the end though the ref was looking out for his safety. I just don’t know what’s next for him.

    • Mark McDowall

      It was a call that some refs would have made exactly the same way…others would have let it go. There’s always going to be questionable stoppages…especially in heavy weight fights because they can take more punishment than most.

    • TheCerealKiller

      The REAL issue is that Mir hasn’t beaten a ranked fighter in over 4 years!

      • Big Nog is really the only impressive wins he’s had in that time period. His last three have been tough though. Everybody gets beat up by JDS. The fight with DC was just horrible. He should have kept that fight in the middle but instead got smothered against the cage. And this Barnett fight just didn’t pan out. I can see him getting one last chance but against who I have no clue. Mark Hunt maybe? For a tailor made fight for him.

  • RJz

    Mir cant compete in the HWT division anymore, its to deep. Josh got whupped by Cormier in his last Strikeforce fight, but he can still compete with alot of HWT’s.

    • shakejunt

      apparently he broke his hand in the first round of the cormier fight. looked great tonight though.

  • fsunoles10

    i had barnett winning but with that being said it was an early stoppage.

    • Cptmats

      Not at all.

      • deepgrim

        defo early stoppage. when mir got up he didnt wobble at all, ya got to give the fighters a chance to fight sometime, look at the overeem browne fight, ref looked at stopping it but didnt and browne made the comeback victory- if the ref had have stopped it, many would be saying that it was the right call and that browne was out of it. frank had taking one hard knee- he should have waited to see if he could defend the follow up from barnett

        • Cptmats

          Mir took that knee and both hand went straight out and he him ther mat face down, He was out cold !
          No matter how fast he pops up fact is he was out cold !

          Fighter safety comes first !
          The stoppage was good !

          • deepgrim

            he took a hard shot and when down hard doesnt mean your out, im from what i seen afterwards i suspect he wasnt. im saying the ref should have waited to see could he defend himself from punches on the ground before he called it off. while obviously i understand its a dangerous sport i think the ref should have waited to see.

          • Cptmats

            There is a diff between going down hard and going limp !

        • Kbroesq

          First of all, you’re using hindsight to support your argument, and that’s not how you should judge. To say that he didn’t lose his balance after he got up? Who cares about that? The ref doesn’t know how Mir is going to react when he gets up, and he doesn’t have the benefit of hindsight. Also, you can’t use other stoppages or non-stoppages to judge this one.

          Mir was out and Barnett was owning him. Let’s move on. It sucks that this is making a legitimate win look less legitimate.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Mir, you just lost to a non-roided up, sloppy man-tits Barnett. Please go retire. You have nothing left to provide to MMA.

  • David F Bermudez

    Time for Mir to drop weight and fight the winner of Ortiz-Jackson.

    • Mark McDowall

      Jackson said he wants to fight HW after the Ortiz fight…

  • julian moran

    I was confident Barnett would win. I felt he had a superior stand up, wrestling and ground game. It was however his wrestling knowledge that got him to dominate the clinch position. Though the stoppage was a bit early. Mir is lucky. as he was on his way down to quite a beating.

  • Mike McKinney

    You never know what would have happened next. However look at it this way. Had the fight not stopped at that point I don’t believe anyone would have said it should have.
    Sometimes the refs just jump the gun. Sometimes they’re way too late. It’s going to happen. Mir has a right to be angry, and so do some fans, but you just have to understand it will happen sometimes.

  • Mark McDowall

    Monday’s Headline-Frank Mir Retires…
    Tuesdays Headline-Barnett fails drug test for (insert illegal substance here)

  • Mike

    Were we watching a different fight? Mir went out. He dropped into a floppy mess on the floor as he was out. Maybe he did come to AFTER Josh was peeled off him. I am 100% with the referee on this one.
    Frank, your time is done. Retire before you get hurt.