UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis Extended Preview

Ben Henderson Anthony Pettis WEC

It’s a rematch of one of the most exciting title fights in MMA history, and this time, lightweight champion Benson Henderson intends to leave with his belt untouched by Anthony Pettis. Plus, heavyweight Josh Barnett returns to face Frank Mir.

Check out the UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis extended video preview.

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  1. Henderson is so, sooo good. He is like a dorkier, younger, and slightly less dynamic version of Georges St. Pierre. He is the greatest mma fighter than not many people like, and nobody loves (okay, maybe some of you ladies out there with dull tastes in personality love him). All that being said, I appreciate that he is a nice guy who can still kick ass, and clearly has a strong and very focused mind, and it’s always interesting to watch someone who is that good. I can’t really fault him for his conservative tactics, because they are more likely to keep him healthier, and has always worked for him except for in the first Pettis fight, but this time I think he has a better chance of grinding out a relatively conservative victory, as I believe he has improved more than Pettis has since their first meeting. However, I very much hope that I am completely wrong about this.

  2. Forget GSP/Silva, If Bendo can beat Pettis and finish him I’d rather he talks of Bendo/GSP.

    • I’ve said this all along…much better fight. Bendo could easily go up to 170 and I think he will be one of the only people who could keep up with GSP and stop his wrestling.

      • He couldn’t stop Frankie Edgar from taking him down, what makes you think he can “stop” GSP from taking him down? It would be a good fight though

      • Well…Exactly what King_DG said. lol
        He couldn’t stop a featherweight from taking him down, hell’ be able to stop a BIG WW?

        • I live in Phoenix and see Bendo around town all the time when he’s not in camp…I’d be willing to bet that he’d be bigger than GSP if they fought at 170. He is a HUGE LW…and would be a big WW too.

          • Yes, indeed he’s HUGE as LW, but let’s remember that even though he’s not that tall, GSP is quite beefy for the division too.
            I’d say Bendo could fight at WW without having to gain mass, just by not dehydrating, but GSP is just too large.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if GSP walked around 190~200 pounds.

          • only an inch difference according to Wikipedia…interesting match up regardless

          • I didn’t mean tall, I meant strong, well built, muscled up

          • True. They are both shredded, GSP seems more cut but Bendo seems a bit more bulky. Bendo has Jerome Bettis type legs…they are both huge in their division.

            Thinking more about it…this does have the possibility of being a VERY boring fight as well since they are similar in style they could cancel each other out. I don’t think it would be boring but there is a chance.

          • What makes me think that GSP would be able to outmuscle Bendo is exactly the fact that he’s shredded with +15 pounds.

      • I don’t think he can stop his wrestling but let’s see how Hendricks handles it first. But other then that they fight a like. The footwork, the conditioning, the transitions. But only if Bendo can beat Pettis in fashion would I hope this fight would come to talks.

    • Well pettis will finish Henderson. Gsp will lose to Hendricks. So if Henderson moves up he may face Gsp but it won’t be champion vs champion. 2013 is the year for upsets!

      • Pettis does have the ability to win this again and your right possibly finish Hendo. Pettis other then the Guida fight has looked more impressive but Hendo has been in some wars so I can’t take that away from him. All I know is that this is going to be a very good fight.

    • Hype leading up to the fight would be fun. But Georges would absolutely wreck Bendo. No ifs ands or buts for me. I will say this; would probably be the fastest fighter and among the most conditioned fighter GSP has faced, but it wouldn’t be enough

      • I believe GSP would win due to the fact that he’s much bigger and stronger but I like the fight based on how they both use footwork and their transitions. But like I’ve said I only would want this fight to be in talks if Bendo can beat Pettis in great fashion.

  3. Gotta love Pettis. He really goes for it and always makes for an exciting fight. Henderson has that boring GSP type style with an impressive 7 wins in a row by decision, two by split. I’ve seen enough of this guy as champ and I’m sure the UFC has too. He’s a nice guy but about as marketable as a paper towel. Pulling for Pettis to win but this is a tough fight for both guys and a hard one to call imo. Hopefully Pettis can prevent Henderson from laying on him for too long, I wanna see a fight not a cuddle party. Can we have some respect for Hendo and stop with this Bendo nonsense, thanks.