UFC 163 Fight Video Highlights: Phil Davis vs. Lyoto Machida

August 4, 2013
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UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Phil-Davis-042-478x270Phil Davis pulled off an upset victory with his unanimous decision win over former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida at UFC 163 on Saturday. Many were up in arms over the decision, while others felt the scoring was justified.

Watch the highlights of the controversial decision that mixed up the rankings in the 205-pound division.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

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  • james j

    I can’t watch another match with Machida. After he ran away from Dan Henderson and others, I am done with the dragon.

  • Timothy Malone

    It must be depressing as a striker to know that if you defend 10 takedowns in a row, as long as your opponent gets that 11th one he is considered to be beating you.

  • David

    I think Machida deserves this loss he had won alot of questionable fights in the past. For example his first fight with Shogun. He showed no respect or humility after that fight. I think he beat Davis but I guess it’s just karma. Either way with the way he’s been fighting( showing no improvement) does anyone want to see him fight jones? I don’t! I would like to see jones( if he beats Gustafsson) fight Cain Velazquez( if Cain beats Dos Santos).

    • wow

      I’m with you..after the Shogun fight he gloated over and over that the judges game him the decision so that is a legitimate win. now the tables have turned and he “doesn’t understand the rules”.

  • George Sperry

    Terrible decision. When the Carnival barker announced that all 3 judges scored it 29-28 I was trying to guess which round they GAVE Davis. I had it 30 – 27 Machida and I fail to see how winning the last 30 seconds or 60 seconds can win you a round where you did nothing prior to the take downs.
    Scoring an MMA match is hard, but that fight wasn’t hard to score at all, and they blew it big time.

  • Darin

    Machida spent 95% of the fight backing away from Davis, while Davis kept coming forward with strikes (albeit, inaccurate ones). Running away is not fighting. Machida didn’t fight, so he didn’t win.
    I have zero interest in seeing either of these guys fight Jones.

  • armhuinnamuice

    do the words Davis, Machida and highlights belong in the same sentence?

  • vinnyjr

    Pathetic, Machida won every round and listening to that chump try to explain why Davis got the win makes me even sicker. What a complete joke, these decisions are getting as bad as boxing. Totally disgusted. That was a very easy win for Machida.

  • Ksmma

    Davis threw 30% more and landed the same number of strikes, plus 2 takedowns. I still thought machida won but its not like he was ever closes to ending the fight. Apparently the Brazilian judges want you to actually be aggressive for more than two punches in a row when you fight for 15 minutes. Machida should have spent some time practicing how to step forward for a change instead of trying to explain how he deserves another title shot. Machida is perfectly capable of finishing anyone, he just doesn’t seem to care anymore.

  • jannina silva

    Machida clearly won. i didnt see davis fight at all. He landed one or two. did he show he could fight? 2 takedowns, but not enough to prove he could fight. If your gonna be a judge for ufc, you better get it right each time! Otherwise, who wants to watch the sport. I will never pay to watch a fight.

  • wow

    I was def surprised by the decision…I thought Machida won but then after looking at the overall strikes landed and takedowns…I can’t feel too bad for Machida especially since he’s been on the other end of bad decisions before, like Shogun the first time, and Dan Henderson. Besides does anyone think Machida deserves a title shot over Glover? Again, I still think Machida won the fight but its not like he dominated. Much rather see Glover vs Jon Jones.

  • julian moran

    I can see an argument for 29-28 Machida but I think it should be 30-27 Machida.

    Either way, he still won that fight. that goes, whether or not you are a fan of his fighting style.

  • Familia Perez

    Getting any kind of “credit” for defending takedowns is just ridiculous. Unless one fighter initiates a takedown attempt and the defensive fighter defends and ends up with a takedown himself. Everybody hates on the wrestlers because it’s likely the hardest part of MMA to be any good at. You are supposed to be offensive. Why the heck give anyone credit for being defensive. You see 10 takedowns defended but I see one fighter being aggressive versus defensive. Also I think it’s ironic that Phil “out Machida’d” Lyoto. Love it!

    • TrentSki

      “Also I think it’s ironic that Phil “out Machida’d” Lyoto. Love it!”
      Just had to point out how stupid that comment was
      Wow. Amazing

      • Familia Perez

        Did he not? I mean, isn’t that Machida’s game? Counter until the end of the round and then, to his credit, land a good flurry to steal the round. Only Davis utilized takedowns as a counter to Machida’s end of round flurry. I’m bias in favor of wrestling. I admit it. You obviously are not.

        • TrentSki

          Taking down and doing nothing significant, does not beat getting outclassed on the feet for most of the round. Also Phil is nothing like Machida at all, he looked like an amateur in the stand up department, it was embarrassing. The only thing Machida you could say, is that Machida got the gift decision against Shogun in there first fight, Shogun got Machida’d. Then Davis got a gift decision, so Machida, also got Machida’d

          • Familia Perez

            Well the end of your comment seems to contradict itself. But then again it’s early and maybe I just don’t get it. I disagree that Davis was outclassed on the feet. He should have been based on their respective experience, but the numbers in this case do not lie. Very few of his “significant strikes” actually landed. Otherwise this wouldn’t have gone to the judges. Machida should never complain about a decision because it’s his style that allows the fight to go there. If he’d would be a bit more offensive get more respect. His skill is without question. It does amaze me that Phil Davis has only lost once because he is still very, very raw in his skills. If he really learns to fight watch out.

  • Marc Livingood

    landed punches vs missed strikes is the problem I think the judges should watch a video monitor instead they would see clearly who is doing what. I think co main events must be 5 rounds especially with top guys if this one had of been 5 Machida would have gotten the finish I also think he would have finished Rampage and Henderson.

  • bajafox

    “Lyoto” and “Highlights” should never be in the same sentence ever again

  • Kbroesq

    I didn’t want to comment on the story (which was really an editorial) regarding the decision in this fight because I didn’t order this PPV. However, I just went to watch this fight specifically because of this controversy, and I usually stick up for Machida’s way of fighting.

    How are people calling this some kind of huge robbery!? Let me be clear; I’m not engaging in a debate about who won the fight. I can live with people believing that Machida won the fight, but this was NOT a robbery by any stretch of the imagination. Before I watched the fight, I heard the first round described as some kind of huge beat down of Phil Davis. The one part of the around where it was said that Machida ‘battered’ Davis with a straight left, and follow-up knee was barely anything. Sure, give Machida the 10/9 for that round, but the rest of the fight was more of a 10/10 than anything.

    People also need to consider the crowd and the subconscious effect that has on people and the judges. When Machida lands ANYTHING, the crowd goes crazy. I saw Davis land a big over hand right on Machida’s chin in the first round (did anyone catch that?!) and because the entire crowd was silent, it went down in the books as nothing.

    I stuck up for Machida in the Henderson fight because I thought he won that fight, and I’d probably stick up for Machida in this fight too if the debate were over who won the fight. However, the debate in this fight is not over who won the fight. The debate is how badly did Machida get robbed. For this specific debate, I cannot support Machida.