UFC 163 Results: Phil Davis Steals a Decision From Lyoto Machida on the Brazilian’s Home Turf

August 4, 2013
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06-Phil-Davis-Wagner-Prado-UFC-on-FOX-4-9645Normally when a fighter competes in his hometown, there is a term commonly referred to in the fight game as “the hometown advantage.”

Well, someone forgot to tell UFC light heavyweight and Belem, Brazil, native Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida about this saying before his UFC 163 bout with Phil Davis on Saturday night.

And if they did tell him, rest assured, Machida would tell you that old fighting adage is for the birds.

In front of his hometown faithful, inside a packed HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Machida dominated the former two-time National Champion from Penn State from pillar to post for the majority of the fight, only to suffer a perplexing unanimous decision loss as the scorecards were read.

Round one was all Machida as he peppered Davis with counter jabs and body kicks from the outset.  Davis circled to the left, showing some improved striking, but nothing to write home about.  Midway through the first frame, Machida scored a slick straight left that drilled Davis on the chin and had him retreating. Machida followed up with a thudding flying knee to the body, as Davis recouped to the center of the Octagon.

It took the former All-American almost four minutes into the round to attempt his first takedown, but when he did it was successful.  As the first round came to a close, Davis was in Machida’s half-guard scoring powerful ground and pound.

Round two was more of the same from Machida, as Davis opened with flashy front kicks and uncharacteristic combination punching.  It looked good, but the attempts were more or less futile.

Davis shot on Machida and the Brazilian sprawled with precision.  The Dragon spent the majority of the round peppering his opponent with well-timed counter punching and textbook defense – something that has become a trademark of the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

With just 15-seconds in the round, Davis managed to walk through a set of Machida punches and latched on to a bodylock takedown, dragging him to the mat, as the bell sounded.

Heading into the final frame, Davis’ corner expressed to their fighter that he was definitively down, and that a finish was most likely the only order for success.

The message was not lost on “Mr. Wonderful” as he came out for the final five minutes with a purpose.  Davis used superman punches, front kicks, and everything else he could muster to try and confuse his opponent, but the attempts were rendered moot by Machida’s defense.  When Davis attempted to take down the Brazilian, Machida sprawled perfectly, just as he had during the majority of the fight.

The fight ended with Davis eating a counter left, as he rushed in to score a late-round surprise finish.  As the bell sounded, Machida raised his hands high to the top of the HSBC Arena in elation, as Davis stood tall, but obviously disappointed.

That disappointment didn’t last long.

As the scorecards read 29-28 on all three cards, the fans in attendance awaited the oh-so-familiar call from UFC Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer.

“And your winner, via unanimous decision… PHIL “MR. WONDERFUL” DAVIS!!!”

Davis, in a truly memorable visual, leaped into his coach’s arms, obviously surprised that victory was now his.

“I’ve been a fan of Machida. I’ve been watching him forever,” said the 28-year-old, as a deafening chorus of boos erupted around him. “This man is awesome. Please don’t boo.”

Admiration aside, the Brazilian crowd wasn’t hearing any explanation – their hometown guy was just robbed of a victory, and they were going to let everybody know it.  Even when Davis tried to appeal to their sensibilities and heartstrings with a story about a friend suffering medical troubles back home, they didn’t care.  For them, the sting was just too much to handle.

Machida, visibly upset after being the victim of unfavorable judging, unleashed his own venom.

“I really don’t know what the UFC rules are,” he said with disgust.  “I don’t know what they are judging. Just listen to the crowd they’ll tell you what’s going on.

“That’s exactly what I tried to do,” said Machida when asked about his counter-based attack.  “I don’t know what they were judging.”

In the end Machida landed 27 of 61 of his total strikes thrown according to Fight Metric; Davis 29 of 98.  In the significant strikes landed, all of Machida’s strikes were deemed significant, while Davis’s amounted to 21.

The final ground stats read, Davis 2 out of 10 on takedown attempts, Machida was 0 out of 0.

In the end, it came down to what was rewarded. Late-round takedowns with very little damage incurred after or accurate, powerful counter punching.

Let the great MMA debate continue once again.

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  • Truth

    yup, got robbed. MMA judging is going down the road of absurd boxing judging.

    that’s now this AND the bogus Rampage decision.

  • PhranktheTank

    Dominated? Machida fought on the outside and fought not to lose, far from domination? Landed a takedown as the horn sounded in the 2nd rd? He was on the ground landing knees well before the horn sounded. Davis’s corner told him he was down 2 rounds? I believe they told him he won both rds. What kind of terrible ‘journalism’ is this? Did machida get robbed? Yes. That’s about the only accurate part of your article.

  • OverratedHippie

    Moderate advantage in effective striking to Machida. Unfortunately for the Karate Kid, aggression and Octagon control are also calculated. Put me in the 1% of people watching that were actually hoping to hear Phil’s name called as the winner Unpopular opinion I know, but I’m happy for Mr. Wonderful.

    • PhranktheTank

      Davis showed up to fight! Even though machida apparently ‘dominated’ him. I was glad he got the W. should machida have won? Yes, but he decided to fight for points and it backfired.

      • Dragon Kid

        I agree

    • Stephen Quadros

      Machida was actually the aggressor in this one,looked like Davis was doing a Dominick Cruz impersonation

      • PhranktheTank

        Machida landed one combination in 15 minutes. Explain to me how he was the aggressor.

      • shakejunt

        when you stare at someone for 2 minutes and then spend the last 30 to 60 seconds of the round on your back, it’s hard to give you points.

  • julian moran

    Machida won 30-27.

    • PhranktheTank

      29-28. He did nothing to warrant winning rd 2

      • Cptmats

        Machida may not have done much in the Second but Davis did less !

    • Cptmats

      Agreed ! worst decision in history !

      • Mike mckinney

        Come on now. Don’t be a victim of the moment. A man would have to die in the cage, and still win a decision to be worse than bisbing vs. hamil. 😉

        • Ksmma

          Agreed. Hamilton bisping was by far and away the worst decision ever.

          • PJ

            The judges were just as fed up with Machida as I am. He is the most boring fighter in the UFC , doesn’t fight to win, his style has proven boring and he is the furthest thing from an exciting Brazilian fighter. So ironic they love him so much, he deserves a title shot like I do

          • Darin

            I never really agreed with all the “Machida is boring” people until last night. Watching him doing his karate walk backwards for 15 minutes was too much.

          • Baller31


  • Let’s not hate on Phil Davis now. The guy fought a very tough fight against the former champion. I was rooting for neither fighter b/c I’am a fan of both of them, but I did think Machida won the fight, but those two takedowns seemed to give him the edge. It was far from any easy night for Phil Davis, but he did hang in there.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I’m no Machida fan, but I thought he won.

      That being said, I hate watching him fight because he does not push any action. So now, he has a few losses for this reason. That means he has to change his style or just keep losing to people because he doesn’t do anything.

      He is now 3-4 out of his last seven. Time to move him to the FX undercard.

      • Although a difficult fight, and dangerous people are getting the better of him with the judges scorecard. If you fight him from the outside and you stay calm all you need is to get a takedown or a few good shots towards the end of the round. Phil hung in there though with a real martial artist. I do 100% agree with 29-28 every round, but I really thought they were calling Machida on it, I think Phil Davis even thought so.

        • TheCerealKiller

          I also noticed that Phil didn’t look confident again. He needs to find some real confidence and then he might become a serious threat. I think Jones would crush him at this point. Machida needs to go watch some Tyson videos to see what aggression is. He has the skills, but this is not a karate match!

          • Yea, I’m happy for Phil, and I hope he fights Jones next year but he needs another fight for sure. I just don’t know who’s left for him. Anyone you have in mind that makes not only a great fight but a contender fight as well?

          • TheCerealKiller

            Davis vs Belfort

            Vitor doesn’t want to fight at 185 unless for a belt.

          • Interesting. Dangerous fight. Some may say it does nothing for Phil but in the UFC’s eyes an impressive win over Vitor could be title worthy.

  • Truth

    What a horribly written article. Aren’t you supposed to be objective as a reporter? I did think Machida won 29-28, but that doesn’t change the garbage in here being passed off as “journalism”.

    • Darin

      It’s mmaweekly, what do you expect? If it isn’t elementary spelling and grammatical errors, it’s passing off an editorial as journalism.

  • PhranktheTank

    Side note to machida, if you don’t know what the UFC rules are, maybe you should stop trying to win on points.

  • Mr Holmes

    Machida post Shogun I: “All 3 judges scored me the winner”

    Machida post Davis: “I don’t know what they are judging. Just listen to the crowd they’ll tell you what’s going on.”

    • DamianCross

      Machida post Jones: “…”

    • Baller31

      Good point. He has won his share of controversial decisions, and he acts like a baby when he loses one.

  • Cptmats

    Worst Decision ever !

    • shakejunt

      leonard… garcia…

    • deepgrim

      it wasnt as bad as the machida points win over shogun. gave round2 to davis and 3 to machida. round 1 i would have given to machida as well but it was very close.

      • Cptmats

        Machida Shogun 1 was a good decision.

        • deepgrim

          mate it was awful and the fact that he got an instant rematch even thought he was not champion at the time backs that up

          • Cptmats

            Machida won the first three rounds !
            Even though the rounds Machida won were super close and Shogun did more damage in either of the last two rounds than Machida did in the first three combined, it was still three round to two for machida

  • sj0623

    this article reads like it was written by machida’s girlfriend. Even the people who agree with think you sound bias. Probable shouldn’t write after drinking and watching your man crush loose a razor thin decision. By far the worst post on this site in years.

  • deepgrim

    horrible article

  • DamianCross

    “I really don’t know what the UFC rules are,” [Machida] said with disgust.

    Oh good! He finally admitted it. Well sir, here’s a quick lesson. Rule # 1 Points are obtained by striking your opponent, not running away or wobbling around like a monkey.

    • OverratedHippie

      As a person who actually thought Phil deserved the nod, this post was unnecessarily hostile. Machida did land some strikes, a few good straight punches one that temporarily hurt Phil. Machida is amazing at taking advantage of opportunities. Unfortunately he’s just as awful at creating opportunities. I feel Davis went out and tried to win, where Machida as usual went out trying to not lose. That said both men deserve respect.

    • Mr Pete

      MMA Rule #1 Walk forward and swing aggressively. #2 Grab and hold #3 Breath hard and make a lot of grunts/sounds.#4 Exaggerate this act as aggression and control #5 Damage created/ fighting not necessary.
      Signed Clay Guida, endorsed by Leonard Garcia 😉

      • blindnighter

        Have you watched guida fight anyone other than maynard. Doesnt sound like it. He has has some of the best wars in mma

        • Mr Pete

          Anthony Pettis, Hatsu Hioki, Nate Diaz, Josh Thompson, Danzig, Aurelio, should I keep going? Fights you saw, Diego Sanchez, Ben Henderson, when he actually fights he loses brutally.

    • Baller31

      Very true. Machida is sometimes an exciting fighter, but against Henderson, and again last night, he was nothing but a boring fighter looking for points.

  • Dragon Kid

    Machida’s overall performances tonight and the Hendo fight were both pretty sucky, this guy has lost his aura. He doesn’t deserve another crack at the belt if he’s gonna win by points.

  • Darin

    Machida was the better fighter last night, too bad he only showed it for about 5% of the fight. Moving away from your opponent is not fighting. Machida ran, Machida lost. Good.

  • Darin

    Didn’t Davis say something like, “Hey, don’t boo Lyoto, he’s a great fighter” after the fight? Hilarious.

    Ryan Mckinnell, open a dictionary and find the definition of journalism. Then learn to write. The comments under your “piece” are far more sensible than this crap article.

  • Baller31

    A decision loss couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fighter. After his fight with Henderson, this is like poetic justice.

    • Ksmma


  • Ramon S

    I think it was a good decition Mashida didnt do anything to win the fight and Davis took him down a couple of times for some points. Nothing controversial here.

  • Milosc

    I thought this was a mistake. Like they read the scorecards wrong..

  • Ping

    I don’t care if he got “robbed”. In my opinion if anyone like Machida, GSP, or other fighters that rely heavily on using up the clock and scoring points it’s their own fault. If you want to win, finish the guy. I have bought every pay-per-view for the last several years except for last nights. I want to see a FIGHT, not a competition, a fight. GSP, and Lyoto are incredible athletes, and competitors but they are not fighters.

  • One of the worst decisions I’ve seen in the UFC. Phil Davis did nothing to deserve that win. If not corrupt it was certainly disgraceful judging by Sal D’Amato, Chris Watts and Rick Winter. D’Amato and Winter have reputations as very bad judges but Watts giving round 3 to Davis should be a clear sign to athletic commissions everywhere that this tool should never judge anything more important than a pie eating contest.

    “What We Learned from UFC 163 Co-Main Event” is that Lyoto Machida won the fight but corrupt or incompetent MMA judges Sal D’Amato, Chris Watts and Rick Winter robbed him and gave the fight to Phil Davis who did nothing to deserve the win.

    That’s the story about this fight but too often members of the MMA Press are more concerned about event and press conference pastries, coffee and other goodies than doing their jobs by reporting the truth.

    • DoubleLung81

      I assu,me you think Davis doesn’t deserve any points for taking down, not once but twice, the greatest takedown defender(Machida) in the LHW division? Is that what I am hearing from you?

      • Two meaningless takedowns in a 15 minute fight. That’s all Phil Davis did. He failed miserably eight other times. His first takedown occurred at the end of round 1. Fair, competent judging gives that round to Machida 10-9. Phil’s second takedown happened as Machida attacked him with strikes with 15 seconds left in round 2. It was meaningless. Machida won round 2, 10-9. Davis did little in round 3, score it for Lyoto, 10-9.

  • Murt

    Counter fighting loses fights. They fight not to lose. I understand that the basis of martial arts is self defense and not aggression and this is the justification for the countering style. But in the UFC, in the cage, its not what it is about, its about finishing you opponent, not proving that he cant finish you. If both fighters fought that way they would end up standing in the Octagon and bowing to one another. The onus is on both fighter to ATTACK the other, not for one to attack and one to be holier-than-thou and only play defense. Its a cage fight, act accordingly.

  • Ritzy

    fighters how fight not to be hurt are boring…1st against Hendo and now this one. Man, f*** Machida, maybe next time he puts up a real fight and stops this s***** attitude.

  • Slap A Dat Sheet

    Karma is a mo fo. Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt, Machida won that fight. Little payback from that horrid running mess from the Hendo fight. I find it very comical to say the least…. :):)

  • bajafox

    I cant stand Machida with a passion. His style is beyond boring. But I had him winning rounds 1 and 3. Glad he got the s*** end of the stick this time. Maybe he’ll show up to fight next time.

  • DoubleLung81

    How does Phil not get any credit for taking down 2 times the “Greatest” takedown defender in LHW division?

    • Cptmats

      HUH ? How does he not get credit ? all he scored was two take downs and that earned him the win.
      I’d say he got tons of credit for those two take downs !….too much !

      • DoubleLung81

        I was referring to the authors biased article.

  • Pseudonym34

    I don’t know how anyone, including this poor excuse for a “writer”, saw Machida winning this fight. The ONLY round I gave to Machida was the third, which I think he clearly won. The other two, you give to the aggressor, which in both cases was Davis. Machida had great take down defense, but his “style” is boring even if effective and obviously not as impressive as someone who is more aggressive. People LOOK for the offense, they look for the aggression, and gasp, judges are people too. I have no qualms with the win being given to Davis 29-28.