UFC 163 Results: Jose Aldo Swarms and Finishes an Injured Chan Sung Jung

August 4, 2013
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Jose Aldo 216 WEC 48Jose Aldo expected a tough fight out of Chan Sung Jung (aka the Korean Zombie) coming into their main event showdown at UFC 163 at HSBC Arena on Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, he was one of the people that said after Anthony Pettis dropped out of the fight due to injury, the Jung deserved the opportunity as much as anyone.

Jung certainly proved his worthiness on Saturday night, taking Aldo into the fourth round, and suffering an injury before the champ could finish him.

Although both men are known for their aggressive nature and attacking styles, neither was quick to engage at the beginning of the bout.

Perhaps even more surprising was how the fight unfolded. While Jung usually tries to wear on his opponents, unleashing surprising, aggressive attacks at opportune moments, he fought a much more straight-forward style, searching for openings and holding back much more than normal.

Aldo, who usually chops down his opponents with his brutal leg kicks, and then attacks with his hands, did little kicking in this fight.

After a lot of dancing around and exploring their timing, neither mounting much damage, Aldo, late in round two, began taking the fight to take the fight to mat.

He later said that he saw the fight was starting to shape up as a “tough decision” in the stand-up game, which is why Aldo started working for more takedowns.

Aldo was definitely the fighter setting more of the pace, and scoring with several takedowns, notably defusing Jung’s explosive jumping knee attempts by catching him and planting him on the mat. He still wasn’t able to gain a tremendous advantage on the ground, failing to do much damage.

Jung stepped up the pace considerably to open round four, but engaging Aldo in the stand-up game backfired, as he separated his right shoulder during one exchange.

Aldo noticed that something wasn’t quite right and swarmed Jung, driving him to the mat, unleashing a fury of punches until the referee stopped the fight.

Jung immediately clutched his right arm, obviously in excruciating pain.

Aldo came over to check on him before the official decision was announced, nearly having to be drug away from his concern for his opponent to the center of the Octagon for the final announcement and his post-fight interview.

Aldo confided that he knew something was wrong, so he attacked, but he had little answer for what he expected next in his career after defeating Jung.

“I really don’t know. I just work for the UFC, and whatever comes.”

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  • PhranktheTank

    Such a strange fight… I get the feeling TKZ was game planning to counter off the leg kicks. Aldo didn’t throw any and it threw him off. Regardless though. TKZ fighting stiff, strange. Aldo wrestling, strange. Fight ending due to a separated shoulder, also strange.

    • Supaman

      so i wasn’t the only one. Aldo saw that KZ was waiting for the leg kick and chose not to throw it.

      i’m starting to wonder if Jung didn’t come back to soon from this surgery. anybody know if this was the same shoulder that he had his surgery on?

      • shakejunt

        i feel like i heard the surgery was on the left side, this was the right.

        and you’re right about aldo’s foot, the first leg kick he threw landed hard but was checked i believe.

    • Supaman

      also looked like Jung checked Aldo’s leg kick, which hurt Aldo’s foot.

  • At first I thought the Zombie was waiting until the 4th round to really bring it to Aldo. He stood in front of him with pretty much no head movement. Not the best fight for either guy but congrats to Aldo, another title defense for him. I hope he just fights Lamas and moves up.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Convinced more than ever after this fight that Pettis puts a hurting on Aldo. No leg kicks and didnt do much damage to a fighter that was standing straight up in front of him. Aldo looked a little “tired” in te 4th and TKZ didn’t even do much the first 3 rounds. If that had been Pettis, Aldo would have been gassed in the 3rd round. Hell, had that been Edgar, Aldo would have been gassed before after the 2nd round.

    I expected TKZ to look the way he did bc of ring rust, which clearly showed, but Aldo wasnt impressive at all. I really want to see Lamas and Pettis vs. Aldo, IMHO I think both fighters could beat Aldo, especially Pettis!

    • bojorquezmma

      Jose Aldo broke his foot in the 1st round you dumbshit!!!!

      • Mike mckinney

        Hey now, be nice. Just because he rides the short bus with pride (Gsp fan) doesn’t mean we’re allowed to make fun of him for being a re-tard. 😉

      • shakejunt

        while true he got injured, the point remains that he has looked a little sluggish in the past few fights. certainly hasn’t looked like the same guy that smoked mike brown and battered faber.

        pettis really is a bad match up for him, a fast guy with precision strikes and not scared to engage and push the pace. aldo shines most while moving forward and while exiting scrambles, not sure pettis will give him either.

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    Zombie should get a rematch. Aldo can’t be happy with that win.

    • David Huenecke

      I agree. In my opinion that was a dirty win. Its not like he was injured by jose. He dislocated his shoulder overthrowing a punch. And then what does the champ do? He kicks the crap out of the guys dislocated shoulder. I lost a lot of respect for Jose in this fight. He couldve stepped back and let the ref step in. TKZ was in no condition to fight after the slip and Herb Dean shouldve stopped the fight based on that. But to attack a seriously injured fighter is the lowest thing you can do in the cage.

      • Guest

        ummmmm no fighter would do that

        • David Huenecke

          Ummmmmm have you ever fought in a cage guest. I have. And if your opponent is clearly injured you dont swarm the s*** out of them. Thats why there are refs and cage side doctors. Its dirty as f*** to fight an opponent who cant defend themselves. Why dont you go beat up women and small children with your s***** moral compass. Get the f*** outta s*** you dont know about.

      • shakejunt

        get over it. unfortunate ending, but these things happen. he can work his way back up, it’s not like this hurt his stock that much. you didn’t see kim yelling rematch at fitch or browne at bigfoot.

      • macarrech

        How Jose could have known that he dislocate his shoulder?

        • David Huenecke

          Cause he watched him try to pop it back in its socket. You can see the bone sticking out.