UFC 163 Fight Video Highlights: Jose Aldo vs. Korean Zombie

August 4, 2013
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Jose-Aldo-UFC-136-460x270Jose Aldo successfully defended his featherweight title at UFC 163 with a fourth round stoppage of “The Korean Zombie,” Chan Sung Jung in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Saturday.

Watch the video highlights of Aldo’s fifth UFC title defense.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

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    I think Pettis would have taken this one.

  • Chicago

    No love lost for the zombie. he was close with that last flying knee & that darce choke put me on the edge of my seat.

  • Darin

    A couple comments about last night’s show:
    1. Aldo has not looked like anything resembling a top p4p fighter since his WEC fights. When promoting his upcoming fights, UFC, please refrain from using the clips of Rogan screaming about this guy being the greatest fighter in the world.
    2. Speaking of Rogan – Brian Stann was better than either Rogan or Goldberg last night and should definitely replace one of them. He understands fighting far more than Goldberg, and is completely unbiased unlike Rogan.

    • OverratedHippie

      completely unbiased. Clearly you didn’t listen to him during the Davis/Machida fight.

      • Troll Killer

        not really, Machida clearly won, and Stann pointed it out.

    • Chicago

      when the zombie hit Also (which I will admit was few and far between) he never acknowledged it. not 1 time. not once in 17 mins.

    • Supaman

      1) Not sure what you’re talking about. Aldo may not have had as many highlight reel KOs in his last couple fights, but he’s still clearly beat all the top contenders and sent Urijah packing to 135.

      Also, Rogan says Aldo is the greatest FEATHERWEIGHT champ (which is hard to argue w/) and not fighter period.

      2) Brian Stann was ok, but Rogan should still have PPVs.. I would much rather have Stann over Anik or Florian. Anik is the worst.

      But thing is Goldberg and Anik do the play-by-play while Rogan / Stann are the color commentators. The play-by-play guys should have a strong base in actual broadcast commentating. Yes, it’d be nice if Goldberg knew a little more, but that’s what the color guys are for. Anik has an annoying voice and cadence, but I digress.

      The color commentators are the ones who must know what’s going on, and can explain it, hence why you tend to have former fighters or guys familiar w/ the fight game, such as Stann, Florian, Bas Rutten, Joe Rogan, etc.

      I don’t think Rogan is unfairly biased. If he thinks someone is clearly winning a fight, he’ll point that out. Just as Stann did the same.

  • Brian Revell

    what people are forgetting here is that aldo was also injured in the first round.. his vfoot was gruesome… look up the pics of it.. im surprised the guy was able to walk on it for 3 more rounds like he did.. he wasnt doing many kicks cause well he couldnt

    • Truth

      what people forget is that it was injured BECAUSE Jung was ready and checked the kick. It wasn’t a freak occurrence like his shoulder popping out.

      Jung should’ve recognized the foot was hurt, and put more pressure but kept waiting to counter off more leg kicks.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Very poor card, another lackluster co main event and horrible main event.

  • “all are weak and fail”.
    I’m sorry, who are you and what’s your record again?

  • Chicago

    It’s black ppl like you that make us look bad. Due to your last name I’m just going to assume that your black.

  • Troll Killer

    wow, get your beer-bellied racist hick a$$ out of here.

  • El Gvapo

    Tong Po? Chong Li? You never watched a Van Damme film?

  • al57

    There has never been on tough slope ever in MMA.