UFC 163 Backstage Pass: “Nobody Can Take Jose Aldo’s Belt. Nobody.”

August 5, 2013
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Jose Aldo UFC 163 Backstage PassGo inside the venue as home-country hero Jose Aldo and challenger Chan Sung Jung arrive and prepare for their featherweight title fight at UFC 163 inside Rio’s HSBC Arena.

Courtesy of UFC.com.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I think Zombie would have taken it, if not for the freak shoulder separation.

    • louis

      what match where you watching?

      • Zombie would have taken it in the fourth or fifth round.

      • TheCerealKiller

        The match where Aldo broke his foot and was wearing down because of it. The pain was setting in and the foot was getting really swollen. Zombie had a lot in the tank still and I think he would have gotten a stoppage in the last two rounds. Aldo would not have lasted two more rounds with that foot.

  • Mr Pete

    Zombie loss the first 2 rounds but it wasn’t like he was completely outclassed. Zombie came off a year long injury, a slow start was to be expected. Zombie was gaining momentum in the middle of the third landed some big shots near the end, while Aldo was fading fast. Anyone who can not see that is just biased fanboy.
    Use to think Aldo was the best, now I think Pettis, Zombie and Swanson could all take it. Swanson for sure that guy is beast, no doubt at all.

    • jwk

      The same swanson who was finished in 10seconds by Aldo back in the WEC? I dont think so.

      • Mr Pete

        Really? MMA math huh? Dos Santos vs Cain, Randleman vs Mirko, Serra vs GSP Silva vs Belfort, King Mo vs Newton, Nick Diaz vs Jeremy Jackson, Silva vs Chonan, GSP vs Hughes etc.
        So by your logic, getting a flash KO/Sub means your the better fighter, right? Nick Diaz is garbage because he got KO in 40 seconds. A fighter can never learn from his mistakes, can never improve himself, right? Have you seen Swanson’s last 5 fights? Please stop being ignorant

    • tyjohns

      so you no longer think Aldo is the best because he broke his foot in the first 2 mins of the fight, changed his game plan on the fly and showed a different facet of his game to get the W. Swanson will get torched again

      • Mr Pete

        read my reply to jwk
        To answer your other question, Aldo has not looked as aggressive as he use to be in WEC, I personally believe he lost to Frankie and we all know his weakness is cardio. Excuses aside broken foot or not, Aldo was going to gas out in the fourth, this is fact. All his UFC fights have been decisions, 1 flash KO and 1 KO by default. While Swanson last 5 have been stellar performances. Aldo is the most skilled and physically superior fighter in MMA, he needs to return to form, he is afraid to lose the belt and fights that way

  • Matthew Stone

    it was a shame Zombie got hurt but he wasn’t doing anything that had Aldo in trouble, I believe it would have gone to a decision and Aldo would have won, he does seem to be fighting safe nowadays but they all do it when they reach that stage bar Anderson, who was clearly bored and started farting about.