UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman Gate Officially Lands in Nevada’s Top 5 MMA Draws

July 25, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman UFC 162 staredownThe official numbers are in and UFC 162 is officially a success… at least at the box office.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Thursday revealed the final tally for UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman confirming an attendance of 12,964 for gate receipts totaling $4,826,450.

UFC 162 took place on July 6 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and aired live on pay-per-view.

There were 10,157 tickets sold for UFC 162, while company officials gave away 2,807 complimentary tickets.

New UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman made the event one for the history books, capturing the belt by knocking out Anderson Silva in the second round. While many fellow pro fighters predicted that Weidman had the ability to win the fight, the way the fight ended came as a surprise to nearly everyone.

The two will now meet in a rematch at UFC 168 on Dec. 28, again at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

UFC 162’s $4,826,450 gate puts it on the list as the No. 5 top grossing MMA event in Nevada history.

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  • andresmartinez

    I like silva he’s the greatest fighter I’ve never seen in MMA.. I want to believe him when he says the first fight wasn’t fixed (that’s very bad for the sport) but with the money he will make with the rematch and looking the way he fought I don’t know what to think..
    He will earn a lot of money with this match.
    Anyway I believe Chris Weidman will stop him again by ground and pound or submission , Silva is old and Weidman is too much strong for him.

  • Texas Beast

    The rematch is going to shatter records.

  • i think weidmans just getting better and silva is just getting older so as time goes on i favor weidman even more

    • ufc

      Weidman is good but I think silva could beat him. Everybody gets catch eventually with those small gloves man. Eventually weidman will lose
      Too give him some “more fights”. And credit to
      Weidman too, but anderson could beat weidman
      If he’d fought serious. And anderson is not too
      Old he’s just fine. When u get that old u develope technique.

  • tyrone

    In all of silvas bouts after franklin, silva always fought the same way, toying with opponents. This toying does mentally destroy most opponents and makes opponents plans fly out the window and usually once discouraged they get ko ‘d. In pre weidman bouts, silvas antics were praised,” hes such a defensive master, he’s untouchable,hes so comftorable in there, a class above opponents, the teacher vs the student “.why then, since silva always fought and trained this way and trained for four months for weidman fight, is everyone not giving weidman the credit he deserves? Jealousy, racism, hate? One has to give credit where credit is due, weidman went in there and fought his fight and anderson his. Weidman kept his composure and got the victory when others fell apart mentally, weidman stayed the course and was definately the better fighter.weidman won every second of that fight, whether standing or on ground. Weidman was aggressive yet elusive, persistent , determined and brave, strong and quick, filled with confidence. Silva said before fight, “i trained 4 months and i feel better than ever “. After fight, chris is best in the world.