UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman Extended Video Preview

June 29, 2013
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UFC 162 Poster-RED-478x270Watch the extended preview for UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman which takes place on July 6 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva puts his title and undefeated UFC winning streak on the line against challenger Chris Weidman in the main event.

Also on the fight card, former UFC lightweight titleholder Frankie Edgar takes on Charles Oliveira in a featherweight bout.

Courtesy of UFC.com

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  • TheWorldsGreatest

    Silva is gonna smash him. Silva’s gonna give him the same makeover he gave Franklin #facebreak

    • Baller31

      Not going to happen.

  • Enlightened One

    If AS beats Weidman, and then GSP, then what? Fight the same kind of lesser opposition? Retire? As fans of the sport, people who want to see good fights, I would think a loss for AS would be the best thing. I won’t pay to watch a title fight between the GOAT and some can. The more dominant a fighter is, the less people will watch. If you are just interested in KOs, go watch K1.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Silva should have moved up to LHW LONG time ago, but for whatever reason he enjoys fightings BUMS @ MW! Though, I honestly believe Silva enjoys the size, strength & reach advantage over his opponents. Having those 3 advantages before the fight even begins, is huge! He wouldn’t have those advantages if he fought @ LHW!
      For those who say he fought LHW 3X already, true! But he fought 3 big & slow not so good fighters, who had ZERO wrestling. For a guy who’s suppose to be GOAT, to be fighting Forrest, Irvin & Bonnar is a joke!

  • Sir_Roy

    You’re dumb enough to think that calling someone a homosexual in this day and age is actually insulting.

    Go back to school.

    • Sir_Roy

      Actually, happily married with kids. Not that one has to be homosexual to take exception to adolescent, phobic ridden, wholly ignorant remarks like yours. And besides, in my experience, those who call GSP gay, are generally insecure men with secretly hidden desires safely tucked away of their own. Cuz, y’know, a good looking, charismatic man with a French accent just HAS to be gay right? Wouldn’t fit your fantasy to be otherwise.

      It’s OK kid. Creep out of your closet. It’s relatively safe.

  • silvas daddy

    Silva used to train with munoz and munoz started ragdolling silva, so much so that munoz started calling out silva.silva stated, “i can’t believe munoz called me out, we’re friends. ” Silva was in full ducking mode. Then silva watches weidman destroy easily the man who ragdolled him numerous times in training and silva ducked weidman til forced to fight his mandatory. I would not be surprised if silva comes down with an (fake) injury before fight.weidman 1st rd ko over silva by serious gnp

    • Are you going to change your user name if Silva wins or do you just not like the guy? Just curious, that’s not a shot at you. And why would Silva duck Munoz? Mark Munoz’s strength is his wrestling and if Silva trained with him he would have an advantage of knowing how Mark fights already but vice versa. Also Munoz was ko’d by Matt Hamill, and doesn’t have that many fights, I’m sure Silva would have handled himself as he always seems to do. As for the fake injury? That’s just a lame cheap shot at Silva. A swing and a miss actually. Btw I have no problem with you, I’m just enjoying conversation so take no personal offense.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Actually I read a few weeks ago that Silva was injured during training, which was ironic bc Silva haters were actually predicting that Silva would have some injury during training & if he lost, he would use that as an excuse. Then a week or two after I read those comments, a report came out that Silva did suffer an injury, something Silva himself denied!

        I think Silva will win this fight, but only b/c I think Weidman should have taken a “warm up” fight before he fights Silva. He’s going to have ring rust & he had major shoulder surgery, not the best fighter to test the shoulder against. I think Weidman can beat Silva, but it will not be this fight, IMO! But I honestly believe he will give Silva a scare, but Silva will finish Weidman!

        • Can you send me the link to the report that Silva did suffer an injury? I’d appreciate it. I only remember reading an article where Dana White shot down rumors of Silva being injured. I believe that article was on this site. And I agree, the thing that gives Silva more of an edge is the fact that the young talented Weidman is coming off a year layoff and due to injury not like he had a healthy stress free year off and a tune up fight.

    • solo

      So you are Mister know it all, right!

      • silvas daddy

        Thank you for your statement, i am highly grateful for your estimation of me. However, i do not know it all. I just stated what i seen on tv.as far as silva faking injury, i am guessing on that, by the way silva reacted to proposed bout with number one contender weidman. Silva dodged weidman til forced into this fight, something he never done before. Silva fought everyone without hesitation until weidman became his mandatory, then he basically said, “I’m a legend and hes just a upcomer. Silva was wanting to beat up lil gsp but ducked his mandatory weidman.silva will find out once in ring that weidman is the real deal, but i think he knew it all along ,cause of his actions of refusing to fight him when he was clearly number one contender.

        • Hog bastard

          Cool story bro

  • MMA

    I have a silva blow up doll and we are going out on date tonight