UFC 162 Fighter Salaries: Despite Loss, Anderson Silva Still Tops Payroll at $600,000

July 8, 2013
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Anderson Silva UFC 126The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Monday released the UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman fighter salaries to MMAWeekly.com.

Chris Weidman upset Anderson Silva at UFC 162, putting an end to the longest UFC middleweight championship reign in the promotion’s history, and defeating the man widely considered the greatest fighter of all time.

UFC 162 took place Saturday, July 6, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The following figures are based on the fighter salary information that promoters are required by law to submit to the state athletic commissions, including the winners’ bonuses.

Although mixed martial arts fighters do not have collective bargaining or a union, the fighters’ salaries are still public record, just as with every other major sport in the United States. Any undisclosed bonuses that a promoter also pays its fighters, but does not disclose to the athletic commissions (specifically, pay-per-view bonuses, fight of the night bonuses, etc.), are not included in the figures below.

UFC 162 Fighter Salaries

Chris Weidman: $48,000 (includes $24,000 win bonus)
def. Anderson Silva: $600,000
*Silva’s win bonus would have been $200,000

Frankie Edgar: $240,000 (includes $120,000 win bonus)
def. Charles Oliveira: $21,000

Tim Kennedy: $90,000 (includes $30,000 win bonus)
def. Roger Gracie: $50,000

Mark Munoz: $84,000 (includes $42,000 win bonus)
def. Tim Boetsch: $37,000

Cub Swanson: $58,000 (includes $29,000 win bonus)
def. Dennis Siver: $33,000

Andrew Craig: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Chris Leben: $51,000

Norman Parke: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
def. Kazuki Tokudome: $8,000

Gabriel Gonzaga: $58,000 (includes $29,000 win bonus)
def. Dave Herman: $23,000

Edson Barboza: $46,000 (includes $23,000 win bonus)
def. Rafaello Oliveira: $14,000

Brian Melancon: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
def. Seth Baczynski: $16,000

Mike Pierce: $56,000 (includes $28,000 win bonus)
def. David Mitchell: $10,000

UFC 162 Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $1,613,000

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    Mike Pierce on undercard made more than the headliner Chris Weidman

    • bajafox

      That’s true but Weidman is going to get a huge pay raise after Saturday. I doubt Pierce will be close to his next payday. Not to mention, all of the “locker room” bonuses, aka fk uncle sam

      • boxingfool

        the new don king era!!!!!!!!!

    • PhranktheTank

      Not just the undercard, the 1st fight on the night. That said pierce deserves a better plce on the card

  • Joey

    Tim Kennedy, the guy who bitched about his pay, made almost double Weidman did.

    That makes me a sad panda.

    • PhranktheTank

      If the pressure to increase fighter pay results in increased fighter pay, everyone benefits.

      • money

        except the millions of viewers who will now to pay more to watch it.

  • Sir_Roy

    Can’t believe the crap paycheck Weidman got for headlining a championship card. It’s almost criminal. You have to believe he got a heck of a “locker room” bonus and hopefully a few sponsors really took care of him.

    On the surface, that sum is an embarrassment to the sport. Shame on you Uncle Dana.

    • That was the last fight on his contract he gets to renegotiate for even more money now obviously

      • Sir_Roy

        I understand that … fact remains, it’s disproportionate to the rest of the card considering, and the sum to fight for a title and headline a card might have been adjusted accordingly regardless of “contract” stipulations. Like I said, I can but assume and hope that adjustments were made off the record.

        • Chase Brian Beebe

          Thats only money that the UFC reports to the commision there are discretionary bonuses that know one hears about

          • Sir_Roy

            Yeah we know about those … “discretionary” bonuses. I made mention of it above. Fact remains, one can still only hope these bonuses were adequate to the task.

  • JRod

    There’s talk of a new pay scale coming to the UFC. It’ll be higher salaries with no win bonuses. Hopefully some of these guys will be better taken care of…

  • Ricardo Ritz Cardoso

    Bonus for cheating: several millions since the guy bet all his money against himself….

  • DudeItsCorey

    Cub Swanson made more than Weidman. Probably won’t be seeing that on his next outing.

  • Muay Thai

    The “Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time” makes 600k.

    Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather makes upwards of 30 Million Dollars per fight (including ppv share). Meanwhile an undercard boxer makes right around the same.

    Something is seriously wrong with the UFC. Can we say monopoly?

    No wonder Anderson wants to fight Roy Jones in a boxing match!

    And to UFC nuthuggers, please don’t reply with “well there’s the bonuses.” Even Stevie Wonder can see that UFC fighters are getting raped thanks to Dana.

    • scratchface

      they don’t have to fight if the money isn’t good enough

      I never understood why fans care…if you feel bad, find out his mailing address and send him a check…he only made 600K =(

      next time you go to the doctor’s ask him how much he pulled in for his last appointment, or go to your local fire station and ask the entire squad what they make annually

      the ufc underpays their fighters? as a fan who cares .. the ufc puts on stacked events.. let the fighters and their managers worry about how much they make

      i don’t get how people can complain about what athletes and entertainers make…

      if fighters don’t like their cut they can start their own promotions and take the lions share like Mayweather or the UFC and slowly dilute MMA as a sport like boxing

      the average CEO pay is 350 times that of the average worker.. you accept the discrepancy in every other aspect of your life but you draw the line at your pro athletes and entertainers

      • Muay Thai

        You must be Dana White or a UFC employee.

        I am sure you know what a monopoly is, right? Well that’s what happens when Dana and the UFC buys out the competition (i.e., PRIDE, Strikeforce, WEC, etc). Buying competition ensures that fighters can’t negotiate they pay as much as they would like because they have no other promotion to go to.

        I feel bad for the fighters as they risk life and limb for a crappy pay and you should to if you care about the sport.

        • scratchface

          i think you completely missed the point of my previous post

          Pro sports are a luxury not a necessity…you need to really let that sink in…

          UFC is a large promotion, but to say monopoly is a little premature, Bellator is another large promotion, hard to exist in a monopoly…not to mention all the local promotions…

          when the UFC starts to dictate how much you can charge to put on a fight then you should start using words like monopoly

          WAR MMA, a promotion run by UFC fighter Nick Diaz

          a fighter that was unhappy with his pay and tried to do something to generate more money on his own terms…and he’s supposed to be an idiot…

          nothing is stopping these fighters from maximizing their income

          if you still feel bad, like i said before you can always go cut your favorite fighters a check

    • Jason Spangler

      I actually don’t have a problem with Anderson’s payday. UFC, popular as it is, still has limited distribution, is a relatively small live event, and has fewer major sponsors when compared to other major sports. They are managing their costs for the health of the business. We will see UFC popularity continue to rise, and paydays rise as well.

      I do think that UFC ought to mandate a minimum paycheck for a champion fighter so as to not cheapen the brand.

      • Muay Thai

        Ummmm if you Dana is right about UFC ppv buys, which is a substantial number, then the fighters are definitely getting raped. Do the numbers and you’ll see what I mean. As I said before, I feel bad for the fighters that risk life and limb for a crappy as pay.

  • Muay Thai

    I meant to say, undercard boxers make right around the same as “The Greatest MMA Fighter of ALL Time” Anderson Silva. Dana is raping MMA

  • Charles Hammond

    dont be stupid everyone!! the locker room bonuses are like under the table checks that they are told to keep quiet about. Who wants everyone to know you got a $750,000 or more check but its reported you receive $48K? Believe me Weidman is totally fine. All Main CARD fighters are fine.

    • Werdoomb

      U sound dooomb..I am sorry.

      I’ve read the leaked UFC contract and if Weidman’s contract is anything like Alvarez’s contract, it will have a championship clause.

      Pretty much, the championship clause grants a fighter participation in PPV bonuses. In the case of Weidman, it should be at least a million dollars.

      “Under the table” is a term used to describe unreported cash payments made. I highly doubt the UFC would pay $750k in the “locker room” “under the table.”

      Pretty much no bonus is “under the table.” And the locker room bonuses (or discretionary bonuses) are all reported to the IRS.

      If you are gonna try to get fancy with these terms, at least get it right.

      • Charles Hammond

        I know you are trying to make a point. But cool it with the name calling – besides I do agree with you on PPV bonuses because of championship clauses. But not all main card fights have title on the line. What about them? There have been several PPV bouts with no title on the line… I am just sayin that Fighters also get “Locker Room Bonuses” – and thats the term used to describe them. As far as me saying “under the table” – I never said or implied it was not reported to IRS. Gov’t will always get their cut!! So I don’t know where you get this keyboard warrior attitude from. But its not good man! We are all just talking about a sport that we love – no need for nastiness. Until you post a picture of yourself – Don’t reply back to me !!

  • Dan Carter

    I agree with you all Dana has to go.

  • Jason Spangler

    I would hope that there is some clause in Weidman’s contract, allowing him to re-negotiate the contract if he becomes champion.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m very vocal about ‘you get what you can negotiate’ and ‘you can only negotiate good paydays if people want to see you.’ Weidman is a bit new on the scene, in the scheme of things, and he is not a household name, so not remotely shocked that he had a payday significantly less than Silva and even Edgar.

    That said, if I’m the UFC, and my middleweight champ got paid $48k, IMHO, that cheapens the brand…

    Heartfelt wish that his next fight brings him a fantastic payday for his family and for his team.

  • anderson silva


  • Adruons

    I saw a documentary that In village fights in Nigeria, if someone in the audience liked how the fighter performed they throw money at them….well if you don’t like fighter’s pay tell the UFC to allow that!

  • Werdoomb





  • Werdoomb





  • Jkrider

    These numbers are truly deceiving and fighters do not receive “salaries” the fighters are independent contractors for the UFC and it should stay that way. MMA is still a young sport, the UFC is hardly a monopoly it’s just that the other promotions (StrikeForce,Affliction,Pride,etc) practically went bankrupt and could not afford to pay there fighters.

    As it stands right now the UFC is the only real MMA promotion that is carrying the entire sport of Mixed Martial Arts, you cannot compare Boxing and MMA. In my opinion the UFC is doing what it needs to do growing its brand and the sport in general while paying the fighters fairly but not over the top.

    Just look at Boxing and what the extremely inflated salaries of a select few fighters has brought that entire sport nothing but scumbags and mismanagement and the same goes for unions.

    Thank you Dana White and the UFC, for which without you the sport of MMA would not exist as it does today.