UFC 162 Fighter Bonuses: Two Fight of the Night Awards Handed Out

July 7, 2013
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UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Chris-Weidman-081-460x270The Ultimate Fighting Championship handed out $50,000 bonuses and two Fight of the Night awards following UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar, Charles Oliveira, Cub Swanson and Dennis Siver earned the performance-based bonuses.

The Knockout of the Night bonus went to the new UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman for his second round knockout of the previously untouchable Anderson Silva.  Silva dropped his hands and urged Weidman to come forward.  Weidman obliged him with a left hand.  Silva acted like he was hurt and Weidman unleashed a combination as Silva tried to use head movement to avoid the punches.  A left hook got through and Silva crashed to the canvas.  Weidman rendered the former champion unconscious with a follow up right hand, leaving Silva wrestling with referee Herb Dean.

Fight of the Night honors went to the co-main event fighters, former lightweight titleholder Frankie Edgar and Charles Oliveira and main card featherweights Cub Swanson and Dennis Siver.

Edgar pressed the pace, landing right hands and securing takedowns.  But Oliveira kept up and fired back throughout the course of the three-round fight. In typical fashion, Edgar seemed to get stronger as the fight wore on.  In the end, Edgar earned a hard-fought, unanimous decision victory.

Siver took it to Swanson early in the fight that kicked off the UFC 162 main card on pay-per-view.  He took Swanson down and kept him there in the first round.  As the fight entered the latter two rounds, however, Swanson’s speed became an obvious advantage.  He landed right hands in the third round that hurt Siver.  A well-placed combination knocked Siver down and Swanson finished with a series of punches on the ground.

UFC 162 didn’t feature a submission finish, thus there was no Submission of the Night bonus awarded.

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  • MMAreality

    He through the fight. Sad to pay $50 to watch that.

    • deepgrim

      it was a great show all round, defo worth the money

  • silvagotko’d

    Learn to write there man. It’s threw not through

  • adam

    You’re a f***** moron. You should save your 50 bux and get more of an education.

  • lowlb

    AS allowed himself to be knocked out.
    He gave CW the title.
    At least he didn’t give it to Sonnen.

    • Manuel Lopez

      You’re in denial!

  • Jra1786

    I love how now all of a sudden AS throws a fight.. He’s been doing that taunt crap since the Maia fight and it finally backfired, but he threw it? F***** morons behind their keyboards.

  • Kris-tyahn

    I wonder what all the Silva but huggers have to say about GSP telling Dana that there’s no need to talk about a super fight between him and Silva, bc GSP not ONLY said Weidman was going to beat Silve but he was going to finish him and it was going to be an early stoppage!!! But I guess GSP was only saying that bc he was scared right?!? Bahahahaha, or maybe its bc he knows more about MMA than u nut huggers and keyboard warriors!!! AND NEW MW Champion CHRIS WEIDMAN!!! Not bad for a boy! LMAO

    • hybe

      Pretty f****** great isn’t it!! 🙂
      I see Weidman winning rematch, but perhaps not in such dramatic fashion I suppose..

  • Chicago

    GSP breathing a sigh of relief….

  • Synned

    it seems that silva gave him the title. i think that he’s tired of being the champion for a long time,..

  • WilMunoz

    First time post here.
    I am a huge Anderson Silva fan. Most of the time I think the way he fights is exciting. Now, I keep reading these posts saying AS threw the bout or he is tired of holding the belt and so on and so forth. I don’t think any of that is true. AS performed the same way he usually does in the octagon. Those “antics” inside the cage usually do a good job of throwing his opponents off balance and weakening their confidence. However, Chris Weidman was not in any way playing that game. CW came to the fight well prepared and supremely confident in himself and his strategy. That is what won the fight. AS is still a great fighter. I hope he learned his lesson because the antics trick just got played out.