UFC 161 Results: Alexis Davis Earns Decision Over Rosi Sexton in Octagon Debut

June 15, 2013
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26-Alexis-Davis-Strikeforce-911-w-0337Alexis Davis was “buggered” after her promotional debut, but was able to earn a decision victory over Rosi Sexton at UFC 161 from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg on Saturday night.

The judges awarded Davis a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28).

Both women connected early with their punches. Davis looked to work her elbows and used her knees in the clinch. Davis pushed for the takedown, but Sexton showed good defense to keep the fight standing.

Sexton shot in for a takedown, but Davis took her back and worked for the triangle choke. Sexton landed shots and searched for space, but Davis showed good composure, only to lose the triangle. Sexton did some damage late in the round with her punches.

Sexton secured the early takedown in round two and moved straight into side control. Davis reversed the position and moved into guard landing ground and pound. Davis took Sexton’s back and locked in a rear naked choke, but was unable to finish the move and switched to ground strikes. Sexton held on and was saved by the bell as referee Herb Dean was threatening to stop the fight.

Davis again used her superior BJJ early in the final frame to take Sexton back to the mat and again took her back. Davis stayed busy and moved into the guard of Sexton, attempting to rain down with strikes. Sexton eventually took Davis’ back late in the round, but they both held on as the fight went to the scorecards.

“It’s a whole new ball game (in the UFC),” Davis said. “I’ve seen a lot of her fights and she’s pretty tough, she was tougher than I thought.”

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  • julian moran

    I don’t mean to offend women mma fans, but this fight was garbage. If these fighters were men, they would never be fighting in the UFC. These women were 2 skill less walking targets.

    What it comes down to is, should “bums” be allowed to fight in the UFC just because they are women? On the main card?

    • Flock__of__Burgers

      Could you do any better?

      • julian moran

        Yes, but that is beside the point.

        The point is that based on skill, these 2 fighters should not have been fighting for the UFC, ever. Let alone be fighting on the main card.

        • Flock__of__Burgers

          Well let me know when you get on the main card, champ.

  • Italiano

    This fight was a complete joke, and an embarrassment to professional MMA. It did not deserve to be on the main card. The fight was very sloppy, and Alexis’ ground and pound was pathetic (absolutely nothing behind any of her punches). This looked more like an amateur exhibition. I can’t believed Alexis is even a ranked contender…says a lot about the division; It’s a complete joke!

    • julian moran

      100% true.

  • shakejunt

    people need to cut them some slack. the division is just starting and the ufc is still learning how to utilize their female talent with respect to publicity and match making.


    Woman belong in the kitchen and in the bedroom and cleaning the home not in getting their faces slammed in and kicked in the gut.

    • Flock__of__Burgers

      Yeah, you definitely lay awake at night wondering why you don’t get laid. Stay real, bruh.