UFC 161 Fighter Flashback: Dan Henderson’s Stunning Wanderlei Silva KO (Full Fight Video)

June 14, 2013
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Dan Henderson and Wanderlei SilvaDan Henderson has former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans to worry about in Saturday’s UFC 161 main event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

He’s no stranger to high pressure fights and pulling off impressive finishes.

One of the more memorable moments in his career, however, was Henderson’s upset of Wanderlei Silva at Pride 33 to win the promotion’s middleweight championship.

As we near UFC 161, check out Dan Henderson’s knockout upset of then-Pride champion Wanderlei Silva at Pride 33…

  • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

    Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Wanderlei get knocked out

    • deez

      im a huge hendo fan but how can you not like wand dude brings it win or lose and is respectable

  • Lucas Freire

    That spinning backfist surprised everyone!
    The thing about one-trick-h-bomb-hendo is that anything other than a huge right hand and front low kicks will surprise anyone.

    • Baller31

      Except he ko’d Wanderlei with his left…people seem to forget he has ko power in both hands.

      • Lucas Freire

        I know, I’m just kidding.
        But a punch with the left hand only proves my theory haha
        He sets up so much the right hand throughout the fights that anything other than a heavy right hand is unexpected xP

        • Baller31

          Maybe he’ll bring the spinning backfist back for Rashad.

          • Lucas Freire

            I sure hope so! Rashad became pretty boring since his loss to Machida

  • Milosc

    Not an excuse, and I like both guys, but it should be noted that Wanderlei was extremely ill for this fight

    • dgs

      Where did you hear this? And what do you define as “extremely ill?” I would think an extreme illness would preclude Wanderlei from being allowed to fight in the first place (such as a very high fever).

      If you’re very sick at the time of a major fight, you have an obligation to yourself and your fans as a professional athlete to not fight. If Wanderlei did fight in a very sick condition then he deserved what he got for being stupid, which was a KO from the “H-Bomb.”

      • Milosc

        It was pretty well known at the time. Look it up, yourself

  • muay thai

    Damn I miss PRIDE! Real MMA!

  • oface

    the smile i get from the ref warning them after the first stand up for lack of action. Why this rule didnt transfer to the ufc

  • f ufc

    Hendo and wanderlei are real fighters. These days its all about who’s the better athlete with the best game plan. Real fighters are a dying breed.

  • f ufc

    Hendo landed a right hand that stunned wand that’s why the left KO’d him. He was already rocked from the right.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    epic battle. a real war with an awesome finish.