UFC 160 Results: Junior dos Santos Knocks Out Mark Hunt to Earn Another UFC Title Shot

May 26, 2013
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Junior-Dos-Santos-UFC-103_3755Everyone expected Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt to each try and land the knockout blow from the opening bell of their UFC 160 bout in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

They didn’t disappoint.

From the start, it was clear that Hunt was aiming for a low kick to set up his bone-crushing left hook, while dos Santos wanted to use body jabs to launch his overhand right.

It looked like dos Santos might end the fight with an early knockout, dropping Hunt with an overhand right in the opening stanza. Hunt amazingly got right back up and recovered within seconds, taking the fight right back to dos Santos.

The two continued to fire back and forth for the next round and a half, but it was clear that dos Santos was the quicker fighter and had better footwork and head movement, inching his way towards a likely decision victory.

The former UFC heavyweight champion, however, refused to cruise to the bell. He wanted to make a statement.

dos Santos launched a spinning heel kick that dropped Hunt to the mat again late in the final round. He followed the New Zealander to the mat and punctuated his victory with a right hand to the head.

Hunt had given it his all throughout the fight, constantly looking for the one big knockout blow, but dos Santos would not be denied.

“He’s very dangerous. I had to respect him,” dos Santos admitted after the fight. “He’s dangerous, but a very nice guy. I like fighting guys like that. (But) everything was right and I won.”

The victory set dos Santos up for an opportunity to regain the belt that Cain Velasquez took from him just a few short months ago.

“That’s what I want,” exclaimed dos Santos. “I want that so bad. I want to be champion again.”

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  • budlight3b

    Ha!!! hunt had no buisness in the cage with top ufc contenders he couldnt even put stefen out much less jds

    • julian moran

      Hunt did put Stefan out

      • marcus miles

        nope, he was still concise, ref thought he just had enough.

  • Marcus Miles

    Like I said, JDS will school Hunt on the feet.

  • adice89

    I have to give props- i myself didnt see that coming. I predicted mark hunt winning by ko in the second round. Knocking out mark hunt is very hard to do. Props to jds he did what i didnt think he would do. The whole time im thinking wow hunt looks extremely slow compared to jds. And the way he pretty much shoved hunt to the ground i was like…WTF!! Lolnice job jds.

  • julian moran

    Hunt was clearly the more technical striker. The reason JDS got the Ko was he was avoiding the fight while Hunt was pushing the action. He managed to stay on the outside, using his speed and reach. Hunt walked into JDS’s punches while JDS walked away from them.

    JDS was only an inch away from getting koed about a dozen times throughout the fight. What are these idiot comments about Hunt not deserving to be the cage with JDS about?

    • Nash

      Julian Moran needs to change his name to moron. Jds wasn’t close to being knocked out ever.

      • julian moran


      • hahaha

        Wow nash your an idiot. Just following along and disagreeing. I agree with you julian moran. I’m a huge fan of hunt, hate to see him go down like that. But that how it goes when you fight, I use to be a huge dos santos fan! still is, but next match i’m still rooting for cain to kick his ass again.

        As for the matchup.. hunt striking was just beautiful, dos santos like always his striking are sloppy. When it hit you boy it hit you hard. Great to see some crazy leg head kick but that much. Great fight! I think if dos santos stood still like how he got hit by cain he would already be knocked out, But it looks like he learn from that matchup, used alot of movement.. move in and hit when he need to then run back out. Horrible outcome! but hey the taller, longer reach, more cautious fighter won.

        Love how hunt fight, no matter how big/ short you are.. just go for it! War hunt!!!! :D!

        • Baller31

          Hunt’s striking was beautiful?? Are slow punches that miss beautiful?? What fight did you watch? JDS owned Hunt in every respect….Hunt got an ass whooping by a much better, more technical fighter. And to say JDS is sloppy..yeah right, he’s the best most accurate striker in the heavyweight division. Hunt, however, is fat and sloppy, and was simply outclassed.

    • PhranktheTank

      You’re still preaching hunt? JDS made him look like a novice. His footwork was way better, his strikes were sharper and more accurate, his cardio was way better. No-one could watch that fight and say that hunt is the better striker, the only time he did damage was when he charged Jds towards the cage and threw haymakers. Hunt got beat in every aspect of that fight, and got KOed. Give it a rest.

      • julian moran

        From what I saw, Hunt dominated the striking starting right after being dropped in the first until he got taken down in the late second. In round 3, when he knew he was behind and rushed in, is when he started getting beat on the feet.

    • lowlb

      Yep, JDS was super cautious in this fight. He showed Hunt much respect. HUnt was gassed. Hunt vs Big Country next I hope – the fattie fight.

    • marcus miles

      JDS was more tech. When you are a tech fighter, you use angles, create space thats in your advantage, use your footwork to keep you out of harms way and to put your opponent where you want them. JDS did that and Hunt didn’t. Hunt got beat up by a smarter fighter. Hunt threw good combos however, but in no way shape or form was a more tech fighter. And Hunt didn’t almost ko jr, he just landed some shots

      • julian moran

        As I stated before JDS had the speed and reach advantage..

    • budlight3b

      Ok juilan moron he didnt put stefan out he was conscious and able to def himself the ref stopped it because he thought he had enough when he was clearly able to fight he shouldnt even be mentioned as a top heavy weight as nelson shouldnt either although they do put on good shows but not top contenders

      • julian moran

        From what I remember, Struve pointed to his jaw stating to the ref that he could no longer continue as his teeth was stuck inside his cheek and apparently his jaw was broken.

    • George Sperry

      What fight were you watching that you confussed with thew JDS/Hunt fight?

    • encoro-encuero

      I don’t think Hunt striking to be superior to JDS.

  • Dave Stiles

    Thought Dana White said all CO main events were going to be 5 rounds. 3 rounds for the co main event is BS not only that they are fighting for a chance to fight the champ.

    • Storno

      no one has ever said that.

  • Baller31

    JDS was clearly the more technical striker..,,better footwork, faster hands, landing punches at will.. What kind of drugs do you have to be on to keep insisting hunt is a better striker… Last night showed JDS is on a whole different level than Hunt…

  • Mike mckinney

    I get why people would say jds was being cautious, but I’m pretty sure he threw at least twice as many strikes as hunt. I saw that hunt landed 29 “significant strikes” and that jds landed over 70.
    I’m not normally a fan of stats, but they will show that jds got off more.
    Jds threw more, landed more, and did more damage all while standing with hunt for more than 13 minutes of the fight.
    Hunt fans got what they thought they wanted from jds. The guy has never shown fear to stay standing. He’s just too arrogant for that.
    On a side note hunt had much more energy at the end of this fight than he’s had in his last few fights. That was nice to see. However that might be because he didn’t throw very much. Might have been a plan so he wasn’t a sitting duck.