UFC 159 Results: Jon Jones “Chael Sonnened Chael Sonnen” for the Win

April 28, 2013
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Jon Jones at UFC 136­Heading into the UFC 159 main event at the Prudential Center, in Newark, N.J., on Saturday night, the big question was: Could Chael Sonnen pull a Buster Douglas-like upset over Jon Jones and shock the MMA world into a fisticuff frenzy?

For anyone expecting an upset, however, this wasn’t Tokyo and is a completely different sport. Jon Jones easily dispatched of the “Gangster from West Linn” in the first round with a brutal barrage of ground and pound.

The youngest champion in UFC light heavyweight history, Jones started the fight off with an immediate power takedown.

As he ripped Sonnen to the mat and began pummeling him with elbows and postured punches, it was obvious to those watching that Jones was out to make a point.

Making a statement was the narrative of this particular fight, something Jones was quick to point out in his post-fight comments.

“I really wanted to ‘Chael Sonnen’ Chael Sonnen, and I think I did that,” Jones said in reference to the workmanlike, grinder style Sonnen is known for.

With the end coming at 4:33 of the first round, and as a victorious Jones lined up for his post-fight interview with UFC announcer Joe Rogan, viewers witnessed a grotesquely memorable moment as Rogan noticed blood pooling around Jones’ foot.

At that moment, both men realized that Jones had broken his big toe.

“Aw, man!” exclaimed Jones as he looked down at his mangled foot.

The Endicott, N.Y., native limped away in a brief moment of disgust, but returned for his post-fight interview in a moment of unbridled professionalism.

As Jones hobbled over, the magnitude of the broken foot began to sink in.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on breaking my big toe,” Jones said with more than a hint of displeasure. “It’s all nasty, man. I was supposed to go to Jamaica, man. “

In a bit of shock, Jones went on to credit his opponent for a worthy match.

“I’m just happy to get past Sonnen. He’s an awesome opponent.  We went though a lot of drama.”

A dejected Sonnen followed Jones on the microphone, and apologized to those in attendance, explaining that he had every intention of dethroning the world’s greatest light heavyweight.

“I just wanted to beat him. I really wanted to beat him,” Sonnen proclaimed solemnly. “I thought I had more for him. He beat me, he’s a better man.”

Having previously lost twice to middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva, and now failing against Jones, Sonnen fell short of making a decision on his career, but was brutally honest about the prospects of him ever getting another title shot.

“I believe this was probably my last opportunity.”

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  • If Sonnen had survived 30 more seconds, he would have won by way of referee stoppage/injury.

    • Lee

      then, he would be a shameful champion

    • battle ready

      When did it look like Jones actually broke his toe? In the replay with Jones pounding on sonnen, his foot looked fine. Could it somehow have happened after the end?

  • dgs

    Sonnen would need to beat everyone else at 205 lbs to get a title shot again imo. He didn’t even deserve the title shot he got tonight.

  • fakename

    let’s be real, Sonnen didn’t actually think he was going to beat JJ, did he?

  • The_Commentator

    Early stoppage

    • battle ready

      Not even chael agreed with you in the end.

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree it was a “little” early. Chael was getting battered but he wasn’t not intelligently defending himself or out of it. But he was close. But you can’t argue with that stoppage.

    • Darin

      Chael was turtled up and offered no offense. Jones landed multiple strikes to Sonnen’s hands and arms, then got a good shot on his face that snapped his head back. That was when the ref jumped in. Perfect stoppage.
      We saw some jacked up things done by refs last night, but that wasn’t one of them. Chael made no efffort to better his position and was only going to eat more shots.

  • john

    republicans can’t fight. suck it chael

  • MMA

    Clowns should not be in title fights. Good riddance. This was a disgrace of a great sport, stop trying to be like the WWE Dana!

  • Timothy Malone

    This was the fight Jones was afraid to take on a week’s notice?

  • Lee

    If Chael won, it would be ridiculous.

  • Lee

    If Chael won by luck, it’s really shameful

  • Rob

    Chael won by getting the match. He won again by making this fight the biggest of the year in terms of PPV and his subsequent fat check. He lost when he was out-wrestled. But he can go back to a cushy job on FOX and other projects that he was able land since he started self-promoting. Personally, I thought he should have retired after the second Silva fight because he has options. But, he had another successful promotion so I can’t blame him. I would have liked to see him Vitor but if I were him I would retire now and focus on his new opportunities.

    If I were Anderson Silva I wouldn’t fight Jones because Jones will just clinch him and slam him. By Jones winning the way he did he pretty told the world there is no way to beat him.

    • Cuntlick

      Exactly! Chael now has couple of extra 0s in his bank account and he can get a high paid job with fox just to talk s***! He’s the man!

  • liverlips

    I thought Chael did pretty well. He got inside Jones’ reach; went toe to toe with him standing; attempted a couple guillotines; and was blocking most of Jones’ elbows while on his back…until the end of course.

    • Darin

      I think he only got inside Jones’s reach because that was Jones’s plan. Clinch-takedown-gnp was his gameplan, not stay on the outside and land shots.

  • dont like sonnen but who is gonna be jones? lyota is the only 1 that made a dent, respoct to sonnen for his after match comments though

    • Darin

      Lyota? You mean Vitor?

      • T C

        What Martin means is..Lyota was the only one to get in with some craft, knock Jones back with some punches..

        • Lucas Freire

          Also the only one that actually managed to win a round against JJ

  • G-Dub

    What we didn’t see is Jon Jones did a back flip which is where he broke his toe.

  • G-Dub

    I think Sonnen should have been a man of his word after all of the trash talking with Anderson Silva and left the UFC for good. He should not be getting title fights after that. There are a lot of guys out there working their ass off to get that chance. It is very cool to see the mouth shut.

  • Truth

    JJ needs to be tested for Toradol … its a pain killer they give NFL players to make it through games.