UFC 159 Fight Highlights Video: Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen

April 28, 2013
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Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen UFC 159 weigh-478x270Check out UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen fight highlights from the Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen main event on April 27 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

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  • Rufia25PT

    Chael Sonnen did not deserve to fight for the title…what as Sonnen done to deserve this chance? This is why UFC is condemned to failure…If UFC wanted Sonnen to fight Jon Jones is OK…We all know that money counts but the fight should have happened without the title in play…For me, what happened last night was not a fight, but a ruffle…it was the last fight of MMA i will see for a long time

    • cpcoins

      Did you say ” this is why the Ufc is condemned to failure”???? Lol are you kidding.or are YOU just stupid? Lol. That was the most asinine comment I’ve ever read. Thats lime saying the NBA is NFL is ” condemned to failure “because a ref missed a call or a bad matchup or whatever. Just a stupid uneducated childish comment. I’m sure your one pay per view buy will cripple the ufc. Shaddap

      • John Bunch

        Well…he’s correct that this fight never should have happened…just a shameless ratings grab by Dana. No way anyone can justify Chael getting this fight…unless it’s about milking his tired act one more time and cashing him in in the form of Ultimate Fighter ratings. I like Chael….but as for the failure line, yeah, that’s far-fetched. I do think a lot of fans are becoming disillusioned with all of the kingmaking going on, letting certain guys jump in line and get title shots they may not have earned. I feel like this fight was a complete waste of the champ’s time…and the division’s time and all the contenders in it. But hey…that’s showbiz.

  • Red Lemak

    Solidifying his “Legacy” one MW at a time, Belfort, Sonnen. Here is hoping he starts competing within his weight class next.

    • Cereal Killer

      Who did you want him to fight? He’s beaten everyone on the top ten list except Gus and Davis. Neither one of those guys stand a chance with Jones.

      • Red Lemak

        I would prefer him to either A) Not Fight until a LHW contender emerges (which is both improbable and a dis-service at this stage) or B) Move up a weight class and stop fighting bloated MW(s). He took the fight won but destroyed his toe in the process, maybe by the time he is cleared to fight again the LHW roster will have rotated some.

        • Cereal Killer

          Not fight? There are always contenders coming up. Gus is probably next. Then Glover Teixeira if he beats James Te Huna. Those two alone give you a window of at least eight months!

    • Milosc

      You can’t hold this against him. It’s the lowest level of ‘desperate to criticize’, given the situation. You might as well have started saying this last week

  • shakejunt

    i’d like to see chael fight at least one more time. let him take the original fight against forrest and then both can call it quits.


    At this point, chael has two choices: retire or drop weight one more time, fight GSP, then retire either win or lose… Retire champion or retire the man that fought the 3 greatest fighters in the world…

    • bajafox

      If he supposedly walks around at 220 – 230 a drop to 170 could be really difficult. But the thought of him facing GSP is intriguing. Chael could really test GSPs wrestling

      • Sir_Roy

        Not the wrestling Chael would have to worry about. GSP is leagues ahead of Chael everywhere else. Neutralize the wrestling (which GSP can do) and Georges will simply dominated the stand-up. Too fast and too explosive for Sonnen.

  • Viking

    Last title fight i see untill UFC start to give the guys who deserve to fight a chance. This fight and GSP Vs. Diaz were fights where the challenger had zero chance to win!!!!

  • Rob

    Chael P Sonnen Promotions may be able to generate some interest with a Vitor Belfort match back at 185. That could be cool undercard for Silva v Jones.

    But if Vitor won’t go for it then considering Chael had his second straight big PPV pay day and second straight loss he should pursue his second career options: coaching, TV, UFC magazine … whatever may come

  • Hoping For A Rematch

    When I saw Yancy quickly defend that suplex attempt I was like “Oh s***! This going to be a GREAT fight.” But of course the dislocation happened.

    Rematch PLEASE!!!!