UFC 158 Weigh-in Controversy Rekindled… by Georges St-Pierre

April 11, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz UFC 158 PresserFollowing his loss to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158, Nick Diaz and his camp recently stirred a hornet’s nest of controversy over the Quebec commission (the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux) decision to not count decimals when weighing the fighters for the event. That meant that for their bout, either fighter could have weighed up to 170.9 pounds, but it would be recorded as 170 pounds by the commission.

Diaz’s camp’s complaints hit the press about two weeks ago. The slowly fading controversy found new life on Thursday from an unlikely source… Georges St-Pierre.

Canadian news site LaPresse.ca published an interview with St-Pierre, in which the UFC champion revealed that he wasn’t sure, but believed his weight on the scale that day amounted to 170.4 pounds.

By the standards of most UFC championship bouts, in which combatants must hit the exact mark or under, St-Pierre would have been considered over the allowed weight limit of 170 pounds. The Quebec commission, however, rounded his weight down, making his official weight 170 pounds.

It should be noted, however, the St-Pierre weighed in with boxer briefs on. Had this been under the jurisdiction of other commissions that don’t round the weight down, he would have been allowed to remove his briefs and weigh-in again to see if he made weight sans clothing.

The commission admitted that it did not take decimals into account, but stood by its weigh-in day determination that “no contestants exceeded the weight determined in their contracts.”

Jonathan Tweedale, a Diaz representative, issued a statement about the situation to MMAWeekly.com at the time, accusing the commission of not operating within the contractually agreed upon parameters of the fight.

“The Quebec Commission’s statement is a disappointing admission that the March 16 event was not conducted under the rules applicable to a UFC title fight – or under the rules the fighters contractually agreed to, upon which rules Mr. Diaz was entitled to rely under his bout agreement,” wrote Tweedale.

“The Quebec Commission deliberately relaxed the rule in this case and, by its own admission, allowed their home-town fighter to ‘make weight’ even if he weighed more than the contracted weight.”

The initial outcry over Tweedale’s claims appeared to dissipate more and more by the day, but St-Pierre’s comments to LaPresse have stirred the hornet’s nest, perhaps giving new legs to Tweedale’s initial declaration.

“In the circumstances,” wrote Tweedale, “Mr. St-Pierre remains legally and ethically obligated to fight Mr. Diaz at 170 pounds or else vacate the belt in favor of those prepared to fight at welterweight.”

Attempts to confirm St-Pierre and Diaz’s exact weights with the Quebec commission had gone unanswered at the time of publication.

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  • MMAreality

    170 or not he still would have dominated Diaz. Every trailer park junkie is looking to blame someone else for their loser lives. Diaz please quick the UFC.

    • Spell Checker 101

      that’s not the point dip s***. “Quick?” lol

      • kbroesq

        What is the point then? I consider myself to be pretty intelligent, and you can call people names, but that IS the point. He’s complaining about a technicality that is meaningless. Do you know how much .4 pounds is? It’s like a fishing line weight that’s probably a bit bigger than a BB.

        You can say something like, “well, the point is that he was over, and you’re not supposed to be over.” I would respond: if he was any significant amount over (meaning a pound or more), then it would have been caught, and GSP would have been able to lose it anyway. You think GSP can’t take his underwear off, or spit a few times, or jog a few minutes and lose a pound?!

        Diaz is a hypocrite…period.

      • MMAreality

        Spell checker sorry my phone sometimes just puts the word that it assumes that I am writing. My apologizes all mighty one!!

    • Jew Jitsu

      please quick huh? haha

    • Ron Couden

      MMAreality = Fail

    • King Fisher

      Because Diaz is a loser. Yeah that makes sense. You pay money to watch the guy fight, He is and has been considered one of the best fighters in the world for years. Sooooo loser yeah. The guy brings it every time he steps in the ring. When was the last time you saw a boring Diaz fight? Just wondering?

      • Maddawgmar

        GSP/Diaz was boring.

      • Dave Dunn

        Diaz-Condit was kind of boring….Diaz has only ONE tactic…move forward and throw a bunch of punches. If an opponent can counter that ONE tactic, Diaz has no clue what the hell to do. Condit proved it….St. Pierre proved it.

        • kbroesq

          Exactly – Diaz is a hypocrite. Can you imagine what Diaz would do if someone complained about him weighing .4 pounds more than 170 for a fight? Diaz would probably call the person complaining a bitch.

          Just like his fight with Condit. He sauntered forward like a zombie and blames Condit for not standing right in front of what some consider to be the best boxer in the UFC. Diaz doesn’t hold himself to the same standard that he holds others to; That’s the bottom line.

      • Lucas Freire

        GSP vs Diaz was boring.
        And not only because of GSP’s strategy,but Diaz didn’t even TRY to do anything.
        Threw a few punches that made GSP tremble on the third round,just when he was stuffing all of GSP TD attempts…what he does then? Starts trash talking.
        Diaz is a BRAWLER. A top notch brawler yes,but will never stand a chance against smart guys like GSP or Condit.

      • macgrubber

        “is and has been considered one of the best fighters in the world”
        by who? beatings scrubs in SF does not make you one of the best in the world. Id say he is mediocre at best bro.

      • MMAreality

        I think everyone else answered the question. He is a loser I never would pay for a Diaz fight when he is considered the best fighter on the card. If that were the case I would quit watching MMA. The way that Diaz conducts himself makes him a loser!!!

      • mike fightfan

        diaz vs GSP was kind of boring because diaz didnt belong in that fight he was way out classed from the start.

  • stevemcz11

    170.4 is a very precise number to be unsure about??

    • mike fightfan

      yeah but dont the UFC allow for 1 pound in all fights, i see most guys weigh in a pound over.

  • DumRummy

    It was those 0.4 lbs that allowed GSP to dominate Diaz. Without them, St. Pierre would have gotten destroyed.

    • burnerbitch


    • King Fisher

      So if you show up 4 minutes late to work your on time then, right. It’s not that it gave St-Pierre an advantage, it is however stated in the contract he had to weigh 170. Not 170.4, that is the point being made.

      • dgs

        Yes, I regularly show up to work between three and five minutes late, and guess what, nobody cares. I wouldn’t work for anyone who made a fuss about that being to work four minutes late. And ultimately when my own business gets going, I won’t worry about my employee’s getting to work five minutes late either. Too many dumb ass managers/bosses worry about the petty stuff, and not what really matters.

        As far as this fight and the .4 pounds, yeah, it’s a non-issue. Why GSP is even bringing it up now is baffling.

        • Lazyboi

          Lol, when I work for a employer who wanted me to be on time, I show up until and take extra breaks when they aren’t looking.

        • BarrysHypocrisy

          They got plenty of greeters at Walmart, so when you are late, it’s no big deal.

      • TriangleChoker

        Its not like 4 minutes late for work, its like 4 seconds late for work….no matter.

    • Masterbaker

      Ab-so-lu-tely. Diaz would have ripped him apart if it wasn’t for that extra weight. Jeez. Bring me Cain Velasquez right now – i have my cellphone -and- my keys in my pockets, SUCKER DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE!!!

    • Jason

      No, but having to cut that extra .4 lbs might have made a difference.

      • Dave Dunn

        you mean cut it by taking off his boxers? Cuz that’s all it would have taken. Diaz has GOT to be the worst loser in the history of MMA. I get it that no true fighter likes losing, but this guy has more excuses and whines and bitches and moans than a 3 year old who’s been denied a lollipop.

        • Fat Block

          Agreed. Sick of Diaz’s whinging. GSP could probably have had an easier cut if he had not had to turn up to the open work outs too – if you want to get picky.

          • Ian Price

            Good point

          • Sir_Roy

            Very f’n good point. And if they do get picky in the legal sense of the word, I wouldn’t be surprised if lawyers could use that to counterbalance as well.

    • stevemcz11

      You are an idiot!!!

  • Narciso Carlos

    Can’t believe there is an article about this. lol

  • DiazIsAPunk

    Diaz is such a pathetic p****. 0.4 lbs is not why he was DOMINATED for 24.5 min of a 25 min fight. He should have never been GSP’s opponent, he’s no where close to a champion level fighter. Trash.

    • stevemcz11

      24.5 min?? You are being too generous. Diaz was held onto for 19 minutes. 17 of which should have been split up because nothing happened. Everybody knows that that regardless of what side you were on

  • AexDestroy

    Its not about winning or losing, its about money. Diaz just trying to get paid what he’s owed. It might be for a stupid f****** reason, but the rule exists, and outlines the way things are supposed to be done. GSP didn’t meet those contractual obligations, so he owes Diaz money. Plain and Simple.

  • Jake

    how is this ”
    Rekindled… by Georges St-Pierre”?

  • monsieurbrisson

    He was overweight. What kind of bulls*** organization doesn’t count decimals.

    • laxyboi

      the same ones that don’t count secs, imagine if you work and they want you there at the dot. 11:00 and 00 sec, not 11:00 and 01 sec.

    • The_Commentator

      Comments like yours make reading this forum fun! Lol.
      Thanks for that.

  • jesse

    .4 LBS.. Nicks kryptonite

  • Fight, fight, fight,

  • Maddawgmar

    The issue is the contracted weight. Diaz lost the fight yes, but that cannot be considered a title fight, because GSP didn’t fight at 170, by his own admission. Thus Diaz should be granted another bout for the title.

    My opinion, Diaz is nuts. The fight, will be the same boring ass hump fest as the last fight. So the only point of the fight will be to honor the contract.

    • kbroesq

      I just don’t understand that because the story clearly says that by the rules of the Quebec commission, they round down. But most importantly, in other jurisdictions, GSP would be allowed to take his boxers off or try to lose the weight. GSP could easily lose .4 pounds, but wasn’t given the opportunity because it was not necessary in that jurisdiction. In the legal world, someone doesn’t just have to show a wrongdoing; they also have to show the wrongdoing would have prejudiced them. Even if GSP weighed .4 pounds over, he would have been able to lose it had it been an issue.

  • Max

    Really, Diaz? Really? Bitch and moan about a couple ounces…pathetic

  • adam

    Diaz is good at runnin his mouth. He needs to run off to some other organization. As proven in the past and current…he cannot compete in the ufc. How can such a poor sport say he’s gonna retire from mma, and then say he was going to just teach his younger teammates. So you’re going to teach them to not follow obey the law/rules, be a quitter, and half a man with no moral?

  • j1hicks

    So if Diaz won the fight would he agree he was not the real champ since it was not at a contractually agreed to weight??? Yeah right!

  • Venancio Ramos Tan Jr.

    Diaz VS Sonnen at 185….

    • The_Commentator



    • mike fightfan

      sonnen would kill diaz, that wouldnt even be a fight.

  • Redskinrey

    All GSP would have to do is take a crap

    • MuayThaiFood

      Hell, he could have just rubbed one out!

  • tmaisons

    This is stupid and we all know Diaz just wants another huge PPV payday. Let St Pierre fight Hendricks then (if the UFC wants to give it to him) Let him have another title shot on a free UFC on Fuel or Fox event. He should be happy he got the shot at GSP in the first place even though he screwed it up the first time and definitely didn’t deserve it the second time. So then hopefully he’ll lose and finally retire for good so we don’t have to keep hearing about him.

    • Stanley

      Don’t want to hear about him, yet you want to write about him?

  • I don’t know what to think of this. If there was a mistake by the athletic commission then much respect to Nick’s attorney for looking into this and possibly getting him a rematch. At the same time; I’m a big Nick Diaz fan but he did lose the fight fair and square and I’m sure GSP would have made 170 if he took his underwear off. At this point I want Johny Hendricks to call out DIaz. He’s next in line but that could be one of the realest things done out there. Chuck Liddell style. I could imagine though GSP getting pissed and asking the UFC to take on DIaz again.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yeah, big props to Diaz’s attorney. I’m sure the rematch is soon to be announced. ( yes, that was sarcasm)

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    we all know that gsp still would have beaten him. but thats not the point. the point is that in the contracts it says you have to weigh 170 or less in the tittel fight.

  • Ian Price

    Without the shorts, he would’ve weighed in at 170.2 lbs. however, due to blushing, he would’ve lost another 0.2 lbs and made weight.

  • joe D

    Its so funny to read how ignorant some mma fans actually are. Its not that you are stupid its simply that you do not actually understand the fight process and how much cutting weight has to do with the fight. This is not about .4 of a pound weight difference being the difference between one person beating another. But that .4 of a pound definitely has a lot to do with how strong a fighter is when he enters the octagon and for those who do not understand why, I will explain. For virtually all combative sports from wrestling to boxing to MMA, it is a very very very very very rare occasion where the bell will wring and a fighter weighs the same as he did the day of the weigh in. GSP can easily way upwards of 185 pounds on fight day. because of this the weight cut is an extremely intrical part of the fighting process and its treated like its not by fans who make ignorant comments like diaz would have destroyed him if GSP was .4 of a pound less. The weight cut starts long before the weigh in day and the last two days before weigh in is a point where fighters go through the most physically demanding part of the weight cut process which inevitably concludes on weigh in day where most fighters go through a massive dehydration process. This is all part of the fight, if you want to weigh 185 for a fight at 170 this is what you must do! and you can look this up if you do not believe it, but the human body can only take so much and at some point while trying to dehydrate a fighters body will plateau or even stop losing water completely. At that point it can take hours for a fighter to lose .4 of a pound, some can get to a point where they just cannot lose it at all. but saying diaz has to kill his body to make the cut to 170 while gsp is allowed to stop the cut is what makes it unfair. cutting that .4 of a pound could have been easy for him or it could have been hours of hell that could have put his body in a state where diaz could have dominated him and for the ignoramus’ who are going to say well that’s what Diaz needed to win, remember GSP is cutting that weight so he can fight at a higher weight instead of 170 so thats the price you pay for weighing more on fight night! Being allowed to stop cutting weight before you hit 170 exactly is an advantage period if gsp walked into the octagon on fight night weighing 170.4 then its not a big deal but he did not so it is a big deal.

    • …or he could just drop his shorts. Then hump Nick for five rounds anyway.

      Hook us up with separate paragraphs next time? (holy wall of text batman). Read it all tho. Want a prize. Gimme my damn prize.

      • stevemcz11

        You argued against me saying GSP made weight. Now what????

        • Da hell? If he’s 0.4 over (IF), then he can drop his shorts, and …(drum roll please) still make weight. I think you just want to see GSP take his shorts off.

          When I responded to you before, Steve, I agreed that the situation was weird (it was), but said GSP doesn’t have a history of missing weight (he doesn’t), and GSP is the better fighter anyway (he sure as hell is).

          No one wants to see a rematch. We’ve had our fill of watching Nick in the fetal position with GSP attached to his behind. Until Nick works on his wrestling, slow-motion rapists like GSP will own him.

          Oh, and check out your ‘?’ key. I think it’s stuck 🙂

          • stevemcz11

            Who are you to say nobody wants to see a rematch? Do you speak for all GSP’s and Diaz fans? Just because GSP fans are unhappy there fighter was unprofessional and didn’t fulfill his contract by making weight doesnt mean they can can b*tch and moan Diaz out of a rematch.

            If the champ doesn’t make weight then the title should not be on the line. GSP hugged Diaz for a 5 round non title fight and is still under contract to fight him in a title fight. If he hugs him again then he hugs him again but he is contractually obligated to go in there and try to hug him for another 25 minutes.

            Also shorts that weigh half a pound are in serious need of cleaning 🙂

          • “Who are you to say nobody wants to see a rematch?”

            Hah hah! Who? Someone with common sense. If fans like yourself were lighting up Dana’s twitter, this would get more attention. Dana only cares about money. If people thought Nick had a snowballs chance in Big country’s armpit, trust me, Dana would notice.

            You seem like a reasonable person. Take a minute and think about how ridiculous it is to accuse someone like GSP of being unprofessional in comparison to Nick Diaz.

            And NO ONE bitches and moans more than Nick. First it was George gets “pampered”, then the rules “favor” wrestlers, then the wraps, then it was the testing, now its the scale. Nick had a million excuses why he couldn’t show up for pre-fight stuff, and now he has a million more for the loss.

            I respect your love for Nick, but at some point you have to face reality: Until excus-o-matic learns to STFU and work on his damned wrestling, he will never get better.

          • stevemcz11

            So in your opinion GSP missing weight is something Nick should just move on from and forget about and Dana and the UFC should forget about? Unless fans light up twitter? I would rather see the sport honour the contracts than see cave into fans demands like that but to each his/her own.

            I don’t know if you know this but Nick has a bit of a history when it comes to his opponents missing weight. He would not have fought Georges no extra hour to cut just the fight would be called off. However they just didn’t tell Nick and Georges comes away squeaky clean after the cover up and Nick should just move on?

            There s no way that is fair. Nick got caught on cannabis and had to face the consequences but Georges misses weight and it should be forgotten about?

            And as far as excuses go the GSP fans have never had to make excuses until now it has been smooth sailing for him but they are making up for lost time now if you read the comments on this thread

          • “So in your opinion GSP missing weight is something Nick should just move on from and forget about and Dana and the UFC should forget about? Unless fans light up twitter?”

            Yes Steve. I would rather see Nick say he’s going to work on his wrestling, beat everyone in his path and FORCE the UFC to give him a rematch, than listen to him whine and make excuses. I would love to see Diaz get better. I would like to see a competitive fight.

          • stevemcz11

            You know to have a personal problem with Nick when he deserves it is fine and I understand that but he hasn’t done anything wrong on this one.

            He earned his shot and FORCED GSP and UFC to give him a shot and he took a much longer road
            than anybody else did and I honestly can’t ever see him sign another UFC contract until this one has been honoured.

            If GSP gave up the 170lb title and moved to 185 to fight Silva and Silva missed weight for the weigh ins and then ended up weighing 210lbs for the night of the fight and knocked GSP out would you tell him to move on and forget about it eventhough he was never told that Silva missed weight? Or is this stance purely reserved for Nick?

            GSP missing weight by .4 means he probably weighed close to 195bs for the fight and Nick was maybe 185. 10lbs makes a very big difference in a match that is 20mins of grappling so if you want a more competitive match GSP has
            to be made cut to exactly 170

          • Problem is most people don’t care Steve. Fight was a blowout. Nick is probably the best pure boxer in MMA, but his wrestling sucks. To be an effective boxer, you have to keep the fight standing. If you can’t defend wrestling, then you can’t keep the fight standing. Nick can’t wrestle.

            Nick should visit AKA or something and get better wrestling. His boxing is great because he trains with pro boxers. Why not get the same level of training with elite, world class wrestlers? Less whining, more training.

          • stevemcz11

            I see. I didn’t realise that the threads that get the most comments are the ones nobody cares about. I suppose the people who comment more than once must care the least then? Makes sense coming from someone who thinks the UFC should throw the rulebook out instead of enforce it

          • Hah hah ahha hah!!!

            People care about making FUN of the idiot Diaz. They are happy to laugh his whining. It’s hilarious that you’re proud of RIDICULE. If you’re naive enough to confuse ridicule and contempt on a message board with the desire to watch him get schooled again, then then you’re as bad as Diaz the loser.

            You’ll be waiting a long time for your rematch buddy. Good luck. Hold your breath!

          • stevemcz11

            Wow yet another uninformed statement. Must be easy leaving fact free biased comments I guess. Keep em coming 🙂

          • I understand. Reality is hard to accept. Cry until your cows come home, Stevie. Keep hope alive.

            Dana will announce a rematch tomorrow! All your prayers will be answered. Make sure you tune in!

            Lulz. Watching a distraught fanboi flail around the message board is very entertaining. The only thing you’ll get is more people laughing:P

          • stevemcz11

            Ooh good one. What an informed statement full of facts. Give us another 🙂

          • Hah hah! Who is ‘us’, fanboi? Got a mouse in your pocket?

          • stevemcz11

            True there isn’t many Diaz fans commenting on this thread. Which means they care the most right? Another one of your gems of wisdom 🙂

          • It’s called ‘reality’ fanboi. Might wanna face it once in a while.

            Complimentary advice: Proofread your nonsense, if you wanna discuss ‘wisdom’. Lulz. You are so freakin’ cute ;P

          • stevemcz11

            I get it. GSP doesn’t have a history of missing weight so he gets a pass. He could have tried taking off his 6.4 ounce shorts . Diaz can’t wrestle so he should forget about it. Is that about right? All BS aside did you know it has been confirmed that GSP missed weight for this fight?

            We care the least so I thought we should know 🙂

          • From the published transcript of what GSP said:

            “GSP: I don’t remember if I was… I think it was point 4, or something like that. ”

            I don’t remember. I think. Something like.
            Got any more nonsense? I’m all ears 😛

          • stevemcz11

            I think it was point 4, or something like that. Because they round it out…. Huh, point 4, yeah,

          • This I don’t even…

            You really have no idea how ridiculous that ‘evidence’ sounds, do you? You genuinely think there’s a chance in hell that a rematch will happen? o.O

            Dude …I truly hate to break this to you, but uncle Dana’s not giving you any ice cream.

          • stevemcz11

            I have spoke to other GSP fans that have made good arguements on this topic. At the very least Diaz is owed 20% of GSP’s purse and at the very most a rematch. But your opinion of it should be forgotten is probably not going to happen. You have no reason for this stance other than a personal problem with Nick Diaz. Thats just sad

          • 20% of GSP’s purse? Hah hah hah hah!

            You ACTUALLY think there’s a chance in HELL of that happening? Are you three years-old?

            Of COURSE it won’t be forgotten: because delusional fanboi’s will never face reality.

            Five years from now, you’ll still be desperately waiting for your 20%. Oh MY GOD, you’re hilarious. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

          • stevemcz11

            I’m sure you can’t. Gotta get facts somewhere I guess

          • Desperate fanboi’s have very entertaining ‘facts’ 🙂

          • stevemcz11

            You don’t seem to be able to get over this and just move on? Why not?

          • Hah hah? Me? You’re the dumbass who keeps coming back for more punishment.
            The desperate fanboi who still thinks a rematch will ever happen. Grasp at those straws, homie 🙂

            Keep responding to all the comments on this page that make fun of your illiterate hero’s whining. Flail around like a tard having a seizure. You think people don’t notice your obsession?

            Amusing, and sad…but mostly amusing.

          • stevemcz11

            Ya get over it and just move on

          • Get over what? Laughing at you? Never !!!

          • stevemcz11

            Good one. Now get over it

          • Get over what? Reality? Naw, I like reality, so I think I’ll just keep laughing. How’s that rematch lookin? Dana say anything?

            Hint: your hero just fell out of the top five welterweights. Hah hah! Sucks for you 😛

          • stevemcz11

            Yeah great. Get over it

          • Is English your third language or are you just slow? Get over what, dummy?

          • stevemcz11

            Get over everything you’ve said and everything you’re about to say. Just move on

          • OMG you’re so retarded it’s precious!

            I don’t need to get over what I’ve said, dumbass. I’m so happy with it, I might burst. Say something else stupid! 🙂

          • stevemcz11

            Great. Move on

          • Givin me directions tard?
            Yah OK, I’ll get right on it:)

            God, you’re fun.
            How’s that rematch comin?

          • stevemcz11

            I thought being told to get over it and move on meant you would get over it and move on..I was mistaken bigtime. I hope a lesson was learned by some hypocrites is all 🙂

          • Step one:

            O.M.G., learn English.

            Lulz. Telling someone to ‘move on’ while you stumble back here daily to suffer more abuse, is the DEFINITION of hypocrisy …well stupidity too, but also hypocrisy. You’re on the friggin’ internet champ. Look words up if you’re not sure. Hee hee…dumbass! …Google is your friend 😛

            Step two:

            Take your own advice, if you want, but don’t waste your time OFFERING me any. I rarely listen to morons. I do however make fun of morons:P

          • stevemcz11

            Its not my advice i’m OFFERING. It’s your advice i’m regurgitating. You know the definition of hypocrisy and yet you don’t see how hypocritical that is to expect me to take your advice when you wont take it yourself

          • “Expect you to take advice”? Man you ARE stupid! Hah hah hah. I’m RIDICULING you. Just like other posters are ridiculing your hero.

            Ridicule is not advice, you sad, sad little boy. You may be dumber than Diaz.

          • stevemcz11

            “Take your own advice, if you want” That’s ridicule? You got me there!

          • Didn’t understand that post either, huh Steve? Put your reading comprehension hat on and read it again. I called you a M-O-R-O-N in that post.:)

            Seriously, what’s your first language? Or do you have autism or something? You’re too thick to be normal.

          • stevemcz11

            Zing!! Hitting me where it hurts, my reading
            comprehension abilities. How do you come up with these gems?

          • Come up with them? It’s this thing commonly known as ‘reality’. Most literate people recognize the word “moron” as an insult. You read that post and SOMEHOW missed it. Actually you must have read it twice (!), cause you just quoted it.

            Seriously, honey. It’s apparent that you’re slow …maybe you’re just nine years-old or something. I guess you think you’re fooling someone. Pretty pathetic o.O

          • stevemcz11

            Well done Sherlock. I hope your not taking time off from saving the world to figure out I read your post twice 🙂

          • Um …I guess simple literacy WOULD appear ‘Sherlock’-like to a dumbass.

            stay in school

          • stevemcz11

            Oh snap. If(karensJoke != funny)

            getOverIt ;




            moveOn ;
            karenIq — ;


          • Hah hah hah!!! It’s painfully obvious now. You’re my autistic little chew toy 😛

          • stevemcz11

            while(karensJoke != funny)
            karenIq —

          • Awww ….Lookit my little retard, chasing his tail. “I know something! …I know something!”

            Lulz. Awww.. honey, I know. English is haaaard. There, there 😉

          • stevemcz11

            Yes lots of languages are hard. HTML is not one of them 🙂

          • Wow. You still don’t comprehend ridicule. Put that reading comp hat on, and give it another go, hon.

            At least you’re a consistent retard 🙂

    • kbroesq

      This is a ridiculous comment. I don’t care what kind of authority you think you are, but I can say this: if GSP was at a point where losing .4 pounds would have been ‘hell’ for him because he just couldn’t lose anymore, then he didn’t do his cut properly, and was probably in bad shape. That scenario is highly unlikely. I don’t care what you or anyone says; giving the fighters .9 pounds of play is meaningless. It’s just such an absurd thought to think otherwise. It’s amazing to me to see the lengths people will go to defend Diaz when he’s clearly wrong on every level.

      • The Eternal Fire

        I won’t defend Diaz, in my eyes he should have said something at weigh ins not after the fight was over. But for those who have never cut weight .4 pounds can have a tremendous effect on a fighter. When you are already dehydrated and toward the end of your weight cut that .4 pounds could be what makes you gas out the next day or makes you weak. People not doing their cut properly has nothing to do with being in shape. They can be in great shape and do their weight cut improperly and feel horrible come fight time.

        • The Eternal Fire

          Since he had shorts on though, that could have been the .4 we are talking about. though usually underwear isn’t that heavy. shorts and underwear could easily weigh .4.

    • stevemcz11

      Well said!!

    • mike fightfan

      all GSP had to do was take his boxers off that is probably over a pound so your whole statement is void. And besides that isnt there always a 1 pound allowance in all ufc fights?? i always see these guys weigh in a pound over. All 205ers weigh in a 206 and all 185ers weigh in a 186 so why are these rules different for this fight?

  • teddy

    Gsp weighed in with his shorts on, if he had taken them off he would have easly went under 170, diaz is just looking for another pay day. advice stop spending your money on bulls*** and save some.

  • mmafan0

    Lets get this straight… Diaz is being a bitch whiner about other dudes not fulfilling little details in their contract, but doesn’t read his own contract, does drugs, doesn’t show up for press conferences, or do other CONTRACTUAL stuff himself. Pathetic.

    • kbroesq

      Yeah, but you forget that Diaz is judged by a different set of rules. He doesn’t have to follow the rules, but everyone else has to follow them to the letter.

    • stevemcz11

      You are right. Diaz was on cannabis and was suspended as per his crime. GSP didn’t make weight so as per your arguement he has a consequence to face. Lets hope he faces it like a man the way Diaz did. Time will tell

  • Mule

    4ozs. depending on the quality of the bud 4ozs is quite some serious scrilla

  • stevemcz11

    GSP missed weight. Diaz did not miss weight. That is all we know

  • The_Commentator

    If the Diaz camp had a leg to stand on…..
    He’d be wearing the belt. Which he isn’t.
    He sure is a bad loser for someone with so much practice.

  • Alex Anderson

    if the quebec athletic comission defines someone’s weight by whatever whole number they’re nearest to, then you have to just deal with it. The implication is clearly that there is some kind of universal set of rules that all athletic commissions have to follow, but that’s just not true. Yes, there are the “unified rules of mma” but those are for what happens inside the cage. The different commissions around the world have some slightly different rules regarding things like how weight is measured, medical clearance, drug testing, etc…, and when you do a fight somewhere, their rules are the only rules. If according to the quebec athletic commission, GSP qualifies as weighing in at 170 pounds, then that’s the end of the story. The legal drinking age is different here also… does it make sense? maybe not, but those are the rules. There are some other slight discrepencies between the exact way that they measure weights between other athletic commissions as well, but currently it’s just a discrepency that fighters have to live with. I think they have a good case that all the rules should be the same everywhere, but they just aren’t right now.

  • Pablo

    In every UFC weigh-in I’ve ever seen fighters are allowed to be one pound over the weight limit. So for example GSP could have potentially weighed in at 171lbs and still fought with penalties. Why are stories like these even written??!! Find real problems to writw about. Stop creating drama..

    • The Truth

      I know you said this 4 years ago but jesus you don’t even understand the rules. Read the ACTUAL RULES before commenting on stuff like this.

      The ACTUAL RULES are:

      1. In NON-CHAMPIONSHIP fights fighters are allowed to be up to 1 pound over
      2. In CHAMPIONSHIP fights fighters cannot be over the weight limit

      So apparently you’ve only ever watched non-championship fights or you just have no idea whatsoever about what you are talking about.

      The Internet is the home to people like you who just spout constant nonsense with no idea about anything they are saying.

  • boyd

    Nothing is said about the punh at the end off the round he should not even be able to come back

  • mike fightfan

    since when does the 170 lbs class not allow a 1 pound over like every other weight class????