UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz Pre-Fight Press Conference Video – The Saga Continues

March 15, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz UFC 158 PresserIf you missed last week’s epic UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz media conference call, don’t worry, you can still listen to it on MMAWeekly.com.

But wait, there’s more…

Now, you can catch part two of the verbal warfare between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz, and this time it’s captured on video! The two went at it once again, keeping the saga rolling on, at the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference.

Check out the UFC 158 press conference video below…

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  • Epic – you keep using that word, i think you do not know what it means.

    • Fuzzy

      Unique at least? Diaz was preaching about wolf tickets, toxic plane water, have guns to his head, seeing homies get shot, accusing the longest reigning ww king of using steroids. that s*** doesn’t just happen in your average pre-fight presser.

  • Tru

    These reporters need to stop asking Nick questions and ask the other fighters a question or two. Diaz is in his own world and has only himself to blame for everything that happens to him. Who in their right mind would want to sponsor this guy?

  • Patrick Kane

    I actually feel uncomfortable watching Diaz trying to answer questions. The guy is so out of his element, has such a chip on his shoulder, and is so rambling, incoherent, and just plain dumb (I mean literally unintelligent) that it makes me cringe. I’d feel bad for him if he wasn’t such a rude jerk. Dumb doesn’t have to look this way.

    • bajafox

      Did you watch it at all? For once, he’s actually making perfect sense.

      Skip to the 20:35 mark and watch GSP AGREE with everything he says. If you don’t agree with Nick, then you most likely don’t agree with GSP.

      Let’s face it, the only reason people showed up to this is to talk to Nick.

      • MuayThaiFood

        So if GSP did agree with one thing Nick said that means they’re on the same page? The reporters all want to talk to Nick because people are intrigued by train wrecks. He’s the MMA version of Amy Winehouse.

        • bajafox

          You obviously have no concept of reality. Amy Whinehouse was an alcoholic crackwhore. Nick Diaz smokes weed. There is a very distinct difference between the two.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I’m starting to see why you find it so easy to relate to Nick Diaz. Do you really think the connection I was trying to make was that Diaz was a crack whore? Why not point out that they are different genders too? Nick Diaz is a semi-functional trainwreck. Leave the pot smoking out of it. My point was that he’s got a ton of talent but he’s his own worst enemy. Is that specific enough for you to draw a parallel?

          • bajafox

            Only people who know them personally can make that confirmation. Not you, or I, are qualified to judge them based on what we read on the internet.

          • MMAreality

            Internet just watch his press conferences, youtube videos, etc.. This is all him not someone else saying things.

          • Nate Diaz

            Well, I believe I know my brother. Hes a bit of a douchebag really and hes in love with a man named bajafox.

          • GARY

            YOU’RE AN IDIOT

          • Dick Niaz

            Bajafox, do you roll Diaz over when his snoring keeps you up at night? Just curious.

          • MMAreality

            For real.

          • i never to reply to people childish comments on here normally just laugh but i mean wtf, you people are ridicoulous talking s*** on here. i just wish you all would go to there camps and say that to the mma fighters who shed blood, sweet and tears to do this for the f****** entertainment of you all to watch, really…..

        • MMAreality

          Well said. American loves train wreck coverage.

      • DrRJE

        agreed…it takes him a while to get there, and it can be ugly, but the past two weeks, he has made a lot of sense. That said, and as a huge Diaz fan, I wish he would stop answering quicker most of the time…

      • Cptmats

        “For once, he’s actually making perfect sense.”

        Hey may have made sense but it was all still bullshit !
        I Love the part where he said ” I’m not a violent person”
        I guess he doesn’t consider jumping Joe Riggs in the Hospital or Boot fucking Mayhem Miller on national TV being violent !

      • Yell0wm0nkeY

        I sincerely agree. He made a lot more sense than I’m used to. Some times, like in other interviews, I agreed with him or found him funny and cool.

        However, he remains slightly belligerent, hypocritical, rude, and unprofessional.

        For me and my tastes that means I root against him. Different strokes for different folks.

        • bajafox

          That is probably one of the most civil replies I’ve seen on here. And for the most part, I agree with the second half of your comment.

        • DrRJE

          i think he’s been trying to say that he has had to act the part of the slightly belligerent, hypocritical, rude, and unprofessional fighter in order to get the fights that other guys coasted into.

          His upbringing made it easy for the UFC to play on that and it’s not really the image Nick is trying to put out there…but if he doesn’t then he can’t get the top fights.

          Having to play that role has cost him his shot at endorsements too…so, either way he goes, it’s not ideal.

          Combine that with social anxiety, weed withdrawls, and being 29 and having everything you say recorded and used against you…and I think it’s a lot easier to side with Nick.

          I know all fighters deal with a lot of baggage…and most do it a lot better…but all the build up and hype should be an afterthought — if you don’t like watching Nick fight, you don’t like MMA.

          • Darin

            I agree that Diaz thinks he doesn’t get big fights without being an antagonistic prick, but that is not true. That may be why he got THIS fight, but he already had this fight as soon a he beat BJ. Then he lost it when he lost to Condit. Then he gets it back because GSP desperately needs a non-Anderson Silva opponent. If Diaz keeps winning he gets the big fights like anyone else. If anyone deserves to bitch about not getting the fights they’ve earned it’s the guy sitting next to Diaz.

          • Karateka Ken

            If you dont agree with this idiot then you dont like MMA? His opinion is his opinion but its horribly wrong. Diaz is the epitome of his own undoing. He has no one to blame but himself. I was the biggest Nick Diaz fan until his attitude outside of the ring pissed me off. Also means that people who love the way Nick fights doesnt necessarily mean they think he will win this fight. GSP is by far the more skilled martial artist. Ive trained for 30 years and thats all i see in his fights. Diaz? BJJ very good, boxing, horrible. Sorry. His leg kicks are an embarrassment to someone who knows martial arts.

          • jeff

            Horrible boxing? So can YOU outbox him, I mean if he’s soooooooo horrible? How does someone with horrible boxing fight for a world title?

          • jeff

            That’s not what he said. He said if you don’t like watching nick FIGHT, you don’t like MMA.

          • Sir_Roy

            Thing is, he plays the victim but is only really the victim of his own methodology (or lack thereof). His victim mentality is extremely off putting and unappealing. Not to sound corny, but I do think he has a “wounded child” cowering somewhere inside him and is extremely insecure … hiding this vulnerability through anger, bravado and belligerence … rebelling at the first signs of authority.

            But that just means he’s in need of therapy, and we are all a little twisted to get off on the media hype surrounding an obviously mildly (or not so mildly) perturbed individual with some obvious sociological issues.

            I commend your “walk a mile in his shoes” before you judge approach, and yes, for a man with his issues being so harshly judged everywhere online, having his image and his name slandered everywhere, must feel extremely overwhelming. I too can sympathize. But hey, this may be life teaching him a few hard earned lessons. Might be medicine he needs to swallow.

            Either way, I commend GSP more for his professionalism in the face of the Diaz barrage of nonsense more so than sympathize with Nick.

          • jeff

            Weed withdrawals? Really? This isn’t heroin or coke. People do not get physically dependent on weed.

      • MuayThaiFood

        You need to skip to 20:35……it’s all Diaz babbling about toxic water.

        • MuayThaiFood

          I don’t have to know him. I have eyes and ears and a brain. If you can’t see that then you’re lacking one or more of the above. Or at the least, you can’t be honest about it. The statement that you can’t make a judgement on somebody unless you know them personally is preposterous. No one could ever be judged in a court of law unless it’s by his friends? Like your buddy Nick, maybe you should just not talk anymore because you sound more intelligent when you are silent.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Oops, that was supposed to be directed at bajafox, not myself.

          • jeff

            How can you hear someone when their silent? Way to go Einstein.

        • DrRJE

          lots of people say that airplane cabins are full of toxins…he is saying that after the flight, which got in at midnight, he wanted to sweat those toxins out, so he probably didnt get to sleep until much later.

          The man is trying to take care of himself and step into the cage healthy…and you’re busting his balls coz you don’t understand him?

          C’mon man.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well, if you actually look at bajafox’s comment that I was commenting on you can see that the point of my comment was not about toxic water but rather who was actually speaking at 20:35. You have to read up the line a little further to put it into context.

      • MMAreality

        Give me a break!!! re-listen to the press conference. For someone that has social anxiety, isn’t that what you claimed in some of your other post, he sure controlled and over ran the whole press conference. I would think that if someone had this social anxiety that your nick fanatics claim, they would not be raising their hand to speak. This social anxiety thing is crap. Nobody showed up just to here Nick. Nick just overran the conference.

    • hey tuff guy why dont you tell him that to his face??? i mean all you guys who dont train or work out once a week and think your an mma fighter talk s***…. the dude can fight, who cares if he cant do well in public speaking the dude is not a politician. its entertainment and good entertainment at that. i respect all people who get in the octagon and throw down….. do you??? have you ever fought??? i train, ive fought, and actually fought sonnen were i was sandbagged and was not supposed to but did any ways due to the fact im not a bitch (knowing i would loose, unless it was a wrestling match which we were even) and no one was talking s*** they let to warriors get in there bang it out and do the damn thing. im so sick of checking out fight s*** and people just talking s*** about fighters…… grow the f*** up and keep ur mouth to yourself unless ur that f****** bad ass go up to diaz and say hey ur a s*** talker and im gona kick your ass, i work out with the guy and not taking his side because i do, but the dude is the real deal and the most respectful man i have ever meet just when it comes to fight time he does what he needs to do

      • Berry

        Settle down there caption. They have doctors for your condition. Anger management is tough. Hey without the fans opinions there would be no UFC and nick Diaz would be dead from running his mouth in his gang banger neighborhood. If you can’t handle fans giving their opinions you shouldn’t read the comment post. Ok pumpkin have a nice day. And remember count to ten and always be happy!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Nick’s comments about how the UFC is scored (minute 20 or so) is spot on. Takedowns are and top control are over-weighted in the scoring process. GSP took more damage from Condit while he was on the bottom. Dana needs to reconsider the scoring for the betterment of the UFC. A second rule that needs to be considered is for guys who voluntarily put a hand to the mat to avoid knees. The rule was not created for that purpose.

    • me

      If you honestly think St Pierre took more damage on the bottom or lost that fight than you’re just a hater or living in your own, unique, little world (much like Diaz)

    • Sir_Roy

      GSP got rocked, then got blasted on the bottom for what, less than a minute on a 25 minute fight? GSP dominated every single one of the 24 other minutes in that battle. At the extreme end of the scoring stick, Condit “might” have won that round … but that warrants putting the entire fight to question??? Are you out of your mind?

      GSP is also notorious for bruising easy. Some folks take a beating with nary a bruise to show for it (Anderson) while others take a shot or three and look like they got hit by a truck (GSP). Granted, GSP DID take a beating at the hands of Condit and was rocked … but soldiered through it to dominate the rest of the fight.

    • Sir_Roy

      Nick sounded like a whining complainer and a hypocrite. It’s MMA. That includes grappling, elbows and ground and pound. He wants a fighter to play to his strengths, to stand and bang with him, then MAKE HIM! GSP can dictate where the fight goes … and Diaz wants to moan his way out of that. And hey, every round starts standing up – Nick wants to bang, then force the fight to stay on the feet. If you can’t, then maybe you’re not the whole package MMA fighter you NEED to be to become and stay UFC welter weight champion.

  • El boliviano

    Diaz is the repercussions of a boy who had to become a man at such a young age in a world where he would have been killed if he didn’t. It’s sad the UFC probably knows this and puts him out there almost like he’s a clown or cyclops to sell tickets.

    • Nick Diaz

      Huh? I am a clown. Didnt you watch my press conference. Im an uneducated fool.

  • bajafox

    You can tell who the fighters are and who the company men are. Suits to the left, fighters to the right

    • dathump

      don’t worry, you should be able to get you diaz hoodie in the clearance bin at walmart on sunday for 50 cents so you can look like your favorite losing fighter.

      • bajafox

        lol, how does GSP nuts taste in your mouth?

        • dathump

          I am proud of you, you can spell nuts, one step ahead of your boy Nick.

          • bajafox

            Might be news to you but IDGAF what you think

            Looks like your English needs work though

            “you should be able to get you(sic) diaz”

          • dathump

            My bad, my English is fine, typing on a touch screen, not so much.

            I have no issue with Diaz the fighter, my issue is more so with Diaz the persona, if he doesn’t want to be put on the spot at press conferences and fight promos, don’t make yourself a target for the media. He is more then happy to grab a mic when it works to his advantage, but once he gets what he wants he develops stage fright. The way he acts when he calls out a fighter leaves the media wanting more, waiting to see what he will say next, so he really has no one to blame but himself, but is quick to point fingers at everyone else. The short term gain looks good, but if nick loses a couple of fights and gets cut, I don’t want to listen to him whine about how he was screwed.

          • MMAreality

            Baja you show off that engineering degree smarts.

      • Shakir Hanifa

        haaaaahahahah good one bro

      • Jeremy, bajafox and Diaz 3some

        Jeremy obviously swallows Diaz juice. Careful Jeremy, bajafox will get jealous. Id love to see both of you fight it our for the love of your man. True love conquers all boyz.

  • bajafox

    Why does that douche journalist ask a question in French even though he speaks English?

    • nonra

      bajafox! before you start calling other people douches, you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror first. People like you who actually lost touch in America like Mitt Romney lost the election. The fight is in Canada and they do have 2 version of languages, French and English and they’re a hell lot of smarter than you’ll ever be! why don’t you shut your mouth and stay locked up in your double-wide trailer home? and join the NRA to give the some of you cash and play with your assault rifles for fun. What a “NitWit!”

      • bajafox

        That’s funny cause I didn’t vote for Obummer or Romney….guess you got me all figured out don’t you?

        • Baja and Diaz forever

          I figured you out as a closet homosexual. was I right?

      • MMAreality

        No way Bajafox is a self proclaimed engineer he told me the other day, to tell me how smart he is. I wonder why he didn’t let you know what a great and smart person he is.

    • Sir_Roy

      To address the French speaking Canadian audience in their native tongue “douche”. Y’know, the population that is actually hosting the event in their city?

  • dan

    The only thing that Nick brought up that I think needs more looking into is the fact that for @ least the past 5 fights, GSP events either never released post fight drug tests results or he wasnt even tested. Look it up if you dont believe.

    • Sir_Roy

      Claiming someone is using performance enhancing drugs without proof or grounds, is defamation of character. Diaz crossed a line.

  • MuayThaiFood

    For someone who has social anxiety he sure talks a lot. Always the victim and never takes any personal responsibility for where he’s at. It’s Dana’s fault, it’s GSP’s fault, it’s the Airline’s fault for my late arrival. How naive or mentally similar to Nick do you have to be to buy into this whiny tirade. Last time I booked a flight I had a choice of Airlines and could pick my departure times. If he arrived too late it’s his own damn fault. I don’t know about you, but while I can call in sick for work I can’t call in tired. You’re a grown man Nick, it’s your responsibility to get enough rest to fulfill your obligations. If Georges would have given him credit as a worthy opponent he wouldn’t have had to say he was scared and be disrespectful to get the fight. That doesn’t explain the elevator incident or any of the other things he said after he was given the fight.

    What he needs is someone around him who’s not an enabler that makes excuses for him who will give him good advice that he will listen to. That’s obviously not the case now. A Psychologist wouldn’t hurt either. .

    • Sir_Roy

      Well said.

  • Andy

    Diaz is fu’kin bi polar,he made zero sense the entire conference. He fights strikers and gsp don’t, Diaz has been hiding in other organizations fighting nobody’s…dude seriously lay off the drugs u sounds like a complete stoner

  • yEll0wm0nkey

    Okay so after watching that I’m wondering…

    …was there a single question directly about combat?

  • uncle

    Dana put that hook nose bastard in his place

  • james j

    Did Diaz say he smoked more this time?

  • Darin

    How dare you guys make fun of this poor retarded boy. Seriously, Diaz lacks the ability to think, period. What was the deal with Dana? Is he on the rag? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here again: Dana must start delegating some on the responsibilities of his job. He can’t handle the stress and he’s starting to crack.

  • Rory

    All you guys are arguing like a bunch of 6 yr olds. Everybody has to be right and the other guys a moron or an idiot. This is going to be a war between these 2 guys on sat nite! and I like Diaz’s chances here! Good luck to both of you!

  • There would be less Diaz haters, if they listened to what he had to say vs how he said it.

    I guess it’s below haters to consider with an open mind.

  • Trevor

    I seriously think Nick Diaz may be retarded!

  • Bruce Lee The Great

    So what if you dont like Nick or his opinions, dont listen to him. Sure his attitude is sour at times, but what do i look likebeing judgemental about it? Tired of seeing people complaining that he’s not nice enough to be a fighter or some s***. It’s nice to hear a differant vantage point an someone who actualy says how they feel about UFC or Dana. Just a Cali hood, big deal.

  • Nosgoth1979

    Well, Diaz has an odd way of going about it, but he’s certainly sold me a ‘wolf ticket’ LOL. I was already hyped up for Saturday night, but now I absolutely cannot wait! Especially since I have a DISH Hopper now, and UFC 158 will be the first card I’ll get to watch in peace in a long time. As an employee of DISH, I was ecstatic when we released the Hopper. It can record up to six shows at once during primetime, so my wife can record her shows, the kids can catch theirs, and I’ll be able to focus on the fights at the same time.

  • Guest

    wow, I just gained so much respect for Dana White that was awesome how he defended his fighter even one he dislikes.

  • Adam Bianski

    Wow, I just gained so much respect for Dana, that was awesome the way he defended Diaz right of the bat like that. Also for those of you attacking Diaz’s intelligence, remember his job is to fight not to right books.

  • dd

    that was the best conference ever..period

  • Bringing hitler back

    I think Johnny Hendricks and gsp is going to be good.Ofcourse I thought thiago valves would do a lot better than he did against gsp as well.Anywho,fuck you all and good night.Sleep well.Ill most likely kill you in the morning..