UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz Conference Call Audio; You Don’t Want to Miss This!

March 15, 2013
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GSP-Diaz-640px wide-watermarkAs is customary before its pay-per-view events, the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Thursday held a media conference call as lead-up to next week’s UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz, which takes place on Saturday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

The call was slated to feature the top six welterweights on the card: Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Johny Hendricks, Nate Marquardt, and Jake Ellenberger.

It quickly devolved into a verbal slugfest between St-Pierre and Diaz with Diaz going off on an epic tirade that drew St-Pierre out of his typically reserved and laser-focused shell.

There are truly no words to do justice to the jaw-dropping banter between the two, so here, in its entirety is the UFC 158 conference call audio featuring Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz

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  • PhranktheTank

    I’m at a stop light and some 40 yr old soccer mom leans her head out the window and says ‘I hope GSP beats your ass’! Ahahahaha

    • PhranktheTank

      I love how Diaz doesn’t let GSP finish a sentence and calls him a motherf–ker every 6 seconds, then says he’s not disrespectful. The fact that people listen to this and think ‘yea! Go Diaz!’ Just goes to show how sad some diaz fans are. (not all of you) Nick is really going to complain about his environment? Complain that he doesn’t have the money or the support that GSP does? He hasn’t earned it! GSP has never tested positive for anything, GSP has never lost a fight for missing an obligation, GSP has never refused a drug test, GSP has never ‘retired’ after losing. The guy has 4 black belts and has been the champ for 5 yrs. he’s the best in the world and he’s earned his status.

      • gnodeb

        The only important thing is that GSP is 18-2 in the UFC and Diaz is 1-1 or 7-5 (if we count his fights before 2007). I really don’t think that Diaz can do what GSP already done. It’s too much for him…

    • Olof86


  • adam hedges

    Diaz is a douche

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Diaz is a bum!

  • adam hedges


  • RonnieV

    Diaz Rocks!!!

    • bajafox

      I wish I could have a smoke sesh with Nick, man that would be awesome

    • Slaade

      Didnt you mean to say Diaz is Dumb as Rocks!!!?

  • Lawdog1521

    “I uh. I uh. I uh” Diaz is a master orator. Also, Nick, if your upset you’re not getting the attention GSP does, try showing up for a presser once and a ****** while. Diaz may be able to fight but he’s as dumb as a fence post.

  • Me

    Good lord – If I had a 5th grade grasp of the English language and a 3rd grader’s world view I’d avoid press conferences as well.

    • bajafox

      He gets paid to fight, not to talk

      • Lawdog1521

        Then Diaz needs to stop bitching about not having the status of GSP. Diaz has the mentality of a 12 year old.

        • bajafox

          I have a better idea, people need to stop asking him questions. He is obviously not comfortable in that situation.

          How does it feel knowing a 12 year old can kick your ass? That’s all he has to do, that’s his profession

          • RonnieV

            I agree, I’ve talked to Nick and he doesn’t always sound like this.

          • R

            Life is a job, and 12 year olds aren’t very good at it. I feel really bad sometimes for stupid people. He must be confused and angry most of the time. That sucks! Hopefully this fight ends in a double KO.

          • UFC Politics Suck

            Just because someone isn’t comfortable in particular situations doesn’t make them stupid. What a ridiculous assumption.

          • R

            Comfortable?!?!?! He doesn’t know what he is talking about half the time, and uses profanity every other word. Can you think of a situation that he hasn’t acted in this manner? Can you think of any intelligent people that act like Nick Diaz?

          • Slaade

            I dont think Diaz can spell KO

          • Oswald Cobblepott

            What will be his profession in 5yrs… Tough ass car wash tech?

          • bajafox

            Nice attempt at trying to be funny but I’m pretty sure that at age 34, he’ll still be fighting.

          • R

            Diaz will try to fight until he’s 50, because he is a genius.

          • Slaade

            Yeah fighting to put a sentence together.

          • bajafox

            Sad part is as dumb as you think he is, he will make more money next week than you do in a year. And ironically, some of you geniuses will be paying his check.

          • Lawdog1521

            And Diaz fans need to stop hiding behind the whole “not comfortable” argument. He seemed just fine to me. The problem is he’s a god damn moron. He’s a big boy now. He runs his mouth off left and right through venues like twitter and youtube but when he’s on the telephone in a conference call, suddenly he has a hard time expressing himself. Just admit it, he’s stupid.

        • Slaade


    • Stephen

      Could it be thats why you’ve never done one!lol

  • jrcr_15

    I think the only way Nick Diaz could get any dumber is if he
    died and came back as a turnip. lol

  • Dan Carter

    love Diaz lol he keeps it real

    • Diaz keeps it real like a brain dead high schooler.

      • Slaade

        Where do these people get all this “keeps it real” crap , He does not keep it real , he just says mother F this and F that , durp ,durp DURP ,,wow i lost all respect for that guy in the last 2 weeks, If i was his brother i would change my last name.

    • Diazpresident(oftheUFC)

      hahaha he sure does! Diaz is Fing great, i love how he’s actually trying to be nice to GSP saying he’d get pampered too, saying he likes him, but GSP doesn’t understand $hit! I’m francophone too but i still think GSP is twice as dumb as Nick.
      and yeah the scoring in mma is $hit!

  • Richurd Cheese

    Please let there be a double KO!

  • I wanna like Diaz, love watching him cause he does bring it every time, but damn he needs to shut up

  • Victored

    OMG… one reason why I dont like hanging out with fighters… topics go off subject so quickly and none of them understand what each one is saying… LOL… that is TRUTH!

  • fidios

    Diaz is as real as it gets….and tells it like it is! He has nothing personal against St pierre…Watch the end of this fight…He will help st pierre back to his feet and or at the least, he will congratulate him!

    • pamperthatass

      He is! he’s talking his usual good $hit but he isn’t trying to get personal. Anyone else thinks GSP comes across as quite nasty in this?

    • Slaade

      Saying Mother F***** every 6 seconds “is as real as it gets” lmao DURP!

  • No Regrets

    These reporters ask some of the worst questions, that is after they stop mumbling and stuttering and saying “uhhh.ummmmm”.

  • Heathcliff

    So Diaz tells george hes pampered, and georges reply ” I dont even know what that means, that word”.. Then he calls Diaz an uneducated fool. I think Nick will still probably help you up to your stool after the stoppage!lol

    • No Regrets

      I was thinking the same thing. GSP was trying to say he has better English then says he doesn’t know what that means lol.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yeah, but the funny thing is Diaz was trying to tell George he WEARS Pampers. Diaz still doesn’t know what pampered means in the other context.

      • Randi

        Oh, so now Georges is going to get beat up by a baby!haahhaha1

  • No Regrets

    GSP is pampered. He is rich and does have people handle things for him, and has personal chefs cook for him. It is the truth.

    • Lawdog1521

      GSP is able to have the things he does because of his ability to understand and use success to his advantage. Diaz will never have those things because he’s a born loser, he sabotages himself. Starting fights behind the scenes, testing dirty, not showing up or caring about appearance. Its not that Diaz doesn’t have the ability to be on top, it’s that he’s incapable of understanding the work and discipline it takes to get there.

      Every major victory Diaz has ever had he’s turned around and squandered in one way or another. Watch the film The Hustler. That’s why Diaz will never be on top. He doesn’t know how to be a winner.

  • Jason Spangler

    Nick is better at formulating combinations, than formulating sentences…

    • RonnieV

      Very true

  • RonnieV

    All those people that said they are not going to watch this fight, because Diaz doesn’t deserve it… will definitely be watching this fight now. Poor Ellenberger, Marquardt, Condit & Hendricks, they pretty much were left out of the press conference.

  • Ghoststep

    GSP’s first language is French..lol Diaz had no excuse for sounding that stupid

  • cant blame nick for how he comes off… its his environment .. i come off a little bit to hood or thuggish but dats ny for ya so people automaticly see u as uneducated … and about gsp’s fighting style the wrestling aspect pretty much sucks …its a fight not a take down competition … i dont think gsp will beat diaz but gsp will win … lol

  • Jason Spangler

    This is epic. Wow.

  • Cereal Killer

    Diaz is a turd! I like his fighting style and he always brings it, but he comes off a total ghetto turd. It sounded like he was smoking a bong with a group of people during his WORK required interview…

    • jeff

      Those were down votes but this pos phone won’t work right..

  • uncle

    Nick is 1 of the last mohicans I like the way he sticks up
    for himself he is the real peoples champ

  • Jason Spangler

    I like how Nick is basically saying that his team isn’t as good as Georges’.

    • Dave Stiles

      Don’t think he is saying that but GSP brings ppl in from all over the world just to train spending major cash is what I think he is saying.

  • matty

    diaz is sounding like dan quinn up in this bitch

  • NotADiazFan

    Is Nick Retarded?

  • I like both guys. I can understand where both guys are coming from. Fact is this is going to be a great fight and the build up to this was very entertaining but let’s not get distracted by the talk and forget these are two high level martial artist. After the fight I’m sure both guys will shake hands and such. As funny as the conference call was I can’t wait to see these guys go at it.

    • timeo

      boy are u dull

  • NotADiazFan

    Is Nick Retarded?

  • uncle

    its crazy people talk about Nick’s education he is a fighter
    its not like he is running for congress I understand him clearly GSP went hollywood and lost his hunger he is not
    the same fighter anymore

    • MuayThaiFood

      You don’t hear Nick criticizing GSP for what he has while in the next breath complaining that he’s not in the same position? GSP hit the nail right on the head, he’s jealous. That’s Diaz keepin’ it real.

      • uncle

        Yeah right so I guess every fighter in the WW
        divsion must be jealous then they all want the
        position to be a champ right that’s not it he
        is saying everybody is drinking the GSP kool
        aid Nick Owned him and made good points
        he is not jealous he is a hero

        • jeff

          Couldn’t have said it better. He definitely made some great points. I would love for nick to win but gsp will hump him to another decision.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Nick owned him?? Are you kidding? He can’t even stay on point long enough to finish a thought without contradicting himself. Of course ever fighter in the WW division wants what GSP has. You don’t hear most of them blasting him for having what he has though do you? Wouldn’t that be a little hypocritical? I mean if you’re going to keep it real then keep it real. I’m just so tired of this guy’s constant whining. He’s his own worst enemy.

          • uncle

            So when GSP trys to make Nick the bad guy you fall for it because if you really
            listen GSP shows he’s true asshole colors
            to Nick now you call that blasting him
            for calling Pampered boy a boring fighter
            it’s the truth Nick is a hero beacuse he wants to bring the excitement back in MMA

        • Slaade

          So cutting everyone off mid sentence is owning someone? Wow i think maybe you and Diaz both need to stop smoking the crack!

  • Dan

    what a train-wreck, it couldn’t have been scripted much better

  • Milosc

    Nick Diaz is a person

  • dickdiggler

    Diaz isn’t your average human. dude prolly gave two shits about school. was always in trouble, but loved fighting and mixed martial arts. What is wrong with that. So cause he isnt book smart and school smart he sux at his profession? you guys are fools

    • Slaade

      LOL, Yeah everyone Cave Men need love too!!!!! buhahahaha

  • SuperSaiyanSative

    I wonder how high Diaz was

    • RonnieV

      Actually, weed is probably the best cure for Diaz. It’s clear he does have anxiety issues. Weed probably calms him down. When it’s all said and done, there is nobody like Nick Diaz, which is why he has always been my favorite MMA fighter.

      • Savant

        Get Nick’s cock out of your mouth, bro.

  • Desiree

    Diaz just cares way too much about what people are thinking about him. He can’t take things so seriously. Give up on the recognition and money and just do your fights.

  • Dave Stiles

    GSP the guy that got KO’d BY Matt Serra and now plays it safe and humps legs for 5 rounds for the last 5 years…

    • Slaade

      Did you see Josh K. Face , sure did not look like leg humping to me. Looked like he smashed his face.

  • Mike mckinney

    It’s all a bit funny. I’m in no way a Diaz fan, but I do get what his problem is. I grew up in what most would refer to as a ghetto as well.
    Its ironic because Diaz doesn’t realize that most of the rest of the world considers his mother f’er comments as extremely disrespectful. I know it sounds odd, but Diaz doesn’t mean it the same way that the vast majority of people will take it.
    I still have a few lifelong friends that talk in a similar fashion. It’s just coming from a different world.
    Also, in that world you can refer to someone as a mother f’er and it isn’t meant with disrespect, however saying that someone deserves to get beat down is one the more confrontational things you can say.
    I get Diaz finding that extremely disrespectful while not finding what he’s saying as being disrespectful.
    One of my “ghetto friends” and his girlfriend call eachother “bit c h,” and “di c k he a d” constantly. It’s their names for eachother but its said as a term of endearment. It’s certainly not for cameras… Unless its a spike lee film. 😉

    It’s one of the most interesting things about communication and language as a whole. If you haven’t been on multiple sides of it, it can be really tough to understand. The same words mean totally different things to different people.

    In this situation both parties (Gsp and Diaz) are equally as ignorant. Problem for Diaz is that he’s ignorant that the majority of the world takes the words and phrases like Gsp does. Unless he ever realizes that. He won’t have an understanding why he’s labeled “the bad guy.”
    It’s not just that he curses. It’s that people don’t take his cursing the way he’s meaning it.

    Please no one try to label me as a Diaz apologist, or even a fan. I think he’s a total moron, and don’t even think he’s nearly the level a fighter that others seem to nowadays.
    I just find language and communication fascinating, and understand one of the huge misunderstandings within them going on. Two totally different worlds colliding.

    • RonnieV

      I hear ya! Nick called GSP a Mother Effer a few times, and then said “I respect you.” He probably calls his brother Mother Effer….it’s funny! I’ve talked to Nick a couple times before he was a headline fighter. He can actually have a regular conversation.

  • Mayjorupset4FUN

    suck it dana white!”

  • kbroesq

    Was Nick watching Good Times in the background? This conference call
    would have been 4 minutes if no one asked Diaz a question.

    anyone ever ask Diaz a question where after they ask they say, “I’m
    glad I asked that.” The guy goes on for several minutes with this
    mumbling, bumbling incoherent talk. If you notice, the only time Diaz
    talks without stuttering is when he’s cussing.

    He was pretty clearly being fed answers from someone, which makes this all the more ridiculous.

  • smeagle

    All you people are so perfect I only hope I can be as great as all of you one day SMH

  • Trebor

    I doubt Diaz passes testing for this fight. Sounds like he had a few bowls before the interview.

    • RonnieV

      Actually, it sounds like he needs to smoke a few bowls.

  • Rick

    I think it’s weird that people don’t understand how someone can be intelligent and not elequent. I judge intelligence by actions because any moron can talk like he knows stuff.


    Nick Diaz is a scum bag demon seed low life classless piece of crap.

    • RonnieV

      That is a lot of hate for someone you don’t know. Those Demon’s can be really nasty.

    • Randi

      You obviously don’t know anyhing about Nick Diaz. Get ready to cry!

  • Bruce Lee The Great

    GSP is much smarter when it comes to implimenting his game plan during his fights. I’m ready to see what Diaz does to prevent the double leg that GSP is going to lay on him. But at least Diaz comes to fight.

  • james j

    Diaz is a lot smarter than you think. He is a cash cow for Dana.

  • Slaade

    Wow i Thought Diaz was okay tell i listened to him talk. What a f***** MORON.. He is like a little girl or something. Crying wont let anyone finish a sentence, God what a douscher. And yes i , just like the soccer mom hopes GSP beats his dumb ass.

  • Rence

    If Dana caught the rest of this call, he’s gotta be sweating bullets about Nick passing his post fight drug test. Listen to this in its entirety and tell me that Nick doesnt seem stoned to the bejesus.

    • RonnieV

      Ha Ha…very true!! IMO Diaz is the most exciting fighter alive, but it’s very obvious the weed is his remedy for social anxiety. I would love to see Diaz win, but if he doesn’t, I hope he is back in the ring within the next 5 months. Nick is one of a kind!

  • Kwiteone

    The funny part about you nick Diaz haters is that, he’s living his dream , while everyone on this site dropping comments hides behind a computer and run and haven’t accomplished anything he has accomplished and at the end of the day nick Diaz and every other fighter in the UFC is on the way to the bank from the money we spend watching these fights! So f*** the dumb s*** and just enjoy the fights !!!

  • andthenisaid

    This is a test

  • TheRealGrayFaux

    I don’t really like Diaz’s fighting style. The way he just tags fighters with light jabs is kinda annoying. I mean yeah he’s got the boxing skills but most of the time it looks like he’s just reaching out and just touching them.

    • RonnieV

      They do damage, and they wear opponents down.

  • Nosgoth1979

    Wow that really was something else, wasn’t it? I could end up eating crow, but I don’t even see St Pierre vs. Diaz being a competitive fight. Diaz has no way of neutralizing the takedown and although his Jiu Jitsu is good, I don’t think he’s likely to catch GSP—so will be 25 minutes of GSP domination, and I CAN’T WAIT to see it! Plus since I have a DISH Hopper now, this will be the first UFC I’ll get to watch in peace in what feels like forever. Being a DISH employee, I was beyond excited when we released the Hopper. It can record up to six shows at once during primetime, so my wife can record her shows, the kids will be watching theirs, and I’ll be able to focus on the fights in my man-cave at the same time!

  • princeofhollis

    Diaz you will be fighting your last big money fight