UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz – Bad Blood Runs Deep

December 16, 2012
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UFC 158 St Pierre vs Diaz PosterIt’s a fight that’s been more than a year in the making, but on March 16 Georges St-Pierre will finally face Nick Diaz at UFC 158 in Montreal.

This may be the most personal fight St-Pierre’s ever faced, and Nick Diaz will look to take the welterweight title away from one of the most dominant champions the sport has ever known.

In addition to St-Pierre vs. Diaz, the co-main event features a welterweight rematch between Carlos Condit and Rory MacDonald. Condit decimated MacDonald in the third round of their fight in 2010 after the young Canadian got the best of him through the first 10 minutes.

Condit won by TKO, and now MacDonald get his chance at revenge.

Also on the card, top welterweight contender Johny Hendricks will look to cement his spot atop the division’s contender race when he takes on fellow wrestler, the heavy-handed Jake Ellenberger.

Canadian Patrick Cote will also be on the card as he faces Alessio Sakara in a rematch of their original fight at UFC 154 that ended in disqualification after Sakara blasted Cote with illegal shots to the back of the head.


MAIN EVENT: Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald
Jake Ellenberger vs. Johny Hendricks
Patrick Cote vs. Alessio Sakara

  • chucker.

    its should read gsp vs hendricks condit vs macDonald and diaz vs ellenberger … but it will be a great card its jst messed up a that the #1 contender is nt in the main event or co-main event

    • dd

      no diaz deserve it..

      • Jonathan Daniel Brown

        As much as I want to see Diaz fight St. Pierre, Diaz does not deserve the fight!

        • Santz

          Don’t be mad homie…lol

      • chucker.

        hw dos diaz deserve this fight who.has he beat to.fight for the title

    • lolumadbro?

      lol you mad bro?

  • stak

    I like that poster

  • Dave Eats

    GSP just can’t win with the “mma media” or fans. Now he’s a ***** because he’s fighting Diaz and not hendricks? Pathetic fools around us hating success. The guy is a class act.

  • datdudechrisas…USUAL!!!!

    bad ass poster i love it

  • Timothy Malone

    The last time St. Pierre took a fight personally was BJ Penn. That was also GSP’s last fight that didn’t see the final bell. Diaz better be careful.

    • Bas

      U could argue 2nd Koscheck fight was last ”personal” fight but I understand. To be fair though, GSP didn’t stop it himself besides being dominant, it was BJ’s corner or himself. U think Diaz would ever give up like that or even let his corner give up? At best this is a 50-45 win for GSP. Guarantee he doesn’t finish Diaz

      Also yes love that poster instead of just 2 guys lookng at each other or somethin

  • ina alberts

    can I buy the poster? two of them?

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    nice attempt to build drama that has no substance. I’m not drinking this Kool-Aide! Wait til the odds come out and then we’ll have a real laugh.

  • dbritton987

    I agree I’m not caring for these guys getting title shots after coming off losses. I get that you gotta sell the feuds when they’re hot, but it kinda hurts UFC’s legitimacy and makes it look like the WWE when it comes to title shots. That said, I’m super stoked for this fight still, and I can’t wait to see GSP smash Diaz in the mouth.


    Good to see that gold back around his waist again! It just didn’t look right during Condits 15 minutes.