UFC 158 Results: Georges St-Pierre Retains Welterweight Title Against Nick Diaz

March 17, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre UFC 129-478x270Georges St-Pierre (24-2) has retained the UFC welterweight title for the eighth time with a commanding unanimous decision win over Nick Diaz (26-9, 1 NC) at UFC 158 on Saturday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

All three judges awarded the fight to St-Pierre 50-45.

In the opening two rounds, St-Pierre was able to completely dominate the fight, landing takedowns at will and was able to outwork Diaz from the top position with ground strikes.

He began to slow down in round three and Diaz was able to repeatedly stuff his takedown attempts and keep the fight standing, engaging in strikes. But the 31-year-old Canadian was still able to out-strike Diaz on his feet and never looked in doubt.

Coming into the final round, St-Pierre clinched, looking for the takedown, but Diaz broke free before falling to the mat where the eight-time world champion was able to land ground strikes from side control, maintaining top position, to the roars of his home crowd to the final bell.

“I didn’t want to fight in a boxing range with him because he’s the best boxer in mixed martial arts,” St-Pierre said. “He has a very unusual scrambling style and I don’t have a training partner like that, it’s almost impossible to get ready for that.”

Although there was animosity between the pair leading into the fight, it all seemed forgotten after the final bell, with both fighters full of praise for their counterpart.

“Nick, you made a great job promoting the fight. He’s a good guy,” St-Pierre told the crowd. “I never took it personal. Nick is a veteran. He was in the UFC before me. I’m actually a big fan of Nick Diaz and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to fight him.”

Nick Diaz hinted at retirement when speaking with Joe Rogan post-fight, saying it’s something he’s been contemplating.

“I think I’m going to have to figure out whether I want to keep doing this. I really don’t think I have any more.

“I don’t want to make excuses,” Diaz continued. “I think I’m done with mixed martial arts. I want to help my team and I’m tired of getting banged up.”

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  • rolando mota

    I must’ve missed the dark side..gsp…the most unimpressive, most predictable champ.. ever…hope he doesnt dodge hendricks again. he knows hes not on andresons level..not even close

    • Kris-tyahn

      I guess you missed the press conference as well?!? BC GSP stayed he had no idea where that came from. As for DOMINaTING another former champ and a guy who lost only for the 2nd time in 14 fights. Why don’t you check out Silva last 10 fights and compare them to GSP’s ad the competition is NOWHERE near that of what GSP has been fighting for the last 5-6 yrs. Silva the supposedly #1 fighter in the world gets owned by Sonnen 6 of 7 rounds and fought 2 Unranked bums at LHW & 3 one dimensional slow bums. WOW impressive Silva beating Unranked opponents who have NO wrestling.

      I believe GSP owned Diaz on the feet, something all Diaz fans & GSP haters said would never happen. Also, when was the last time you thought GSP was going to lose a fight?!? NEVER! Sure Silva finishes more opponents, but he fights weaker opponents and he even gets “owned” every once in a while. GSP is by far more dominant than Silva, while Silva has the size & strength to finish fights but he can’t take the fight where he wats, when he wants.

      • Pooter Diddler

        What is your point? Such a random pile of slop.

  • Pigpen110

    Typical hater comment. Not only is GSP the most dynamic explosive fighter of all time. He is hands down the smartest fighter. Anderson silva is a boring chump with who has lost all ambition and not to mention is an asshole to fans. F*** Anderson silva.

    • jeff

      He’ll be especially explosive against Silva when he explodes gsp’s face all over the octagon.

    • uncle

      I think your confused Anderson is a ruthless finisher
      GSP is the boring chump

  • GoNoles

    think diaz tdd proved it was better than people thought even though he landed 9 he couldnt hold em there like he does everybody else. i think if hendrix dont beat em id like to see a rematch, now that diaz has fought em and felt how strong he is and seen his speed i think a 2nd fight would be alot closer.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Had nothin to do with Diazs TDD, GSP for the 1st time looked tired after the 3rd, which has never happened before. Diaz’s cardio was the reason he stuffed GSP’s takedowns, even a gassed GSP still dominated Diaz, both on the feet and the ground!

      GSP looked tired vs. Condit after the 4th and this time, it was after the 3rd. Not sure if its bc he’s not able to do the cardio he was able to do before his ACL injury or if he blew his LOAD in the first 3 rounds, bc he was fighting at a high pace, standing and on the ground, he looked incredible the first 15 mins, but he seemed tired in the 4th & 5th, I think Diaz seemed a lil tired as well, which would be great shape for most fighters, but Diaz seemed a little tired as well. Though, he was fresher than GSP. I think the first 3 rounds wore both men out, not something I would have expected from GSP. A rematch wouldn’t be much different, especially if GSP had better cardio, but if he didnt, then the rematch would look much like tonight. Diaz got out struck and owned on the ground, just like the rest of them. Never seen any “problems” from the ground by Diaz, just saying.

      • George Sperry

        I felt like GSP was trying to follow his corner’s instructions to take Diaz down but forgot, possibly because he was fatigued, to set the TD’s up.
        In the first 2 rounds GSP would strike first or duck a Diaz punch to take Diaz down when he wasn’t ready for it. After the 3rd GSP was just trying to shoot and Diaz was set.

  • slong

    he really gave diaz the “beatin of his life” looked like every other of his boring grappling wrestling fights

  • Kris-tyahn

    Condit got robbed, Hendricks didnt do anything while he had Condit down, Condit even got up pretty easily and the lefts were far from what won him the fight. Glad he won bc GSP is going to own him as well. Hendricks was tired during the 2nd round. And like I said, Hendricks doesn’t knock you out in the first, then he goes to a very close decision. Another decision he lost!!! If GSP survives the 1st round, which I’m sure he will, Hendricks is in trouble. I’d like to see Hendricks vs. Ellenberger, after GSP spanks Hendricks!!!

  • Dave G

    Take in to account this. GSP may be a “BORING” fighter, but he’s the most well rounded individual in all MMA. He’s a student of the art. His fights look “boring” to most of you because he fights HIS fights. He is one of those rare fighters who keeps a gameplan and implements it in to everything he does. Most fighters would have tried to slug it out with Diaz to show they could, especially after the taunting and hitting after the bell. GSP is the epitome of class when it comes to this. He never talks crap, he just works. If I had to pick ANY fighter I’d want to be like, it would be GSP because he knows that he is the champ, and everyone is coming after him. He knows that he has to prove each and every fight that he’s the champ, and he constantly studies the game. He’s extremely smart and he can dominate you from any position. His fights are boring simply because no one is able to match him.

  • dan

    I cant even say Im disappointed in GSP’s performance because he did exactly what he’s done in every past fight. He throws no combos other than 1-2s or just 1 quick shot for fear of being countered. I dont wanna talk about his TDs because we all know what happens there which brings me straight to Diaz. He lost to the same thing that everyone loses to when it comes to GSP, speed and strength. Now I dont know if that was his game plan but I thought it was pretty smart to give up his back when he was taken down. It pretty much negates elbows to the brow, punches dont have the same angle. I mean look @ Diaz’s face, he didnt look as bad as usual so I think he did a great job of avoidng damage more than anyone of GSPs past opponents. He even got back to his feet a few times and I think all of this made GSP gas a bit. Most guys just lay there and take their beating and Diaz had none of that last night. I know Diaz isnt about moral victories but I think he did something against GSP that no one has in quite some time so find some comfort in that Nick.

  • Ksmma

    I don’t think anyone can say GSP deserves anderson after that preformance. You need more offence than a jab and a few elbows to fight silva.

  • last night was my last PPV with GSP. im done spending 50 bucks to watch him lay down on people and snap little elbows then prance around the cage trying to act like he is so humble. look at GSP pre-belt, pre-sponsors, pre-big money. He went after it. He FOUGHT. Now he is so worried about getting a boo-boo that he fights these very expectedly dull fights. Diaz didnt exactly impress me either. We have watched him for years throw hundreds and hundreds of punches every round. Nothing with any fierce power but just bunches to distract and disarm his opponent. Last night. nothing.

    Here, I’ll call GSP’s next fight right now for you and I hope everyone refers back to this page after his next fight to see how correct (and predictable) he is. He will throw a bunch of stiff jabs. CLose the distance and get a takedown. he wil throw a few elbows. maybe a punch or two. adjust his position from side to half, or from half to side. then switch sides again. more elbows. then they will scramble. get up. more jabs. more takedowns. more elbows. fights over. GSP wins either 48- 47 or 50-45.

    mark my words. and yes folks. in teh grand scheme he is the most boring of all the current champions in the UFC.

    • Adam White

      Amen brother. An one more thing is that Condit and Hendricks both fought there ASS off an both together more than likely didn’t make half as much money as sir humps a lot an mister pillow fists did

  • Sir_Roy

    Big fan of Georges. He’s the complete package and top pound for pound MMA elite.

    That said, I’ve got to say … GSP looked terrible in that fight. Good thing for him, so did Diaz.

    GSP gassed in the third … and Diaz, proving he is indeed dumb as a stump, is a dangerous fighter that killed himself by not monopolizing on the 13 freaken minutes of stand-up he had with Georges in that fight. 13 minutes folks!!!

    Diaz has NO BUSINESS whining. He had his stand-up chance and did absolutely nothing. It was obvious Georges wanted no part in the striking bit as well (he was really off his game, looked slow and sluggish in the stand-up).

    And man, GSP bruises easier than my chubby niece.

  • stevemcz11

    13 minutes on the feet if you include when Georges was holding him on the feet. It was about 5 or 6 minutes overall where Georges wasn’t holding Diaz. Also during those couple of minutes Georges had plenty of takedown attempts he did everything in his power to hold Diaz for the full 25 minutes and make it a snoozer and it was definitely a snoozer! Never wanted to bad mouth GSP before but f**k you and your wolf tickets Georges!