UFC 157 Primetime Rousey vs. Carmouche Episode 1: The One Everyone is Talking About

February 8, 2013
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UFC Primetime Rousey vs CarmoucheIf you’re not yet anticipating Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 on Feb. 23 in California, then you most certainly haven’t yet watch UFC 157 Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche.

This first episode leading up to their fight is one of the most raw, brutally emotional editions of the series since its inception.

Rousey opens up in an extremely open interview about her father that would move mountains.

Check out the full first episode of UFC 157 Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche below…

  • Trevor240

    So who is Rohdaa fighting… The first episode was about 20 minutes of Rohnda and the episode only lasted 22 minutes. Ufc really putting the money in her… Hope she can atleast defend it once… Either way she will loose to Chris “Roids” Santos

    • Andrew

      Cyborg will get her arm ripped off by Rousey. Cyborg was clearly on the juice to get as big as she is. Women do not naturally develop enough testosterone to get that big, no matter what kind of training to do. Which is also the reason she has hard making 145, she does not want to stop taking roids. Which is the only way she will make 135 and thus will lose her distinct advantage that she has had over ALL other female fighters.

  • AJ

    They really had to add that dad bit in it?

  • Diehard

    The one everyone is talking about? Who are you referring to as everyone?…Take an actual poll from the fans and the results will prove that the true fans don’t really care….I care about Henderson Machida and whether the H-bomb lands. Not if some pretty girl fights someone I have never heard of…..Good choice for main event Dana!…..Way to guarantee a great ending.

    • Mark McDowall

      This is a title fight so it deserve’s to be a main event fight. BUT…I think throwing the first ever womens fight in the UFC on a PPV might not have been the best idea. They should have test marketed it on Fox or FX.

      So after this fight happens. Then what for the women’s “division”. As far as anyone can gather. Rousey is the only women’s fighter under contract with the UFC. So are they going to do what StrikeForce did and just feed their champs random opponents?

      I still don’t understand how they are going to build a division around 1 person. What happens if Rousey looses this fight? Then what? I’ll bet my life on the fact that Dana wouldn’t be talking about Carmouche as much as he does Rousey should she become champ.

      Should Rousey loose you will see Dana come up with every excuse from the ref’s to injuries to god knows what to explain it. But I guarantee it will not be Rousey just being beaten by a better fighter on the night. I honestly feel bad for the other fighters on this card if it doesn’t buy well…they will get the blame.

  • drkdisciple

    No primetime show will change the fact that this is a crappy main event!

  • Mark McDowall

    I really hope this fight lives up to the huge amount of hype its getting!!

    What happens if Rousey looses…that will poop all over Dana Whites favorite new fighter wont it…

  • justin_e

    Wow. Pretty rough story. From a sledding accident.

  • horace

    Rousey fighting some butch short dyke isn’t some great thing. Please cyborg lose the weight and shut the tramp up.

    • Ememay

      Wow, I left a comment about Bleacher Report’s crappy writing for this site and it was deleted instantly, but someone uses a slur like “dyke” and the post is still up 11 hours later? Great job, mmaweekly!

  • I thought it was a good way to build up the fight. Put both fighters across well.

  • Abel Guzman

    So many are missing tha point. SMDH Americans.

  • OzyEatsBabies

    Well based off of Titos interview re: Roidborg it looks like the UFC might be developing a strategic partnership with Invicta