UFC 156 Results: Lil Nog Hands Rashad Evans Second Loss in a Row

February 3, 2013
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Antonio Rogerio NogueiraUltimate Fighter season two winner Rashad Evans sought to rebound from a disappointing loss after failing to relinquish the 205-pound title from kingpin Jon Jones back in April. The former UFC light heavyweight champion faced Pride veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueira tonight in a co-main event battle to climb back up the division ladder.

The man known as Lil’ Nog has amassed a record of 3-2 since joining the UFC. The former Brazilian boxing champion has endured his fair share of injuries and opponent changes. With a perennial contender before him, Nogueira said he wanted to display his improved wrestling and make a big leap up the light heavyweight rankings

“This is my moment to shine,” said Nogueira prior to the fight. “I’m going to win. I’m going to beat Rashad Evans.”

He was correct.

Nogueira earned a unanimous decision after three rounds. Nogueira pressed forward throughout the fight, utilizing his jab as he tried to close the distance. It was apparent both fighters respected each other’s striking.

Using his athleticism and selective power strikes, Rashad relied on his speed instead of wrestling in what was a fairly uneventful fight. Evans was only able to land one takedowns out of four attempts, a testament to Nogueira’s improved wrestling.

The win was arguably Nogueira’s biggest of his UFC career. For Rashad it is the first time he’s suffered back to back losses.

  • rob c

    Mind numbingly boring fight. Nog won but geez, couldn’t one of these guys make an effort to finish? Almost made watching the flyweights worthwhile (ok almost). Time for Rashad to move to 185. It’s a shallower pool of fighters (other than Silva) and his size and speed will give him an edge.

  • Wil

    It was a horrible fight, and both fighters looked bad. Nog won by points, but I wouldnt say he dominated.

  • `I think that all of the Rashad v.s Anderson talk should stop now.

    • obviously

    • Kris-tyahn

      no kidding, I really thought Evans …… The old Evans who used to fight and take his opponents down could give Silva trouble, but after tonight, bahahahahah Evans looked like crap, old and slow. His new camp got embaressed tonight, maybe they should dissolve Blackzilians, what a joke!!! Overeem = Overrated!!!

      Time for Silva to either fight Weidman or move up to LHW. Evans losing to lil Nog is embarrassing, to say the least. I can’t believe Evans was “upset/surprised” that he lost that boring fight. Had he actually threw some punches, he’d probably would have made it semi interesting, but my god what joke he was tonight, and I like Evans …… Used to like him. Rashad should beg Greg Jackson to take him back!

      • Rashad got outboxed by a better boxer with great takedown defense, sorry but Rogerio is just a better fighter and has filled the anti wrestling hole in his game.The UFC has hyped Rashad since day one and too many fans bought it.He doesn’t have enough time left in his life to become the striker that Rogerio is.I can’t believe that so many people think Rogerio is not the caliber fighter that he truly is, he almost knocked out a prime Mauricio Rua in Pride, wrestling won that fight for Shogun, not his striking. Rogerio is dangerous to anyone above him in the rankings.

    • shakejunt

      nah yo, this is the ufc, you have to lose the fight to get the title shot. where have you been?

    • bajafox

      I was on the Rashad v. Silva bandwagon until Sat night…

  • rashad needs to actually fight, his last 2 fights were staring contests

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      No kidding, he is the foot work and head movement king, threw like five punches last night

  • grampappy

    Im sure dana and a.silva are scrambling to find opponent for a silva as long as its not weidman. For some reason(fear) they are avoiding weidman. Silva you are supposed to be a fighter so fight the guy who will give you the best fight. Aldo has way more heart, at least he dont duck anyone.anderson is chicken and duck

    • paco ribiani

      you sound like a lunatic,but then there is a problem with alcohol in the south.

    • Kenny Powers

      I can’t wait til they make Silva vs Weidman, then Anderson can finally smash that fool and you can go back to wankin’ off your grampappy. But then you’ll probably hop on the Rockhold bandwagon after that. Anyway have fun swingin from Weidman’s ball bag til he gets KO’d in the first. HAHAHAHAHA douche.

  • grampappy

    I think anderson silva is calling out mighty mouse instead of weidman. Im picking mighty mouse as the winner. Anderson wants all the small guys who cant wrestle and who is ñot bold enough to call him out.bahahaha, anderson is becoming the laughing stock, and I thought mayweather was the best at ducking.silva is chicken and duck.silva do the duck dance

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Your the only one that believes this non sense. Weidman is the last person Silva is worried about he doesn’t want to fight him because he’s a bum. He’s got his sights set on Bones Jones, GSP, and Rashad Evans.

    • paco ribiani

      Its obvious that you dont know boxing or MMA. I guess as a grampappy you are entitled to your own set of facts. So, you were part of the negotiations with Arum in the Mayweather debacle? I never knew that.. But,at least you knew what happened. Its not like Arum said he did’nt want the Mayweather fight until a new stadium was built,or that he would schedule the date on a day that conflicted with the sentencing of Mayweather,or even that the now exposed Manny proclaimed his fear of needles or his desire that blood testing not be done within the 14 day frame as he felt it would drain him. Now,let us get to Silva who has beaten everyone they have placed in front of him. He has stated that he would beat all comers and has proven this. He has beaten great wrestlers that were bigger in case you have forgotten. Dan Henderson,Chael Sonnen and Jeremy Horn. You know nothing of champions and sit on your trailer couch and talk trash…

      • grampappy

        I count you as my biggest fan.thank you for following my writings

      • Kris-tyahn

        Did you say Jeremy Horn?!? They fought how many yrs ago? It wasn’t even in the UFC, so that fight is irrelevant. As for sayin he beat bigger wrestlers?!? Who is that? Sonnen is smaller than Silva and so is Henderson who are the ONLY two wrestlers he’s fought. Silva fights at MW bc he is the bigger, stronger fighter with the reach advantage. Silva has t fought anyone bigger Than him in the mW division. Silva was bigger than Irvin at LHW, and Silvas three fights at LHW were vs. 1 dimensional bums with ZERO wrestling. Weidman is almost Silvas size with great wrestling, cardio and with KO power in both hands and severe GnP!

        • MuayThaiFood

          Are you blind? Silva and Irvin are the same height. How the **** do you see that Irvin is the smaller of the two at LHW. Irvin looked like the walking dead when he cut to 185. Sonnen is an inch shorter but he sure isn’t smaller. You only need eyes to see that. If Silva is bigger than most of the LHW fighters then why can’t they follow him to 185 and take the belt from him? They’re smaller to begin with so it shouldn’t be a problem. And beating Silva once there would be an easy belt and all the fame and fortune that came with it. Your argument makes sense only to you

    • shereko

      wow…. you really need to get on some type of medication.

  • BobLemons

    I genuinely fell asleep in the 3rd round. No joke.