UFC 156 Results: Jose Aldo Retains Title; Frankie Edgar Same Story, Different Weight Class

February 3, 2013
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Jose Aldo ufc 129A new weight class and a new title fight still resulted in the same thing for Frankie Edgar who came up just short in a very close, contested main event bout with Jose Aldo at UFC 156.

Following two very close, controversial fights that saw Edgar lose the UFC lightweight title and the subsequent rematch with current champ Benson Henderson, the New Jersey fighter opted to move weight classes and drop down to 145lbs.

Following a strange run of injuries, Edgar found himself in a title fight on day one against incumbent champion Jose Aldo in a fight that’s been talked about for years.

It certainly lived up to the billing.

Ring rust is always a concern for a fighter returning after more than a year away from action, but Jose Aldo came out firing early and often. The champion looked crisp as he established his jab, likely breaking Edgar’s nose within the first 10 minutes of the fight.

He also unloaded a barrage of his best weapon – a lead leg kick – that buckled Edgar’s limb a couple of times in the 2nd round. Still, Edgar wasn’t going away and letting him stay around in a fight is an awfully dangerous proposal.

Edgar started to gain momentum in the third round with his non-stop motion that had Aldo gasping for air a bit as the fight wore on. Aldo wasn’t dead in the water by any means, and fired back with power shots while Edgar’s punches were all about accumulation.

The 4th and 5th rounds were where Edgar started to shine, moving in and out, pop shotting the champion with strikes and Aldo slowed ever so slightly, giving new life to the challenger. Edgar did manage one big slam takedown, but overall could not keep the Brazilian on the mat.

As the final horn sounded, both champion and challenger raised their hands in victory believing they had done enough to get the not on the judges’ scorecards.

The judges tallies came back with Jeff Collins giving it 48-48 to Aldo, while judges Adelaide Byrd and Junichir Kamijo scoring it 49-46 for the champion, handing him the 5th round as well. The remarkable part wasn’t the fact that Aldo won because it was a close fight, but the champion more than likely secured the first three rounds.

The issue came with the 5th round, which two judges gave to Aldo. Regardless of the scoring, the champion still won and retains the title in his sixth defense in a row (combining UFC and WEC).

“It was a very difficult fight, Frankie Edgar is a great fighter, I knew I’d have to walk step by step with a lot of patience, round by round to get the victory,” Aldo said after the fight.

Frankie Edgar wasn’t one to make excuses after his third close decision in a row, which also happened to be his third consecutive loss as well. He congratulated the champion, and now lives to fight another day.

“It’s a close fight, I keep finding myself in these situations. Congrats to Jose, he fought a great fight,” said Edgar.

“I did (think I won the third round) but it don’t matter. Jose’s the winner.”

Aldo’s sixth consecutive title defense came with a question after the fight about it also being his last at 145lbs. Over the years it’s been noted that Aldo make a huge sacrifice to make the featherweight division, but it appears he’s not going anywhere for now.

“To cut the weight is always difficult, I get sick, I get fed up, but all my teammates they help me out,” Aldo stated. “At the end of the day, I can make the weight and I’m still here fighting in this weight class.”

  • nadillon

    I felt Edgar won the third, fourth, and fifth round. I’m not upset with Aldo getting the nod but 49-46 is rediculous.

    • Lucas Freire

      You gave the third and fifth to Edgar? Really?

      • nadillon

        Definitely the 5th. Aldo was getting out pointed badly.

        • Your_Dad

          BS, I think Rogan’s BS commentating in the 5th swayed people to Edgar’s side in the 5th, but I think Aldo won it. If you watch it without being affected by Rogan greatly overstating everything Edgar did while forgetting what Aldo did, then you see it wasn’t a clear round for Edgar. You’ll see why 2 judges gave it to Aldo.

          • Joe Rogan controls fights

            I completely AGREE!! People watch fights and listen to Rogan’s biased UFC controlled opinion; then come on the boards and spew his opinions. Aldo easily won four rounds to 1. This was never a superfight. What is everyones obsession with frankie edgar??

    • Timothy Malone

      The Fight Metric data shows Edgar landed more significant strikes in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. He also failed two-three takedowns in each of them as well though (only getting one in the 4th)

      • wrong!! look at the stats again buddy. Edgar did not outstrike aldo…

        • robthc23

          Not saying I agree with Timothy Malone,but he never said he landed more strikes,He said that Edgar Landed more SIGNIFICANT strikes in the 3RD,4TH and 5TH Rounds according too Fight Metric Data!

          • I got u rob…but wouldn’t u agree the the way a significant strike is slightly skewed in it’s tabulation being that it’s described as a “power strike thrown from distance standing…in the clinch or on the ground” It’s just like compubox in boxing…they describe power shots as anything other than a jab. I saw much of wut frankie threw as glancing or graing blows & flat out misses. Aldo kept range very well. So that’s y I disagree even w/ fight metrics on that. My eyes & Frankie’s face & legs told me who landed the more significant blows. But u know bro…it’s a dead horse at this point….frankie is a beloved fan fav & he’s earned that distinction….But I know wut I saw. Both men are favs of mine. I just have to keep it funky & be honest…Frankie was for the most part outclassed bc of his ineffectiveness.


      STOP LISTENING TO JOE ROGAN then you will see 4 rounds to 1. That fight was NOT close. Start watching fights with no sound. It is unbelievable how BIASED ufc commentators are. They seriously CONTROL the popular opinion and sway the casual fan…Real combat and mma purist know this

      • Amen brother….I been repeating this nonstop since saturday…Not even close. Comentators on every station in every sport do it. It serves a particular entertainment & business interest. Only rd I gave to Frankie was the 4th. Aldo seemed to rest in that rd.

  • octawhat

    The problem with Edgar’s stick and move offense is that it becomes totally subjective to whomever is judging. I personally scored the bout to Edgar, with him taking rounds three, four, and five.

    However, Frankie may have to rethink his tactics otherwise this scenario will keep on repeating. That’s taking nothing away from Aldo – who paced himself well in the fight, but his future definitely lies at lightweight.

    • brian stevens

      This is a real problem developing in the lighter divisions. Mighty Mouse, Cruz, Edgar, and Guida are not finishers so they use their movement and skill to score points, but they don’t inflict much damage. Frankie continues to impress but he looks like a man who was beaten with a club. This sways judges. Its hard to look at Aldo and say he lost that fight, but when you watch it round by round its razor close. It is so cliche but you can’t leave it in the judges hands.

  • jay

    edgar looks like he was walking around under 150 for this fight … he needs to go to 135 where he can knock people out with those outstanding uppercuts, and keep them on the ground once he takes them down … I def gave him 4 and 5, I had 3 as a draw and draws should go to the champ … either way … Frankie destroys Aldo in a rematch.

    • Lfavelino

      How? What could he possibly do different? I take nothing from him, but he has done the same thing over and over with the exact same results.

      Look at frankie’s face after each of his last fights and see who got distroyed.

      You may want him to destroy aldo. Not gonna happen though.

  • frankie edgar OVERRATED

    Wtf is going on in mma?? Edgar has got to be the most overrated guy in history. How the hell can dana call him #2 p4p?? Omg. Whomever thinks this fight was close is a moron! 4 to1 for Aldo and that’s being considerate. Frankie did NOTHING but move around and pray to god Aldo got tired. Ppl love the underdog and allow that to cloud the judgement. Edgar is 1-3-1; ONE fight won in 3 yrs. !!! Since when the hell is moving and bouncing around offense and a way to win? LEARN how to score fights ppl

    • Lfavelino

      I second that, I don’t agree with the moron thing though. Judging is a weird thing anyways and I keep beiing awed by how the officials do it.

  • sdfsdfs

    At the end of the fight Edgars face was battered, Aldo looked like he took a walk in the park. Although Edgar seemed to land more in the 3rd. Aldo landed the more significant strikes.

  • winter HAT

    I saw several mma fighters commenting on twitter and saying Edgar is a HERO…WTF?? Talk about UFC marketing. Edgar has won 1 fight in his last 5 SERIOUSLY. I can appreciate heart and determination but what the hell is this hero BS?

  • How refreshing to come on hee & see so many comments from people who saw the same fight I did. Roagan’s bias was so far reaching it was ridiculous. & obvious. Edgar was not effective in any area of attack he mounted. The measly shots he did land had zero effect on Aldo..none. The TWO of 13 takedowns he managed led to no advantage or positive results. All night I saw Aldo pot shot & pick off edgar. Jose did whatever he wanted to in the ring.& just about every shot he hit him w/ snapped frankie”s head back or buckled his leg…This wan’t even a close contest. One guy looked like he came out of practice while the other is having to get checked for a cracked orbital bone…& some people are saying he won 3 rounds in a row??…..da Phuck!!??

    What was apparent was that Aldo & his team knew that he was coming off the 13 month layoff & injury & needed to pace himself conservatively as to not give edgar any advantage. He also abandoned his leg kicks purposely as to keep frankie at the end of his punches & uncomfortable & limit takedown opportunities. & he did just that. I actually think Aldo could’ve stopped Frankie in the 1st 2 rds…His team seemed to think so also…Maybe they wanted to go the distance & shake off the rust. But bottom line is Aldo was controlling & comfortably never in danger at any point that night. This after a 13 month wait. & guys are crying robbery…lol foh. Aldo is a dangerous dangerous guy…People know it. This isn’t the olympics people. The point is to hurt ur opponent…not touch him…it’s not tag. It’s a fight.