UFC 156 Results: Bigfoot Silva Knocks Out Alistair Overeem in Dramatic Fashion

February 2, 2013
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It’s often said that anything can happen in a fight and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva certainly proved that on Saturday night.

Heading into his bout with Alistair Overeem at UFC 156, all the talk was about the Dutch striker’s next fight, which in all likelihood would be a showdown with heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. Overeem walked in a huge favorite, and a lot of people were betting that he’d put Silva out inside of about two minutes.

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva had other plans.

A slow paced first round resulted with neither fighter gaining much of an upper hand, but in the second Overeem to the fight to the mat and started to unload some heavy shots on Silva. The fighters eventually made it back to the feet, and just before the final horn sounded, Silva tagged Overeem with a couple solid shots, letting him know the fight wasn’t over just yet.

As the third round began, Silva came out aggressive firing big, heavy shots at Overeem, backing him up before firing a quick head kick.

Silva’s power started to show as a series of right hands slipped through tagging Overeem near the eye, followed but a nasty uppercut that cracked the former K-1 Grand Prix champion’s jaw. The big Brazilian launched another right hand followed by another, and another and Overeem soon crumbled to the mat.

Referee Herb Dean literally had to pull Silva away as he towered over top of Overeem, shouting down at the former Strikeforce champion after a heated exchange between the two during a media event on Thursday.

“The fight (is) won inside the cage, not outside,” Silva said after picking up his second win in the Octagon. “He talked a lot of s—t outside. I believe in myself, I believe in my coaches. I’m so happy.”

Overeem played with fire in the fight as he lowered his hands and invited Silva to strike with him, knowing that on paper he was the superior stand-up fighter. Unfortunately playing with fire can get you burned, and Silva lit the match and torched Overeem at UFC 156.

“I told him at the press conference I’m going to make you respect me, brother,” said Silva.

The win will undoubtedly launch Silva into elite status in the UFC’s heavyweight division, while Overeem who sat out the last year and returned with a title shot looming, now tries to pick up the pieces after a devastating loss to kick off 2013.

  • Collideoverme

    All the Overeem nuthuggers can finally suck it!

    • bajafox


      I can’t imagine what JDS would do to him, let alone Cain

  • richard duncan

    thats what im talking about.

  • Manu Chau

    The Reem looked crisp, but his cockiness got him smoked.

    • LEsnardiono

      Not really. Anyone that has watched MMA for a long time knows that Alistair loses all of his fights that way. It’s been a long time since he lost (started juicing) so noobs might not know.

      Yeah the dude was at least x2 the speed of Bigfoot and threw him around like a ragdoll in the second round.

      Then we saw the typical Alistair in round 3. After a brief exchange, the dude wilts, backs away and loses in a pathetic fashion.

      Honestly, I think the roid would have helped Alistair win the fight. Too bad he had to get off roids for this fight.

  • Bigfoots Mom

    hahahahaha thats what happens when you get cocky. SO much for your title shot there Reem. hahaha

  • wonzo

    WOW! I’am a big fan of Alistair, and after the first round I thought it was going to be an easy one for him, but Silva won perfectly good, nothing to say about that, the good thing is that heavy weght division it’s getting very interesting now….

    • Sebastian Sassi

      I think Cain and JDS should just keep fighting until someone else shows up who’s worthy. It’s not like Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo and Roy Nelson legitimately belong in the discussion.

      • stevemcz11

        It would still be better than HW boxing

      • GoNoles

        kongo gave cain a good fight rocking him a few different times.

        • Sebastian Sassi

          He did, but not nearly enough to put CV away. Speaking of guys who need to lay off the roids…if CK doesn’t get a miracle punch in, he loses even more often (Pat Barry had him beat too).

  • Advance*

    I don’t know if that was a Blackzilians gameplan or what but Overeem was fighting like Bigfoot had the striking advantage. Holding him against the cage and going for takedowns. I mean he won the first two rounds but it was hardly an impressive performance before the knockout. If I was 265 pounds of muscle I don’t think I’d want to play around until the 3rd round

    • That was classic Alistair, watch some of his pre strikeforce fights, he was always a grappler more than striker, the striking developed later.

      • George Sperry

        K-1 champion. No grappling in K-1.

  • $26909079

    Juicing will only get you so far

  • Cereal Killer

    So much for anything to look forward to in the HW division. Bigfoot was crushed by Cain, so where does it go now? D Corm won’t fight Cain, Reem got exposed, JDS was slaughtered by Cain for 5 rounds… every division is getting locked up with a champ that looks unbeatable right now!

    • stevemcz11

      Maybe JBJ when he is done beating MW’s?

  • Mickey

    Overeem was so cocky and confident he thought he could cruise to a victory. Idiot could have won in the first round if he pressed the action instead of trying to show off.

  • fileunderaction

    Who’s gonna fight Cain?

  • Overeem went out fighting, believing he was better in every aspect of the game. To his credit, he was dominating the fight until he let his guard down and let Big foot knock him out. He paid for his over confidence.

    The next fight should be Overeem vs Dos Santos. The best strikers in the division, both coming out of loses.

  • grampappy

    Barnett vs cain

  • grampappy

    I think bigfoot really is a monster

  • grampappy

    Kharitonov vs cain

  • overeemed

    lol, awesome! Great job silva!

  • yup

    Cain Unbeatable???? JDS ko’ed cain. Someone stops cains takedown and its a fight…UFC please make cain vs cormier

    • Danny

      Thats like saying someone stops Anderson Silvas punches and its a fight, lol com’on man

  • Danny

    Good win Frankenstein, KING of upsets!!! Steroids do not equal talent Overeem

  • boomboom1234

    not a good night for the blackzillians. their 2 top dogs got beat but i think they can rebound from this.

    yes there are alot of alpha-males in this camp but if they can honestly gel together, put all the ******* and ego aside and train productively they will be one of the strongest camps in mma. one crucial factor i think that is missing in this team is a great coach that can take all these alpha-males and put them in their places. if the can find the phil jackson of mma coaches who knows what this team can do.

    • George Sperry

      You sound like that is what you want, not what is happening.

  • Bredman

    How bout Jon jones moves up and fights Cain

  • Kbroesq

    I usually never cheer for Brazilian fighters (Anderson excluded) because I can’t stand their disrespectful fans, but watching Silva KO Overeem was one of the most satisfying moments I have ever experienced watching the UFC. Reem was so arrogant before the match and Silva remained humble. With how Rashad performed last night, you have to wonder if the blackzillions are taking this seriously.

  • logic

    People need to stop listening to joe rogans commentating PLEASE. Overeem was not cocky; he was “confifdent”. He pushed bigfoot against the cage in the 1st and easily won. In the 2nd he got a good takedown and won easily again. Overeem GASSED coming into the 3rd and bigfoot capitalized. He was never cocky in the 3rd, he came out bull rushing because he was tired. Bigfoot had a better gas tank pushed overeem back and caught him with short shots that ulimately finished reem on the cage. The better conditioned fighter won…Thats it! If overeem does not gas he wins the fight easily. But conditioning just like striking is part of mma and it won this fight.

    • George Sperry

      I agree that Rogan and Goldfarb do a rotten job calling fights. I don’t even think it’s a close call. But Overroid was not gassed he was showing off IMO.


    so where is Cromier?

  • Michael Roddy

    Overeem minus steroids equals ktfo.

  • Michael Roddy

    Can’t stand that cocky mofo.