UFC 156 Media Conference Call: Aldo, Edgar, Evans, Nogueira, Overeem and Bigfoot (Audio)

Frankie Edgar and Jose AldoThe top fighters from UFC 156 answered questions from the media on Monday touching on several subjects including Rashad Evans vs. Anderson Silva, Overeem’s title shot, and much more.

Check out the audio from the call here:


  1. I find it interesting that some fighters are referred to by their nickname only, i.e. Bigfoot, Rampage, Shogun, etc. The title refers to Silva as “Bigfoot” but doesn’t call Edgar “Answer”.

  2. I am of the opinion that Edgar lost to Bj Penn 1, Maynard 2, Henderson 1 and 2. He should be 2 and 4 in his last 6 fights.