UFC 155 Results: Costa Philippou Finishes an Injured and Bloodied Tim Boetsch

December 29, 2012
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Costa Philippou vs Tim Boetsch at UFC 155The middleweight division has a new contender as Costa Philippou made his presence known with a TKO finish over Tim Boetsch at UFC 155.

Philippou took the fight with Boetsch after his teammate Chris Weidmanw as forced out of the fight due to a shoulder injury. The Team Serra-Longo fighter was originally scheduled to fight at UFC 154, but his opponent Nick Ring got sick just 24 hours out from their bout, and their showdown ended up getting scrapped.

As it turns out however, Philippou got an even bigger fight when he stepped up to face top ten middleweight Tim Boetsch at UFC 155.

Already considered a top contender at 185lbs, Boetsch showed why in the first round with good takedowns, and a quick, heavy front kick that put Philippou on the mat as the round came to a close.

Unfortunately for Boetsch his dominant first round also cost him his right hand, because his coach Matt Hume could be heard in the corner telling him to ignore the pain and just go out and fight to win.

It was easier said than done as Boetsch couldn’t throw one of his most effective weapons, and soon suffered an accidental headbutt that opened a cut on his forehead, and then an accidental eyepoke seemingly further impaired his vision.

By the start of the third round, Boetsch was down to one hand and barely any eyesight, but he kept trying his best, but Costa Philippou was simply too much.

Philippou attacked and blitzed Boetsch at every turn, and further bloodied up his opponent with strikes in the final five minutes. All Boetsch could do was to try and pull guard to get the fight on the ground, but that backfired as well with Philippou landing crushing punches over and over again until referee Kim Winslow finally stopped the fight.

Costa Philippou picks up by far his biggest win in the UFC and now announces himself as a contender at 185lbs. It’s also unfortunate that after a strong first round, Tim Boetsch was likely fighting at somewhere near 50-percent for the rest of the fight, and couldn’t give his best performance.

  • What a waste. Well, I guess part of fighting is durability, and some fighters sustain fewer fractures.

  • Jigolo

    Cocksta is fortunate he fought an injured tim i dont think cocksta is a top fighter he Bs

    • empi

      He wasn’t injured before the fight.

    • MMA

      Jigolo… go back and work your corner

  • Maddawgmar

    I don’t get Kim Winslow ref’ing a fight with bigger men. How many times have we seen a person get KO’d and not know the fight was over, then attack the ref, or the other fighter still going til they are tackled off. Would she be able to stop a Dan Henderson after he KO’d Bisping. She should be limited to the lighter weight classes like 145 and below maybe 155, and Women fights when they come to UFC. Imagine if she tried to ref the JDS bashing, would she have been able to pull Velasquez off if needed in a hurry.

  • BobLemons

    I should’ve bet more than £1 on this! Boetsch is sloppy as hell, and barely won his two previous fights. I knew if someone could control the distance effectively they’d beat him, I had a hunch Costa could do just that.