UFC 155 Pre-Fight Heat Centers on Cain Velasquez’s Brown Pride Tattoo

December 27, 2012

Cain Velasquez at UFC 146Although America is known as the world’s melting pot, something as simple as pride in one’s heritage still can ignite a heated spark of discussion.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is often the center of that discussion as the “Brown Pride” tattoo across his chest, coupled with his Mexican heritage, tends to become a focus almost any time he fights. And it did again at the UFC 155 pre-fight press conference on Thursday in Las Vegas.

After fielding numerous questions about fighting for his Mexican fans and being the first UFC Mexican champion, Velasquez was asked if sometimes he grows weary of the talk and just wants to be known Cain Velasquez, the fighter.

His expression seemed to say yes, but Velasquez – who is rarely outspoken – didn’t really hit the question head on, saying instead, “I think my fighting style just kind of speaks for itself. I’m kind of private in everything else, but I just kind of think my fighting speaks for itself.”

UFC president Dana White is another case altogether.

White isn’t known for holding back. In fact, he has risen to prominence as much for his brazen attitude as he has for directing the fight promotion to the top of the mixed martial arts world.

He didn’t hold back when he realized that Velasquez appeared uncomfortable fielding the question about his heritage so often becoming the focal point of the conversation.

“People that have a problem with the ‘Brown Pride’ tattoo are morons,” White declared bluntly. “It says ‘Brown Pride.’ Big deal; the guy is proud to be Mexican.

“I lived in Boston, every Italian was running around with something Italian on their body, every guy who was Irish had some Irish tattoo on him, and the list goes on and on. It’s ridiculous.

“This kind of stuff pisses me off. It’s ridiculous.”

The press conference rolled on without much more fire… and the questions about Velasquez’s heritage, and particularly his “Brown Pride” tattoo, faded away.

Cain Velasquez will let his fighting “talk for itself” when he tries to win back the UFC heavyweight belt from the man that took it from him, champion Junior dos Santos, at UFC 155 on Saturday night.

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  1. Good for Dana! Just wish Cain had been more assertive defending the tat. If you’re going to wear the ink…be prepared to defend its meaning.

    • he’s had it for most of his adult life. before he became famous why should he have to defend it every time he is in a press conference. it’s not like he walks into those press conferences with his shirt off

      • He made a decision to have it tattoo’d on his chest and he is a celebrity at this point so it comes with the package. Regardless of if he should “have to” defend it or not… I think John was referring to Cain’s lack of passion about his tattoo. His reaction probably left more people questioning than anything else… if he had just put his foot down and said “I don’t hold anyone above anyone else but I accept my tattoo as I have pride in my heritage and that is all that it means,” then people would have just shut up and moved on… it would have been the end of the discussion

    • EXACTLY!

  2. I agree with Dana. This is not the same thing as a “white pride” tattoo, because it doesn’t carry the implication of racial superiority along with the history of hate crimes that the KKK has left in the US. Cain is proud of his heritage, as many people are, and the time is long overdue for people to get over it.

    • Why not, its only a skin color. i personaly dont care but people cant call people morons for thinking its racist. simple and plain, white power is racist when it comes up as a topic on a macro level right? so should every other color.

      • Like you and other people have said, I don’t really care enough to continue this conversation. My point is that the phrase White Power has a history of lynching, rape, murder, cross burnings, segregation, etc behind it that makes it different from the phrase Brown Pride which has none of that in its history. Just my opinion. If people want to disagree, I honestly don’t care. I’d rather talk about something else…like how you see this fight going? I’m afraid Cain might get knocked out again, but I’d love to see what JDS can do off his back. Can’t think of a single time I’ve seen his ground game…

        • I would love to see what jds can do off his back as well. i give jds the knock out on the feet. however it would be interesting to see what jds can do if cain can get a take down and have a good enough position to do some damage. i keep hearing hype around jds ground game and how good it is. i have only .seen his two take downs on shane carwin and that was enough for me to know he has something. im stoked on this whole card. pkease no injuries from now till saturday

          • yeah, I agree. Cain has a powerful top game and if he can get JDS down early it could change the course of this fight. I’m just remembering the couple of times that Kongo wobbled him and how quickly he went down when JDS clipped him, so I’m hoping he can stay in the fight long enough to get it to the ground and so we can see what JDS can do from there. I really like both of these fighters and don’t really care who wins, but I’d love to see a back and forth war.

        • You do care enough to continue this brown pride guy. This is your second post in this topic! LOL

          • Read the second post before you coment on it. it had everything to do with the fight and nothing to do with the article.

        • That’s like saying brown people have a history of stealing and breeding like stupid rabbits.

    • Brown people are like saints! They’re like God’s chosen ones. They are sooooo awesome man! I love how they tear up their own people and kill like whole towns and stuff down in Mexico…then run across the border seeking USA JOBS, to DROP BABIES on USA SOIL, and to get USA WELFARE paid for by USA TAXES. Then, permanently ink themselves with their Brown Pride tatt’s so they look like the gang bangers in prison and the hood. Yeah, makes me want to get a brown pride tattoo myself.

      I hope JDS knocks the ink off his collar bones again!

      • See, you’re a racist idiot, not a tattoo that just shows pride in one’s ethnicity. You yourself, in all your moronic splendor are a shining example that people are just over reacting to a tattoo

        • thank you for saving me the time of responding to this racist prick. people like him aren’t worth two minutes of our time.

          • Keep swinging on that proud Brown sack Adam. LOL

        • You’re being a racist idiot essay! So he is proud that he came from Brown sperm and it has nothing to do with the same principles you guys label racist?

  3. It’s racist, period. It’s about skin color, not where he’s from.

    • agreed

    • how is it racist? it’s putting no one or no country down. you seriously need to re-educate yourself on what the definition of racism is.

    • it’s racist because he’s proud to be mexican?

      • It doesn’t say “Mexican pride”, does it??? It says “brown pride”. If I had a tattoo that said “white pride” but I claimed I was just proud to be “American”… the UFC wouldn’t let me in the door.
        But “Brown Pride”… hey, that’s acceptable. Racist, period.

        • I get your point but there’s nothing racist about “brown pride” OR “White Pride” or “Black Pride” or even “White Power.” The people who wear tats that say things like “White Power” are often associated with being racists though. Again, even associating something with your skin color has nothing to do with racism even if it implies something about race as long as no races are being held up above any others.

  4. Yet a white guy with a White pride or even power, must be racist and fired on the spot. Nice to see Racism is only racist when it’s a white person.

    • If Quinton Jackson showed up with a tatt that said “Black Pride” on it, you would all be mad as hell.

      …Actually, to be fair if Quinton Jackson showed up with a tatt that said “In Loving Memory of Fallen Vietnam Veterans”, you would all be mad as hell…

    • White dudes can’t fight so its probably better thy they don’t! Remover what Cain did to Lesnar?

    • You are exactly right Corey. When white people (here in America, where we are talking about) have subjegated every non-white people in this country’s history (black, brown, yellow), they have no place to complain about racism that works against them. When blacks were enslaved, or Japanese folks were herded up and interned, etc. The fact is that your people have caused any distrust that they may face today.

      A black man faces a system stacked against him. A white man… can’t wear a white tattoo. Jee, I don’t think thats’ too big a price to pay on your part.

      • so cut the colored people some slack cause they have been mistreated in the past?? i know you were just trying to put that guy in his place but still… wrong way to do it. If anyone is being racist, it’s wrong. regardless of the color of their skin, there are things that are inherently wrong. racism. murder. war. Most people will look at history and come to the conclusion that it was the white folk that made this world the way it is today. But in reality, skin color doesn’t matter. people are people. history is a bunch of dates and events that people have lived through. wars that people have waged. change that people have overcome. skin color should have nothing to do with anything. so i disagree with you sir. just because my grandfather was treated wrong and abused by white cops, doesn’t mean that i deserve some sort of help from anyone. I live my own life and thats what everyone should do. just because you say white people have committed terrible acts in the past, doesn’t mean that the people alive today deserve that distrust you spoke of. Get to know their character first. and then decide if you want to trust them or not.

      • John Lee,

        You are a complete simpleton. You need a history lesson pal.

        Did you know that Hispanics (Spain and Portuguese) were one of the driving forces behind the African slave trade? In addition, Spain and the Portuguese conquered the natives in South America. As a matter of fact, many Mexicans, such as Cain, are descendants of the Spanish conquerors. Lets not forget that Mexico tried to expand their empire into what is now Texas, but they LOST.

        Furthermore, you are too stupid to realize that German-Americans (who are white!) were rounded up as well during WWII in the United States. It wasn’t just the Japanese that were rounded up!

        Lets continue….

        According to your argument, the whites of today are to be blamed for what the whites did in the past, simply because they are white. That’s akin to calling all white people serial killers because the BTK killer is white,or calling all white people Nazi’s simply because Hitler was white!

        Finally, the conquerors of a country have the final say on what is socially acceptable in that country. Spain, and later Mexico, tried to conquer the present-day southern United States, but they LOST! Japan tried to expand their empire, but LOST as well. The African tribes were unable to defend themselves against the European powers, therefor it is their own fault that they became slaves. In other words, the whites have EARNED the right to decide what is socially acceptable in this country, whether you like it or not.

    • Because “white pride” has been used by skinheads and the KKK as excuses for their racism it is an entirely different connotation.

    • Your undereducated, white pride or power is synonymous with the KKK, lynchings, false imprisonment, and rape of black women…a dark time in our nations history. Don’t act like you don’t know this. That’s why you would never get a white pride tattoo…you know you would get that ass whooped every time someone saw it.

    • “Brown Pride” can be taken literally. It has no connotation or reference

      “White Pride” is associated with the stalking, brutalization, and murder of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens, by dedicated fraternal gangs motivated soley by ‘skin’ color

    • Wisely said “COREY”. are you a white person?? have you ever seen that happen? COREY? Racism is racism when it’s racism. you idiot. you saying that clearly implies that you are mildly racist. Racism is one of those things that will always be tied to a white person, but only by people who aren’t white. and people who are white will tie racism to those who aren’t. White Pride isn’t racist. Brown Pride isn’t racist. Yellow pride isn’t racist. Even saying mexicans are stealing our jobs and they should leave isn’t racist. it’s not even true. Racism is only racism, when a race is being treated wrong by another race. when latinos come to america they get hate. when white people go to mexico they get hate. everyone will always get hate. Racism is only racism when it’s racism. it doesn’t matter who is being racist. it’s still racist. so don’t say anything else that’s stupid.

  5. I’m proud of my heritage which is Norwegian but i can’t get a white pride tattoo because people think i’m racist. I’m not, i love hip hop but man those rappers say the most racist things and it’s ok i don’t care about it to me it’s just skin i see it as a joke, so do they obviously.
    Serena Williams got mimicked on the court the other week by another female player and that too was labelled racist.
    Who cares what color you are? we are in such a multi-cultural times now that it is so easy just to start a normal conversation with any ethnicity and have a great time.
    I’m christian once i was on a plane next to a Muslim and we spoke the whole trip, not once did we talk about our differences we spoke about food, childhoods, society and work.
    I think it’s unfair that the second you say black or talk about the why’s of a different culture people start raising their eyebrows and consider you to be semi racist or not a valuable person.

    • YOUR PEOPLE (i.e. white people) started racism in this country! What part of that don’t you understand?!? So don’t go complain now, after your ancestors have set you up in the presumably cushy position you currently enjoy here in America. Not being able to wear a tattoo, in exchange for a culture and society that basically is built for the white man (above all others)… it’s a small sacrifice.

      • You get the dumb@unt comment award for the day.

  6. People still care about this? I don’t consider it racist, I just consider it stupid. Your race is simply how you were born, it is NOT an accomplishment. It is nothing to have “pride” in.
    In my experience, most people who take pride in their race or what country their great grandparents came from are usually people who have accomplished NOTHING themselves and need something to grasp on to to feel better about themselves.
    I consider Cain an exception though. He’s highly accomplished and a total badass.

  7. In Cains case it’s not racist. Let’s not stereotype cause that’s the problem we’re having right now. Maybe for him it’s not racist at all like he states but at the same time there could be somebody else with the tattoo that actually is racist. There could be a white guy with a white pride tattoo that is racist but then there could be another guy with the same tattoo that’s not. Although I don’t really see people with those tattoos who aren’t racist. Just saying.

    • Good points. IMVHO, if you get a tattoo that says white, brown, black, yellow, or olive pride…well, yeah, you are broadcasting to the world that you are a shallow racist and should be ready for those challenging, questioning, or being insulted by such stupidity. I too have never known anyone to get such a tattoo without having the feelings of supremacy, be it closet or open feelings. BROWN PRIDE….WHITE PRIDE….it’s all just as freaking ignorant! I can understand and support the idea of “Mexican Pride” or “American Pride” or “Celtic Pride”…ect. Heck, you should be proud of your community and the work you should be doing to make it better. When one states pride in the color of their skin in LARGE OLDE ENGLISH TYPE, well, that’s just ignorant and BEGGING for controversy and drama.

      • Main reason I even assume he means no harm by it is because Dana would have a big problem with it if he did. So that’s really the only thing that makes me believe he doesn’t mean to be offense in anyway with the tattoo. I wouldn’t really know though b/c I don’t know Cain personally at all. But hopefully he clears it all up so he doesn’t get a bad rep. Great point you made as well my friend.

  8. Ken Pishna, I guess you had no other ideas for a story? What a waste of web space

    • Well it is MMA news and people are talking about it; so it would make sense to write an article about it. It obviously stirred up conversation as you can see by all of these awesome fans posting and interacting with one another.

      • Yep and most are echoing my feelings…irrelevant

  9. White Pride is ties to the KKK and a dark history in our country what don’t you morons get about that?

    • Brown Pride has ties to Mexican drug cartels and prison gangs that like to rape other men’s asses. How is that better? Are you white? Go hang with the Vatos in the hood bro. Please film it for YouTube.

      • Go get a white pride tattoo and get that ass beat every time you show it. Otherwise quit crying you pansy

        • Oh yeah! Hiding behind the name of a fictional Batman comic book villain (the Penguin) to be an internet bad ass….and you call me a pansy? ROTFLMAO Be careful “Oswald”. Mommy might ground you from your computer and skip your afternoon snacky poo!

          • Oswald is hiding behind his anchor baby.

            What a loser.

  10. Ok for all the anglo folk who have a problem wiyh it….then go get white pride and a swastica and be happy…otherwise shut ur pipe..

  11. I don’t think it is racist at all. I have an issue with the fact that Brown Pride is a brutal gang, that has been featured on gangland. Not saying Velasquez has any affiliation with that gang. But I wouldn’t have Marine tattoos if I wasn’t a Marine.

  12. I have decided to get a “White Jewish Pride” tattoo on my arm/s. I am Caucasian and Jewish and I’m proud of both. I have no problem with Velasquez’s tattoo, if he’s proud he has brown skin then so be it. I’m extremely proud I’m Caucasian and I’m Jewish, I have nothing to hide.

    I walk around with a star of David around my neck and I’ve never had anyone say a discriminatory thing about it. I actually could care less if someone calls me a “honky” or a “dirty Jew,” as they’re only words. But I pity the first person who takes their racism of my skin color or my religion to the next level. This is one white Jew you don’t want to “F” with…

    • He knows “jew jitsu”

  13. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for brown Children.

  14. It’s not a big deal for someone to take pride in their heritage that is associated with their “brown” appearance, only when it has been negatively stereotyped for so long….Cain said it best, he lets his fighting speak for itself, but when it comes down to those who underestimate/undermine/insult the culture/race, hence the laborer and illegal immigrant banter to name a few, then “brown pride” baby, because now exist a champion that transcends such ignorance, and there’s no shame for recognizing that limiting oneself is not associated with race/ethnicity, but a state of mind…Godspeed!

  15. Dana White is an idiot. The guy can’t even make a credible argument for why Cain is not a racist. If a white man had a “White Pride” tattoo he would be labeled a racist, since racism apparently only goes one-way in this country.

    The truth: Cain IS a racist….only a simpleton would argue otherwise!

    Furthermore, I am NOT impressed with Cain’s fighting abilities—- he lacks explosiveness and speed. Fortunately for him, the heavyweight division in the UFC stinks.