UFC 155 Medical Suspensions: Boetsch, Belcher, Johnson and Duffee Face Longest Time Off

December 31, 2012
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There was plenty of action at UFC 155 that ended with some big knockouts and a lot of blood, most of that courtesy of Joe Lauzon after his “Fight of the Night” against Jim Miller.

Following the event, the Nevada State Athletic Commission released a list of the fighters on medical suspension following the year end UFC card.

Several fighters are listed including Tim Boetsch and Alan Belcher, who both have to get doctor’s clearances before returning to action or face a possible six month suspension.

Here is the full list of fighters with medical suspensions from UFC 155:

Cain Velasquez suspended until 2/13/13, no contact until 1/29/13
Junior Dos Santos suspended until 2/13/13, no contact until 1/29/13

Joe Lauzon suspended until 2/28/13, no contact until 2/13/13 due to multiple deep facial and forehead lacerations

Tim Boetsch suspended minimum until 2/13/13, no contact until 1/29/13. Must have nasal fractures cleared by ear-nose-throat doctor or suspension runs until 2/13/13

Alan Belcher suspended minimum until 2/28/13. Must have right mandible x-rayed, if positive then he must be cleared by oral, maxilla facial doctor. Also must have MRI or x-rays of right knee, if positive then clearance from an orthopedic doctor or suspended until 6/28/13
Yushin Okami suspended until 1/12/13, no contact until 1/9/13

Eddie Wineland suspended until 1/29/13, no contact until 1/20/13
Brad Pickett suspended until 1/20/13, no contact until 1/13/13

Byron Bloodworth suspended until 2/28/13, no contact until 2/13/13 due to scalp laceration

Jamie Varner suspended until 2/28/13, no contact until 2/13/13
Melvin Guillard suspended until 2/13/13, no contact until 1/29/13 due to right shin laceration.

Michael Johnson suspended until 1/20/13, no contact until 1/13/13. Must have left hand cleared by doctor or suspension until 6/28/13. Also suspended due to right ear laceration

Todd Duffee suspended minimum until 2/28/13, no contact until 2/13/13 due to right forehead laceration. Also must have MRI of left knee. If positive much get orthopedic doctor’s clearance or suspension until 6/28/13.
Phil DeFries suspended until 1/20/13, no contact until 1/13/13

Leonard Garcia suspended until 1/20/13, no contact until 1/13/13

  • SimonButReallyDave

    How can JDS only be suspended for a month when his nose and jaw were very clearly broken?

    • Solidmemory

      there was no mention that he broke his nose or jaw.

      • SimonButReallyDave

        If you couldn’t see that his nose was broken in his post fight interview then you need to get glasses and Dana said he broke his jaw in the second round, and the way his mouth was hanging at the end of the fight looked like a broken jaw.

  • Timothy Malone

    Interesting to see there was actually nothing wrong with Boetsch’s hand. At least not seriously enough to require a doctor to look at it

  • DidUFCthat

    Nothing broken maybe, but something was clearly wrong with it. Looked like JDS had facial fractures.

  • Giovanni

    Well, JDS face looks weird either way. His Frankenstein wrinkle across his forehead didn’t really help his look after Cain bruised his face…LOL…I still like JDS though and I believe with proper cardio and better take down defense he might be able to recapture the belt. It’s funny how it looked as if though he didn’t really prepare for this fight. I guess he took for granted that he had won the first fight by KO that he thought he could pull it off again by just barely training. He definitely didn’t look like himself though. Be prepare to hear about possible injuries or personal problems and the blah blah blah that you always hear when someone loses.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Bad take down defense? Bad cardio? Did anyone notice that his head was hit by a sledgehammer in round one? That’s when he started fighting like a drunken hobo. That could have easily been a fight ender right there. It was amazing he made it to round 2 let alone finished the fight. He couldn’t even keep his hands up, are you going to say next that he has no boxing skills? It was the shot to the head and the ones that followed, not lack of training.

  • It’s funny when people say JDS needs to work on TDD. Like he is a world class professional mma fighter. I’m sure he trains everywhere for every situation. I’m sure worked TDD for this fight knowing Cain has taken down everybody. It just happens to be that tonight was Cains fight and maybe next time JDS will have better chance. There is no shame in being taken down by Cain though. That there just happens. I wanna see Reems TDD against Cains. With Lesnar he had a proper gameplan but Cain mixes it up, hes dangerous.

  • Andrija988

    Guys,take it easy…In the first place,Lesnar is joke for MMa,dont compare him against Velasquez or Junior or Reem…They are wayyy better fighters then him,in the second place,i wanna see fight between Reem and Velasquez and i am sure,that Cain can not take him down,many fighters,like Werdum,or Lesnar tries,and everybody fails…