UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit Extended Preview (Video)

Georges St-Pierre and Carlos ConditIt’s been more than a year since Georges St-Pierre last stepped foot in the Octagon, but on Nov 17 he will finally fight again as he faces interim champ Carlos Condit.

Check out the video below for an extended preview of UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit




  2. That’s was a terrible edit of the Diaz fight and they even threw in, “oh he’s hurt”, like Condit really hurt Diaz that whole fight. There’s no where to hide for the natural born runner now, because GSP will take him down all day and ground and pound him for five rounds. GSP takes easy win all-day.

  3. condit sucked big time in the Diaz fight and yes he was running all the time, this is going to be an easy win for GSP come back

    • And Diaz had impressive mean look whole fight… that should be enough, right?

    • Explain how he ran?? He fought cleverly, he stayed out of reach and he hit more strikes and significant strikes. Explain to me how going forward is sensible when you know your opponent always goes forward in every fight he has and that he tries to get every opponent of his into a brawl?? How the **** do you think the fights are scored??

  4. War St-Pierre!

  5. ok, let me just say it: I am ticked that this fight is even happening. This should be GSP vs Diaz. I know Condit got the W (despite the fact that he arguably did NOT win) and I know Nick was suspended due to a + test for MJ metabolites. Yes, I know both of these things. Yet, this fight still feels WRONG to me. (And no, I do not really feel any better having thrown that out there).

    • st.pierre is gonna get the ass whippin of his life condit will stop most if not all takedown attempts and pick him apart for three rounds before putting him to sleep in the fourth as we alll know gsp has a suspect chin and condit is just the type of fighter to put him to sleep in his own backyard

      • Okay NOOB, let me educate you with facts seeing that you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about. 1st GSP has a suspect chin? Based on what, him only losing by tko once and that was from a hit behind the ear, way to know your facts genius. Also, you think Condit who’s weakness is wrestling is going to stuff GSP’s takedowns; when NCAA div 1 champs could not?!? Bahahahahah you are pretty stupid, at least be able to back your ASSumptions up with facts, rather than by stupidity. Condit isn’t fighting Diaz or 1 dimensional fighters like Hardy or Kim or any of those B level bums from the WEC. You can cheer for Condit, but educate yourself with facts before you pretend to know what you’re talking about, at least you won’t look like the idiot you do now, with those two comments. GSP 4th round winner and STILL the WW Champ of the WORLD …… George’s Rush St.Pierre!!

  6. Unlike Diaz, Condit deserved title shot (with proper title run, 5-1 in UFC with 3 finishes) and he can challenge GSP for real. For all I saw, Diaz can not KO GSP with one punch and he can not stop GSP’s take downs. I’m not impressed with his talking skills or mean look, so that doesn’t count. Results are not title worthy (1-1 in two decision fights)