UFC 154 Live Play-by-Play: Patrick Cote vs. Alessio Sakara

November 14, 2012
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Patrick Cote vs. Alessio Sakara

Round 1: They take the center of the cage.  Cote moves in with an inside leg kick.  The crowd chants “Cote, Cote…”  They clinch and Cote lands a right hand and a knee.  Sakara looks to be hurt.  Sakara answers to the body.  He presses Cote to the cage and lands elbows that hurt Cote. Cote is wobbled.  Sakara lands another elbow that drops Cote. Cote looks for a single leg and eats hammer fists until he fell flat on his face unconscious.  Wow!  Several of the strikes appear to be to the back of the head, but not the elbows that hurt him, or the first few hammer fists.  Looked like three or four or more did land to the back of Cote’s head.  The referee was right there too.

They decide to disqualify Sakara and rule Cote the winner by disqualification.

UFC 154 Live Results Home Page

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