UFC 153 Results: Anderson Silva Annihilates Stephan Bonnar But He’s Done at 205lbs

October 14, 2012
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Anderson Silva was fighting at UFC 153, but it wasn’t about titles or about facing a top contender.

No, Anderson Silva competed at UFC 153 to help save an event that had been decimated by injury, but in doing so he elevated his legacy to an even higher level not only with his decision to fight, but with his performance and systematic destruction of Stephan Bonnar.

Heading into the fight, Bonnar was a humongous underdog facing the fighter most widely considered to be the greatest MMA practitioner to ever put on gloves. Still, there’s always the idea that an upset could be brewing.

Matt Serra knocked out Georges St-Pierre when the world said there was no way. Gabriel Gonzaga finished Mirko Cro Cop when it appeared the Croatian was destined to one day be UFC champion.

Unfortunately for Stephan Bonnar he was facing Anderson Silva, and the chances of an upset faded as each minute in the fight passed.

When the fight started as Silva circled he slipped on the mat, and Bonnar took that as a cue to rush in and look for the takedown. Silva blocked his attempts, and worked from inside the clinch against the cage.

Eventually, Silva slipped free as Bonnar backed away, but in a peculiar move the UFC’s reigning middleweight champion didn’t transition out from the cage. Instead, Silva stooed firmly against the back of the cage, inviting Bonnar to throw punches at him.

Almost like he was a child playing with a toy, Silva ducked and dodged Bonnar’s best attempts to hit him, and eventually tossed the former Ultimate Fighter season 1 finalist to the mat.

Like a switch got turned on, Silva launched into terminator mode and moved forward to effectively obliterate Bonnar, and with one knee straight to his opponent’s chest the fight essentially came to a close.

Silva’s knee burrowed into Bonnar’s midsection, and he dropped to the mat in obvious pain as the Brazilian quickly reigned down a few more shots until the referee could swoop in for the save.

Now 16-0 inside the Octagon, there’s no doubt that Stephan Bonnar wasn’t Anderson Silva’s toughest test, but he surely proved that even on short notice and out of his weight class, he’s still the best fighter in the world today.

Anderson Silva won’t be the one to tell you that however.

“I’m not the best,” said Silva following his latest victory. “I just believe that I can do things that people think are impossible.”

The fight with Bonnar was Silva’s third trip to the light heavyweight division since joining the UFC in 2006, but he has no intention of stating there for the long term future.

“No, I’m not going to fight at 205 again,” Silva stated. “I fought at 205 to save the event, I fight at 185lbs, and I was doing this just to save the event and put on a show for everybody.”

Silva certainly delivered by putting on a great show with his first round knockout of Stephan Bonnar, and now he will in all likelihood sit out the rest of 2012 while he awaits his next challenge to present itself.

  • julian moran

    Now we know who would win in Silva vs Jones. I wish Silva would take the fight.

  • lowlb

    Wow, that was a bad-ass knee. I don’t like him standing against the cage like it’s a mismatched fight. Who wants to see AS(s) kick another fighters ass. mismatched fights just look stupid and have new (potential) fans scratching their heads wondering why?

    • overw8beach

      If you watch Anderson Silva All Access from a long time ago, standing against a wall and dodging balls thrown at him is one of his exercises to increase his reaction time. He basically knew he was the smaller quicker fighter, and used that to his advantage.l

      • ShogunRua17

        yeah,but even other fighters use this way of training, Silva is just elite.Even at 37 years of age I can bet my soul AS would destroy JBJ.

  • Danny

    Really?? you think cuz Silva beat Bonnar thats the same as fighting JBJ. You gotta be crazy to think that

    • Shereko

      Well, JBJ didnt finish Bonner…

      • Anthony Lopez

        Yup. And JBJ and Bonnar looked like a much more evenly matched fight than Silva and Bonnar. Would be interesting to see the matchup

        • Rob

          JBJ was a totally different and YOUNG fighter way way back then my friend. You still have a lot to learn if you’re judging by that fight.

          • Shereko

            Im not your friend, its the only similarity that can be used. Im not saying who would win but get off your high knowitall horse… You can disagree, but you dont know who would win either

          • Zaire

            It is not the only similarity, Silva X Belfort and JBJ X Belfort is another one.

          • Rob

            My bad friend…should have just stated it’s a stupid comparison.

  • shakejunt

    let me just save everyone some time. duck duck… duck. duck. duck duck duck…. duck.
    everyone happy? ok, now get something useful to say.

    • lowlb

      ???, if you’re not happy with this forum you have the whole internet to explore. “useful” what is that? useful is like a gallon of gas or big boobs..

  • Glad I didn’t waste money on this one. I knew Silva would destroy Bonnar.

    • Zaire

      Man, I always think Silve worth, but even if you disagree, you lost Maldonado X Glover Teixeira Fight, and Erick X Jon Fitch. It was a great UFC after all.

  • BizzleZX10R

    Like Water..

  • lol silva said that when he beat griffen and i bet he will fight at 205 again he will get bored at 185 since he has beat almost everyone at 185