UFC 152 Results: Matt Hamill Grinds Out Decision Win in His Return to the Octagon

September 22, 2012
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Matt Hamill at UFC 130Matt “The Hammer” Hamill made his long awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 152 in Toronto on Saturday night, but the Canadian fans weren’t pleased.

Even though it wasn’t pretty, Hamill utilized his tremendous wrestling skills to grind out a unanimous decision victory over Canadian fighter Roger Hollett.

Early on in round one, Hamill landed several inside leg kicks. Then Hamill easily took Hollett down with a single leg that put him face first on the mat.  From there, Hamill secured the leg ride and landed several hard left hands. To Hollett’s credit, he landed a hard body shot late in the round.

Hollett looked far better in round two, landing more significant strikes, but he couldn’t consistently defend the takedown.  Hamill secured two takedowns in the round, but couldn’t keep Hollett down due to being visibly fatigued.

Hamill dominated round three, scoring three takedowns, while Hollett could do nothing.  Early in the round, Hamill landed more left hands with the leg ride secured.  From there Hamill scored two more takedowns, but only worked to hold position much to the Canadian fans displeasure.

The three judges Octagon side scored the fight 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 in favor of Hamill.

The win over Hollett improved Hamill’s UFC record to 9-4 and he snapped a two-fight losing streak that goes back to 2011.

  • I never like to bad mouth a fighter but I’m sorry Roger Holet looked like he never fought a day in his life. I understand being a boxer first and looking out for Hamills takedown but he should have worked off his back b/c no matter what Hamill has the tools to takedown somebody like Roger. The fight was really amateur vs pros first fight back after retiring. He had no clue what do when he was on his back, or when Matt had his back. It was very slow paced. I never complain about fighters and the UFC. But this fight really disappointed me and many others.

  • Jmoney

    Always been a big hamil fan.. Just sucks cause I was going that he came in shape for once and didn’t gas out. Pretty annoying to see guys like him on the main card that do mma for a living and gas after 8 min

  • DrkDisciple

    This fight just confirmed that Hamill should stay retired and Holet should not quit his day job.