UFC 152 Results: Jon Jones Wins Again, Submits Vitor Belfort in the 4th Round

September 23, 2012
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Jon Jones at UFC 136Jon Jones had a lot riding on his performance at UFC 152, and some might have considered it the biggest moment of his career.

While the stakes of the fight on paper certainly didn’t seem as high as when Jones first fought for the UFC light heavyweight title or when he went on a streak of three wins over three former champions, the adversity that led to UFC 152 put a giant target on his back like never before.

Jones turned down a short notice replacement fight at UFC 151 just a few weeks back, and after the event was cancelled insults were hurled at the champion calling him ‘selfish’ and words like ‘disgusting’ were used by UFC President Dana White when describing his decision.

So even though Jones was facing middleweight Vitor Belfort on 3 weeks notice, the pressure was at an all time high for the best 205lb fighter on the planet.

Leading up to Saturday night, Jones talked at length in interviews about his ‘brand’ and maintaining his legacy, but the house of cards almost came tumbling down in rapid fashion just moments into the opening round.

Jones secured a takedown to put Belfort on his back, but before he could blink the long time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt had his legs swiveled up around his opponent’s head, locking out a straight armbar from the bottom.

Belfort extended his hips to put pressure on Jones’ elbow, and for a few seconds it looked like the fans in attendance in Toronto were about to witness one of the greatest upsets in UFC history.

The only problem was Jon Jones had no intention of tapping out to the submission.

“He got that armbar in every way, shape and form. I’ve never had my arm pop like that before, I felt it, but I worked too hard to give up. I honestly was waiting for it to break, I was not going to tap out,” Jones said.

As it turns out the submission was the one shining moment for Belfort in a fight that would last for almost another 15 minutes with Jones dominating almost every second.

Jones blasted away at Belfort’s front leg with a damaging sidekick that punished the thigh and knee of the veteran Brazilian. Time and time again, Belfort would get stuck in the clinch with Jones and on several occasions he actually pulled guard, much to the amazement of everyone watching in the arena and at home.

Following the bout, Belfort explained that he suffered a rib injury in training that hampered his movement, and pulling guard was his way of getting air back in his lungs and stopping Jones’ attacks.

“He caught me with a kick to the rib and I already had an injury in training, so I was trying to work my jiu-jitsu, trying to catch a breath. He was long and he moved his pace pretty well. That’s why he is the champion,” Belfort stated.

Jones dropped Belfort in the third stanza with a sidekick to the body, but couldn’t quite put him away despite his best effort. The finish came in the fourth round instead.

The champion quickly swept Belfort to the ground and moved into side control, trapping the Brazilian’s arm under his leg and looked to bludgeon his opponent with a devastating series of elbows. Belfort slipped clear of the damage, but quickly Jones transitioned to an Americana/keylock and wrenched up on the hold, bending his opponent’s arm in a direction it had no business going.

As the vice-like grip tightened, Belfort had no choice but to tap and give Jones his fourth consecutive title defense victory.

The win followed weeks of scrutiny and a very tumultuous time for Jones, but the end result was still a victory, and he promises that he’s going to come out on the other side of this situation a better fighter and a better man.

“I really feel like a stronger young man standing here before you guys today,” Jones stated.

The next move inside the Octagon for Jones remains a mystery, but instead of an opponent, the champion will likely visit a doctor to see if there was any serious damage done to his arm from Belfort’s submission attempt.

  • soboc1

    Methodical as always. Anxious to see whats going on with the arm.

    • somecokehead

      Hopefully something is broken! lol

  • goleta83


  • triangle choke

    Congratulations Jon Jones. You almost lost in the 1st round to a 185lb fighter, but came through with another decisive. I wonder who you’re going to fight next? Hopefully their at least in your weight class for your next fight.

    • soboc1

      Exactly what all you cry babies would have said after he demolished Chael. You just proved his point that fighting Chael was a lose/lose for him. Almost doesnt count and he continued to fight injured and won. Vitor is a true 205er. Maybe someone in his weight class will step up next time. Haters gon hate. He’s a baaaad man!

      • rsnowbass

        Exactly what I was thinking. Well said.

      • macgrubber

        True 205er? Maybe in his roid days he is not even close to being that now.

        • soboc1

          Well they both weighed in at 204, he has no trouble getting to LHW.

  • As a drug & alcohol counsellor and some one who has facilitated a DUI rehab program – I was not very reassured by Jon Jones response to Joe Rogan. When asked somewhat pointedly about this issue and his behaviour in the future, Jones gave some vague assertion about how what had happened would create this awareness for the future and implied he was a changed man. That isn’t reassuring enough when it comes to something that impairs judgement – have a plan before you go out!!

    • atmosphere

      um, it was a post-fight interview, not a court-appointed AA meeting.

      did you expect him to put on an in-ring Powerpoint presentation about his future in response to his DUI and the UFC151 controversies?

  • You guys wish didn’t happen so stfu. Haters

  • grisscoat

    Jones is underappreciated. Sad really. I for one have really enjoyed his transformation from gee-whiz, uber-polite beginner to humble, cocksure champion. Americans, by and larege, are untutored consumers of media and all it’s dull permutations. We unknowingly allow it to come between us and our beautiful, supremely talented athletes. We fail to distingish between inevitable shifts in media and the physical artistry that captures our attention in the first place. We are witnessing the Jones era in all it’s creative and stunning glory and I intend to ride this train as far is it goes.

    • Drock420

      Yeah and so is Anderson Silva, no matter what there is always gonna be haters. I don’t like Jones but congrats to him. I hope he gets Henderson next because that was the fight that I wanted to see, Hendo had a better shot at beating Jones than Vitor IMO, & Hendo isn’t getting any younger.

  • Ketsugo_John

    Was really hoping JJ’s arm was going to snap! He’s very fortunate he wasn’t fighting Ronda Rousey or it surly would have. 😉

  • Michel Mekdessi

    I wish it was Vinny Magalhaes doing that armlock..