UFC 152 Remains Toronto Moniker; Cancelled UFC 151 Event is the ‘Lost Show’

August 23, 2012
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UFC CanadaFollowing the cancellation of UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson due to a Dan Henderson injury, UFC president Dana White initially declared that the Sept. 22 event in Toronto, UFC 152, would shift gears and become UFC 151.

Given a short time to reflect and likely talk it over, the UFC quickly reversed course and tweeted, “Update: UFC 152 on September 22 will remain named UFC 152. UFC 151 will simply not happen.”

Fans who purchased tickets to UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson can get a refund for their tickets at the original point of purchase, according to UFC officials.

UFC 151 came crumbling down when main event fighter Dan Henderson had to withdraw due to a knee injury. The UFC tried to put another fighter in his place, but several turned it down for one reason or another.

The one man that did not turn down the fight was Chael Sonnen. He readily accepted, according to White, but the champ and his camp wouldn’t take it. Jon Jones, after discussions with his coaches and management, decided that they did not want to take on a new opponent on such short notice.

Without any start power to drive a pay-per-view card of such magnitude, UFC officials decided that the only route to go was the unprecedented move of cancelling the event altogether.

Jones has agreed to face Lyoto Machida on Sept. 22 in Toronto, so the event will be redubbed UFC 152: Jones vs. Machida 2, but the numbering will not change.

So with that UFC 151 gets lost somewhere in the ether, having never taken place.

  • This is quite simply retarded.

    • bajafox

      Actually, if you really think about it really isn’t.

      This will forever go down in history as the day that Jon Jones didn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen, a man everybody and their mom believes would be a cake walk for the almighty Jones.

      This is Dana Whites way of putting an “*” on Jones’ career.

  • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

    Why didn’t Lyoto step in for 151. He didn’t have any medical suspension from the Bader fight.

    • bajafox

      Dana said he was on a flight headed to Brazil when all this went down

  • Brass Monkey

    This was a big FU to Jones and company. Down in the records as the one that Jones F’d up. ouch!

  • Dana said in the media call that Lyoto was on the plane heading to Brazil when the calls were going out to other fighters. However, this is unprecedented. A “Champ” turning down a fight. I would expect that on a WWE script, not a REAL fight! Money’s not an issue with Jones so it had to be his will and want to fight. All that talk about being “Bruce Lee” spirited. Bruce wouldn’t turn down down a fight and I believe if one is a REAL champion, they don’t turn down fights either! You lost “hood respect” points on this one, Jones!

  • acspida#244

    Ouch….what a burn. Think about how how Ufc 100 was such a big deal. How will they treat UFC 200? Surely this situation will be brought up then..which will be years later. my point being this will follow him forever. I don’t agree with his decisions about not taking the fight, with either Weidmen or Sonnen, but am I am starting to feel bad for this kid. I don’t believe he knew the full extent of the backlash that was about to spill from this. It does however sound like Dana layed things out pretty clear what his decision would mean….but dang. I feel for the kid. Rough year for him.

  • muleyaddict

    Go to http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/nike-drop-jon-jones.html to sign a petition for Jon Jones to lose his Nike Sponsorship for refusing to fight Chael Sonnen and cancelling UFC 151.