UFC 152: Michael Bisping Just Knows He’s Better Than Brian Stann

September 18, 2012
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Michael Bisping has a point to prove at UFC 152 and he plans on using Brian Stann as the way to do it.

Coming off a close decision loss in his last fight against Chael Sonnen in January, Bisping has had a chip on his shoulder for several months, and a knee injury that sidelined him from fighting in July only angered him even further.

Now as the middleweight division’s contender race starts to heat up, Bisping knows that if he plans on getting a shot at Anderson Silva‘s title in 2013, he needs to make an example out of Brian Stann in Toronto.

“I’ve got to fight with a sense of urgency. I’ve got to put it on him right from the start. I ain’t letting this go to the judges. Whenever it goes to the judges, it never really goes my way. I’ve never lost two fights in a row. I’m coming off a loss, and I’ve got to take my win, take my victory and ensure my title shot and I’m going to do that,” Bisping told MMAWeekly Radio prior to the fight.

When looking at his opponent, Bisping respects the skills that Stann brings to the table, but he believes it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before and it all comes down to executing on fight night. If he fights to his best, Bisping doesn’t see a way Stann beats him.

“He’s a big power puncher; he’s somewhat limited in some respects. I’ve watched his fights recently from back in the WEC days to now, and I really haven’t seen much evolution. He’s obviously a little sharper and crisper, and a little more refined, but I don’t really see anything new,” said Bisping.

“Can he knock me out? Listen, I’ve got a good chin, but he does have the ability to knock people out. Do I think he’ll catch me with anything significant? I don’t think so. I’ve got good movement, my head movement is way more improved, I can take his punches anywhere, and I can beat him to the punch all day long. I’ve got far, far better wrestling, grappling and jiu-jitsu than him, better cardio, and I just think it’s a good fight for me.”

Call it cocky or call it confidence, Bisping is happy to explain why he knows he’ll beat Stann in Toronto and then look for a title shot in the near future.

As good as Brian Stann might be, Michael Bisping just knows he’s better.

“I think nine times out of 10, I win this fight,” Bisping stated. “I’ve got to make sure this time is one of those nine times out of 10.”

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  • Demetrious

    your a loser people this is cris weidman and this is the only why he can promote a fight its not his fault he cant do it in the ring he has to resort to this nonsense thats what happens when lil punk kids get a tko dont mind him timmy will bring him down to earth

    • well said

    • Lesnardo

      I can’t make out what you are saying. You are uneducated.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Wait a minute who I Chris weidman?

  • elguapo

    The really disappointing thing about your continual comments is that I now want Weidman to lose his fight against Boestch just to shut you up. I really like Weidman but now his fanboys are rubbing me the wrong way and I’m to the point where I’d rather see him lose than progress. It’s more annoying than the blind support Chael, Diaz or whoever receive because at least they’ve proven themselves in the ring.

    That and the fact your posts are desperately unfunny. Just Lay It?!? It doesn’t even work on any level.

  • lowlb

    Don’t be silly he is not Chris Weidman. (ignore him)

    Anyway, it’s gonna suck to watch Stann lose.
    Love him or hate him, Michael Bisping evolves. Hopefully Stann will learn from his loses. He’s great in the UFC.
    If Bisping wins he wil have earned his title contention after his “loss” to Sonnen. ….but doesn’t stand a chance against Silva…

  • I love Brian Stann as a person and as a fighter, he gives it his all; he trains hard and he’s at the right camp but Bisping should have this one. His footwork and kickboxing is just on another level. Ever since Hendo KO’d him people say he has a weak chin and in every fight he’s going to get knocked out, but thats his only KO loss and to one of the greatest fighters.

  • LoneWanderer

    #1 contender will be winner of stann/bisping, and the next #1 contender after that should be belcher(if he beats okami) vs weidman/boetsch winner. cause A.S needs to have a superfight with either GSP or jones in between or before all this is settled.

    bonnar,stann/bisping winner,superfight, new #1 contender (either boestch,wiedman,belcher)

    • gnodeb

      I agree, but not because AS should fight GSP but simply because top contenders should fight each other so we know who is real #1 contender. That will make title fight more exiting (for us and for AS).

  • adam1848

    damn you are obnoxious.

  • bajafox

    “Whenever it goes to the judges, it never really goes my way”

    Not even against Hamill? The biggest robbery in MMA history?