UFC 152 Medical Suspensions: Jon Jones Out Indefinitely; All Fighters Get Mandatory Rest

September 25, 2012
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The Ontario Athletic Commission on Tuesday released the list of UFC 152 medical suspensions.

The list includes every fighter on the card, although several are standard 14-day rest periods just for having a fight.

Of particular note on the list, however, is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. He received an indefinite medical suspension due to having his arm hyperextended by Vitor Belfort’s armbar attempt and must get it x-rayed and cleared before he can return to action.

UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort Medical Suspensions

Jon Jones: 14 days rest and indefinite suspension; needs x-ray of right arm for medical clearance
Vitor Belfort: 30 days rest; laceration over eye

Demetrious Johnson: 14 days rest
Joseph Benavidez: 30 day suspension; cut over left eye

Michael Bisping: 14 days rest
Brian Stann: 14 days rest

Matt Hamill: 14 days rest
Roger Hollett: 30 day suspension and indefinite suspension; needs x-ray of left hand for medical clearance

Cub Swanson: 14 days rest
Charles Oliveira: 60 day suspension and indefinite suspension; needs CT/MRI for medical clearance

Vinicius Magalhaes: 14 days rest
Igor Pokrajac: 30 day suspension

TJ Grant: 14 days rest
Evan Dunham: 60 day suspension; deep cut on forehead

Sean Pierson: 14 days rest
Lance Benoist: 30 days rest; forehead laceration

Marcus Brimage: 14 days rest
James Hettes:  14 days rest

Seth Bacznski: 14 days rest
Simeon Thoresen: 60 day suspension and indefinite suspension; needs MRI for medical clearance

Michel Gagnon: 14 days rest
Walel Watson: 14 days rest

Kyle Noke: 14 days rest
Charlie Brenneman: 60 day suspension and indefinite suspension; needs MRI for medical clearance

(Medical suspensions courtesy of mixedmartialarts.com.)

  • trevor

    Give Jones a tough opponent next and he loses!
    The END.

    • b-soc

      Dude! Have you even seen his last 6 fights! Give Jones a tough opponent!?! For real!?!

      • dathump

        sure, a tough oppenent at LHW, let see, rashad, nope, didn’t lose there, shogun, machida, rampage, belfort, no didn’t see a loss there either. Who did you have in mind, Sonnen? what is that clown supposed to do if he can take him down, come out with the jon jones beat my face till it looked like a pizza, pizza. Free to anyone in sweat pants and a flat hat who lives with their parents but thinks they are a gangsta.

        • dathump

          should be “if he can’t take him down”

    • dgs

      Either one of three possibilities based on your post:

      1. You’re a troll, and a bad one at that.

      2. You’re serious, which means you have zero knowledge of the sport.

      3. You’re serious, you are very knowledgeable about the sport, and so you’re just a moron.

      Which is it?

  • soboc1

    He’s a baaaad man! Haterade isle 5!

  • obuchons

    Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva! It is the ONLY one that makes sense! Personally I have no interest in Silva vs. GSP! Silva will destroy him and it will be a big letdown. Not to mention any time it is brought up GSP says he still has to clear out his division. If and when Silva beats Bonner this is personally the fight I want to see! Pound for Pound the 2 best fighters in the world!

    • take1

      Agreed. GSP will show up against Condit with some ring rust. If he beats him he more than likly won’t finish him. Silva and jones are arguably the best in the world that are closest in weight. I guess i would pay to see either fight but i prefer silva vs. jones.

    • markrenton

      Silva vs Jones would be an amazing fight, however Anderson Silva has made it pretty clear that the fight will never happen. I also wouldnt understimate GSP against Silva , especially after seeing Sonnen’s ability to take Silva down. With GSP’s wrestling and overall style, I do think they would match up pretty well. Now, that’s if GSP ever actually accepts that fight…I’m thinking he will more than likely duck Anderson as long as possible

      Alexander Gustafsson has looked more and more impressive and although he may not be able to beat Jones, I feel like he’s the only LHW that could give him an interesting fight. I personally would love to see Jones fight at HW and if he filled out, I dont think he would not be a small at that weight class.

      At this point, I feel like the best match ups for Jon Jones are at Heavyweight. I would be more interested to see Jones fight someone like Overeem or Dos Santos than I would watching him fight Silva.