UFC 152 Benavidez vs. Bisping? Weight Classes Go Out the Window at Press Conference

July 24, 2012
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Michael Bisping and Joseph Benavidez - UFC 152 PresserQ: How do you know when UFC middleweight Michael Bisping is going to start a firestorm of controversy?

A: When his lips move.

Bisping is heading into a fight with Brian Stann at UFC 152 on Sept. 22 in Toronto. He has a lot of respect for Stann, dishing out very little of his usual pre-fight trash talk at the decorated former Marine.

But Michael Bisping being Michael Bisping, he had to have someone to target heading into the fight, so why not the little guys?

“In my opinion, and I think in most people’s, this is the main event. This is the real main event, two big hard-hitting guys. No one cares about little flyweights. This is the real main event. This is the real big fight. Tune in cause someone’s getting knocked out; ain’t going to be me though,” said Bisping in a recent interview on Fuel TV.

“This is the real main event of UFC 152.”

Joseph Benavidez is one half of the announced UFC 152 main event, the first UFC flyweight championship. He takes on Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson for the honors.

He was asked about Bisping’s remarks at a UFC 152 kickoff preference in Toronto on Tuesday with Bisping seated to his immediate right.

“It was pretty silly of course when I heard it, but it’s Michael Bisping. Everybody pretty much expects something ridiculous to come out of his mouth, right?” Benavidez quipped. “That’s pretty much what he does.”

“Listen pal, when you were a glint in your dad’s eye, I was kicking ass in the UFC,” Bisping played along, although a note of resentment colored his tone.

Benavidez, quit witted himself, retorted, “And probably saying ridiculous things, also,” before moving on to the title fight before him instead of the hopeful middleweight contender beside him.

“It’s not gonna change the fact that we’re the top two guys in the world and that we’re going out to make history that night.”

While the middleweight division sits amid a quagmire of fighters hopeful to get the next crack at Anderson Silva, Benavidez and Johnson square off at UFC 152, one of them poised to become the first ever UFC flyweight champion of the world.

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  • MikeMc1983

    Wait a minute. We’re those guys trying to convince us that flyweights don’t have very many finishes because they’re “really good?”

    I never realized that. I always assumed they didn’t get knockouts because they’re built like middle school cheerleaders.

    • kylesmith

      Must be kind of sad to know that you’ll never ever be as tough as those “middle school cheerleaders.”

      • worldchamp

        @ kylesmith: Behind his keyboard Mike is just as tough…LOL!

  • markrenton

    I understand that there are UFC fans that do not like the idea of flyweights, but come on Bisping. When have you ever been in an exciting fight? The only time I actually enjoyed watching this dude fight was when Hendo knocked his brains out of head (still my favorite KO of all time). Benavidez may be small, but his skill level is light years above Bisping.

    Ill be watching this fight for BJ Penn vs Rory McDonald and ill fast forward through the Bisping fight… stopping it for the replay of Stann knocking him out.

    • fightfankevin

      Agreed, hoping Stann flattens Bisping. And id like to see more funny photoshopped pics of bisping ko’d.

  • jrcr_15
    • kylesmith


  • worldchamp

    Bisping is all mouth. The guy can fight, but he is certainly nothing more than a gatekeeper in his division. Hopefully Stann beats him so we can stop hearing about how he thinks he should be the next to face Silva.

  • fjc1113

    Who the heck was the interviewer asking Rory that question??

  • JRod

    How many title fights has Bisping had?
    Oh, that’s right…

  • Bonez79

    I can’t stand Bisping I’m hoping Stann knocks his ass out. I’m not one to hate on people but, he is a straight up douchebag and I can’t wait for someone to finally shut him up.