UFC 151 Special Announcement by UFC President Dana White, Thursday at 2 pm ET

August 23, 2012
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UFC 151 LogoRumors about a change for UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson – which is slated to feature Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson in the main event in Las Vegas – were hot and heavy late Wednesday night, though no concrete reports surfaced.

Fueling the fire, the Ultimate Fighting Championship Thursday morning sent out an invitation to members of the media for a special, hastily put together UFC 151 conference call with UFC president Dana White.

The inivitation stated that White would be on the call to make “a special announcement… regarding the upcoming UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson event scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 1.”

The rumors that surfaced late Wednesday surround main eventer Dan Henderson and the possibility that he may be injured and out of the fight with Jon Jones, but MMAWeekly.com was unable to confirm such rumors prior to Thursday’s conference call. Rest assured, MMAWeekly.com will report White’s announcement within moments.

So stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com for Dana White’s UFC 151 special announcement, good or bad, as it happens.

  • andrewjaramillo

    “Mayhem” Miller will be the guest referee.

  • Brass Monkey

    Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen

  • Towers66

    Good guess Brass. But jones is afraid to take it on 8 days notice. What a bitch.

    • shakejunt

      useless comment

    • atmosphere

      how would fighting Chael help JJ’s stock? it’s high risk, low reward. Chael hasn’t even had a LHW fight yet since moving up.

      even if he’s truly not taking the fight because it’s only 8 days notice, then he’s smart for doing so. It’s a title fight, not an “I need money” fight. having been training for Hendo, fighting Machida would be a more seamless transition than would fighting Chael.

  • shakejunt

    Listening to conference call now, sounds like they’re cancelling the event and Dana is pretty pissed at Jones for not wanting to fight someone new on a week notice.

  • zap

    A real champ takes on all comers. I don’t like the rejection by Jones. If Chael wasn’t worthy of a shot then he would’ve been exposed in the Jones fight. Is Chael really that different from Dan? Similar wrestling acumen, but Chael lacks the KO power. I wish JJ would’ve said OK. Can u imagine what Chael’s gonna start saying now?