UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson Cancellation Announcement (Full Audio)

August 23, 2012
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With UFC 151 main eventer Dan Henderson injured, UFC president Dana White on Thursday made the announcement that he’s never had to make before:  he cancelled the UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson event slated for Saturday, Sept. 1, in Las Vegas, just one week prior to showtime.

“One of the things you guys have heard me brag about a million times is how UFC doesn’t have to cancel events, we can always find a replacement,” explained on obviously dispirited White. “For somebody to fight Jon Jones on eight days notice is tough to do. To be totally honest with you guys, one guy did. Not only when I called him did he say, ‘I’ll take the fight. I’ll fly to Las Vegas tonight and fight him.’ And that was Chael Sonnen.

“Chael Sonnen accepted the fight with Jon Jones, wanted the fight bad, so as of eight, nine o’clock (Wednesday) night, we had a fight.

“I was gonna do this call, and this was obviously going to be a much different call this morning, but the one thing that I never thought in a million years would happen, happened. Jon Jones said, ‘I’m not fighting Chael Sonnen with eight days notice.'”

The brash UFC president didn’t stop there as he fielded questions from the media about this unprecedented turn of events in UFC history. Check out the full audio of the UFC 151 cancellation announcement below…

  • Disco72

    Ever since he won that title Jones has become a cocky, arrogant and selfish champion. He’s a good fighter, but he knows Sonnen will eat him if he doesn’t get more then 8 days to study Sonnen’s previous fights with the Jackson camp. Hope someone stumps this guy, he doesn’t deserve the belt.

  • Ketsugo_John

    Can’t say I blame Jones. It’s a no win situation for him and Sonnen sure as hell doesn’t deserve the fight anyway.

  • collideoverme

    Regardless if whether Chael deserved the fight or not. When you are a champion and you are scheduled to fight and the opponent has to back out, you fight who they put in front of you. Even though it was a weaker card, Jon should have been man enough to fight Sonnen. But he’s not.

  • bajafox

    Dana is PISSED at Jones and Jackson, lol

    As well he should be, you can’t even put Jones in the same sentence as Tito anymore, at least he showed up to fight, short notice or not.

  • muleyaddict

    Go to http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/nike-drop-jon-jones.html to sign a petition for Jon Jones to lose his Nike Sponsorship for refusing to fight Chael Sonnen and cancelling UFC 151.

  • Ryukyukan Jim

    Wow, the UFC athletes are not getting enough respect from Dana. How can a champion who is building his name and his team’s name be expected to take a fight where he has not prepared at all?
    And how about Dana’s part? Henderson is on the older side, didn’t it even cross Dana’s mind that he should have a backup fighter in case Henderson was injured in training? No, because Dana is used to bullying people to get his way, even if he is all, or partially at fault himself. Dana’s blast on Greg Jackson sounded like someone on a cocaine binge. How high, how rich, how powerful can Dana get without falling back down? We may find out soon.