UFC 151 Cancelled: Jon Jones Apologizes, Takes the Blame

August 25, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 145Everyone was stunned on Thursday when company president Dana White cancelled UFC 151 after light heavyweight champion Jon Jones declined to fight Chael Sonnen on just eight days notice. Jones’ original opponent, Dan Henderson, dropped out due to a knee injury.

Of course, UFC officials were the ones that made the ultimate determination to pull the plug on the pay-per-view event just a week out, but Jones is the one that has been the target of everyone’s venom. Fans, fighters, media, and White have all put the bullseye squarely on the back of the 25-year-old 205-pound champion.

Chael Sonnen, in particular, has rather harshly criticized Jones’ decision, doing numerous media appearances, talking about the situation and how it was handled.

Jones on Saturday took to Twitter to accept the burden, apologizing to fighters and fans alike.

“Carrying the cross for my company’s decision. If someone has to take the blame, I will accept full responsibility for the way UFC 151 was canceled,” Jones tweeted. “I want to sincerely apologize to all the other athletes/fans who’s time and money was waisted (sic).

“I feel terrible about the way that was handled.”

Many of the undercard fights have been moved to other upcoming events. Jones will now square off with Vitor Belfort in the UFC 152 main event on Sept. 22 in Toronto.

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  • used2bgood

    I don`t know why he refused to fight Chael and don`t really think he will share it with the media…but he should be sorry. Many people lost the opportunity to fight and get paid..and so on. The economic impact of ufc 151 event being cancelled is huge. I hope he can sleep at night.

    • ChiTown420

      Trust me he aint losing any sleep on his pillows filled with 100$ bills dude is a joke.

      • Lesnardo

        Jones hasn’t made that much money. I don’t even think he has made his first million yet.

        Sergio Garcia (PGA golfer) makes about $1million for endorsement. I DOUBT Jones makes that much from Nike.

        After tax, Jones takes home $200k from the endorsement.

        That is not enough for him to act the way he is acting now.

        But he is good. And I guess that is all that matters.

    • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

      He should have taken the fight with Chael as this time he’d have only had to listen to 8 days of trash talk from him. Now it’ll be non stop talk until they fight.

      • Lesnardo

        They are never gonna fight.

        There is a good chance that Chael would lose to Forrest.

        Chael’s recent success was at 185. 205 is a totally different story.

    • shakejunt

      i’ve heard that if a card gets scrapped, the guys scheduled to fight have to be used on one the next cards or get paid their show money.

    • RonnieV

      What about the 12,000 fans that flew to Vegas for the weekend for the fight?

    • Because, as Greg Jackson explained, on 8 days notice Jones would have had NO TIME to prepare as fighters do not train the week before a fight. Chael also doesn’t deserve ANOTHER title shot in a division he isn’t a contender in, he’s no hero for trying to “save” 151 and get a HUGE payday out of it. AAAAAAAAAND the fighters who “lost their opportunity” have been rescheduled to fight at future events. Where is the hate for Machida? He doesn’t want to fight Jones at 152…what about hate for Dana White for putting up Vitor Belfort as the next guy to get a shot. Dana loves Chael because he will sit on the internet all day long and TROLL other fighters and create hype.

      • macgrubber

        whats wrong with sitting on internet trolling all day?


      Dont blame him hes at the top and everyone is gunning for him . but it ain’t no different than Condit sittin on his a55 for however long its been and not taking a fight. All this will be forgotten history in the next month and this fall will have some great fights cant wait


    He is only sorry because he is feeling the heat. He couldn’t care less other wise.

    • MaritalArtist

      Agreed. Did Jackson tell you to apologize too? In addition to checking on machida after the choke? Jon, you need to start thinking for yourself man. I can’t say “grow up”, because you’re acting about your age: a brash 25 year old. But I do hope you grow up by 30-35, because this sh!t is getting ridiculous.

      • GiovanniB

        Dana MADE HIM apologize just like he made Brock Lesnar apologize for the way he behaved after the Frank Mir fight…LOL…Jones is a fake. He shouldn’t be proclaiming he’s a religious man when he’s a drunk, selfish egotistic moron!

      • Of course Greg “Go Get Some Fans” Jackson told him to apologize

  • ChiTown420

    Damage control, don’t believe anything this two face phony says. He not at total fault because that card was absolute garbage but all he needed to do was accept the fight and all that would have changed he would have been the hero of 151 no he just a zero. Never liked him never will hes a phony.

    • I agree, he is nothing but a corporate puppet and the 1 time he don’t do what they ask is the 1 time it matters most. What a douche. Not only that, but why don’t any Lhw fighters want to fight his punk ass. I say they should put every fighter that said “no” to fighting Jones goes to the bottom of the waiting list now.

  • pooby

    That’s not really an apology.

    But really, fans are so fickle. Along with Ronda Rousey, Jones is the most interesting and talented fighter to emerge in the last few years.

    Jones is going nowhere. He will be around for many years and I’m sure he’ll mature with time.

    • MRGJJ

      Being mature doesn’t automatically equate to not being a ****head. There are plenty of old pricks out there. What we are seeing is the groundwork of his character.

      Age won’t change it – more than likely it will cement it.

  • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

    He should have taken the fight with Chael as this time he’d have only had to listen to 8 days of trash talk from him. Now it’ll be non stop talk until they fight.

    • rsnowbass

      Yeeeeeah, we read that already. Are their any other good stories out there in MMA? This drama is getting tired.

      • ChiTown420

        sorry that the 1st ufc ever had to be cancelled because the card was garbage and 1 selffish ass fighter thats a pretty big ****** story. If you dont like it stay off the internet because thats all people want to talk about.

      • greaseygranny

        rsnowbass, why are you reading the comment section if your tired of the articles? Kind of strange.

        Jones sits down to pee.

  • WarriorScholar

    What a little b*tch

  • gregkuchcik

    Ya he should get some blame, but chael shouldn’t get a title fight just bc he’s the best actor in the wwe…..I mean ufc. Dana built a junk card and HE should get all the blame!! If there were other decent fights or other LHW on the main card this would be a non issue. How many injuries have we seen ALL year to realize you need a full solid card just in case. DANA’s FAULT!

    • gnodeb


  • markronin

    Dana White said he fully explained to Jones what the situation was, so why does Jones still pretend to be a company man. He claims he’s “carrying the cross for his company.” This guy is a full-on retard. He caused the problem! He put the UFC and its fighters on the cross. This guy is delusionally stupid.

    • MikeMc1983

      He actually said he was carrying the cross for his companies decision. That’s a different statement. Problem is that wasn’t his choice anyhow. Most everyone seems to put it on him anyhow.

  • juniorbra

    When he gets to Anderson and GSP level he can start to decide who he should fight or not…. Fake fighter!!!!!!! Let’s see if he going to send some of his money to the others fighters that could fight next week…… Jones know, yeah right my A$$…….

  • Everyone says Jon needs to grow up but this isn’t about growing up this is about being a fighter and fighting. He say’s he’s about business and in it for the money. It just so happens he’s talented and doing very well at it but for different reasons then a lot of these other guys. Of course they want to make a living and make a lot of money but some of these guys are true fighters and just love training hard and fighting guys. Hats off to Vitor and everyone else who asked to step in with little notice.

  • Some of you people are really getting on my nerves with the hate. Sonnen did not deserve this fight. All he does is talk s@#t and you fools listen.

    • ChiTown420

      No your stupidity is gettin on my nerves this has nothing to do with sonnen he would have turned down any fight he was offered. The only person that deserves to fight him right now is hendo. To be captain obvious Silva too but they dont want to fight.

  • I have learned that you cant really trust people with tattooed bible quotes . If you ask why? You haven’t read the bible either. (For the dumb dumbs of their own religion, the bible states that you shouldn’t tattoo your body)

  • brycecar

    Question to John, would your career be the same if Silva or Belfort pulled a similar dick move at UFC 126?

    You would have never have beaten Bader and received the title shot that night. 2011 would have certainly been a lot different. so Don’t ever think this is an individual sport you little primma -f’in -donna

  • actually, Christianity says nothing about tattoos as far as i know. The old testament AKA the Torah is what prohibits tattoos as a sign of slavery.

  • Richurd Cheese

    He said “waisted.”
    What a dumbs

    • Richurd Cheese

      dumb ass*

  • Richurd Cheese

    frickin autocorrect, i wanted to use profanity!

  • triangle choke

    I think we all agree that Chael Sonnen did not deserve to fight Jones, however I think we also all agree that this would have been a perfect opportunity to shut Chael’s mouth with us only listening for eight days. Now as the other comments have already said, we have to listen to his shit talk forever.
    Thanks John, we really appreciate it. NOT

  • sc_98b9351859744002a96162c6ecc72512

    “For my company’s decision” ?? his company? A tad of psychology will tell mountains of where this guy is mentally. Also, saying it was a “company” decision isnt taking the blame, thats like me saying im sorry for the way my country has killed millions of innocents in wars. I am not a politician or soldier so my apology isnt real. JJ is still blaming the ufc for the cancelation.

    Heres where panties are ruffled. Yes DFW decided to cancel, but can u blame him? Paying customers were expecting the LHW champ. The only figher who could fill those shoes is another champ like silva, DosSantos, or GSP. If u get less than that you are getting ripped off. JJ put the ufc in a situation where they couldnt possibly find a fight of equal value to offer. So instead of having millions of unsatisfied fans they gave a refund. Sucks but there was no good option other than JJ fighting Sonnen.

  • stak

    I can’t believe he took the bait and apologized. He really is a mental midget.

  • greaseygranny

    He apologized. It seriously angers me more. Total tool.

  • greaseygranny

    If truly sorry, how bout taking some of that money from Nike and paying off some of the fighters salaries on the canceled card. It being “your company” and all. Words mean poop. Dipstick. Should of just kept his mouth shut.

  • Who cares if your sorry your still a dirt bag and a bum for costing all those people and fighters their money you selfish spoiled brat. Freaking Randy couture never would of done that.

  • tomasarellano

    I was almost over the cancellation of 151 until this guy opened his mouth again. Shut up Jones no one cares what you have to say because is not true.

  • tenbearsohiomma

    Wow i suppose sooner or later a UFC was going to get canceled. UFC 151 was the one. Jon Jones is the champ however he ought to face whoever is placed in front of him to replace the injured fighter. Although i have qa higher level of respect for Chael Sonnon an Anderson Silva both of whom offered to fight Jon Jones, after Hendo pulled out do to the injury. We at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in dayton,ohio be leave in commitments in our matches as well as the changes to a set match due to injuries, but as the saying goes different strokes for different fokes. martial arts training ohio

  • greaseygranny

    I just want FIGHTERS back in the UFC. Not athlete’s. Fighters. Guys that would fight anyone that was put in front of them.

    The last couple of years a lot of the fights have gone down hill. Athlete’s trying to win boring decision’s. Not fighters trying to finish fights. Just not as exciting as it once was. I want fighters back in there trying to finish fights.

    This doesn’t mean that I think Jones is a boring fighter. He’s fun to watch and one of the best talents we’ve seen in years. But he obviously doesn’t have the fighter mentality.

    “Anybody. Anywhere. Anytime.” – Tank Abbott

  • oswaldcobblepott

    How about the UFC Cards are so much more weak today than in the past three years. It’s not Jon Jones’s fault for the UFC filling cards with fly and featherweights. Keep those guys in gymnastics, and use the ppv for the traditional weight classes and we won’t have this problem.

    • greaseygranny

      I do think that’s part of the problem as well. Plus there’s to many cards now. Maybe they should of kept the WEC for the fly and featherweights. Then I read the other day Dana is thinking about adding a 115lb weight class. Goodness…

  • wareagle30

    That’s an apology these days huh? That was just lip service. This guy really thinks he’s a businessman in his suits and fake glasses. News flash fruity Jones – you’re a fighter, or were anyway. Joke

  • shaman

    So now that Jon Jones has so much pull and responsibility in the UFC… has anyone asked him about the New Years card?

    Is he going to keep the old UFC the logo?

  • shaman

    Is he going to keep the cage, the deal with FOX? Will he fire Dana?

    Someone needs to get a hold of Jon Jones!

  • johnt

    Let’s look at the world according to JBJ and the truth, shall we?

    JBJ’s world – I don’t party. You will never catch me out drinking and driving or doing drugs or getting into fights. That’s why the UFC chose me to sponsor.

    TRUTH – Jones party’s all the time and was busted 1 month after making this statement for drunk driving and having an accident.

    JBJ’s world – I am a true martial artist. I respect my art and I have respect for the other fighters. I’m not a fighter. I am a martial artist.

    TRUTH – after he choked out Machida he threw him to the canvas unconscious and stepped over him like trash on the street. A REAL martial artist would have slowly let him down and checked on him afterwards. JBJ did neither.

    JBJ’s world – I am a company man. Im not ashamed to admit it. I do whatever is best for the UFC. I’ll fight anyone that Dana and Joe Silva put in front of me. I just want to help grow this company.

    TRUTH – The first time they really asked for him to defend his belt in a favor fight he refused. Nevermind that the opponent named fights at 20lbs less, is coming off a major loss, and hasn’t had any real time to train.

    Yeah, that’s the real Jon Jones for you. A liar, and a selfish spoiled jerk. He is insanely talented but he pisses it away by being such a piece of crap.

    • greaseygranny

      AWESOME!!! 100% agree.

  • Well now we know that Jon Jones can’t handle Pressure anyone Pushing the fight can beat Jon Jones it just proves by him not accepting the fight vs Chael he is going to have a tuff time Vs Victor belfort and Yes Jone Jones is a big baby that needs to get KTFO!

  • diazfan209

    You can’t blame Dana for planning a card that wasn’t stacked with household names around the Jones title fight because that model has worked in the previous Jones events. The UFC were 5/5 with Jon Jones cards drawing large numbers based on his fight alone, so from a business perspective, it makes sense to go 6 for 6.

    However, Jon Jones f*cked up that business model by refusing to participate, so he makes Dana look like an asshole for building a card that entirely depends on Jon Jones’ fight to stand ground.

    You can’t blame the promotion for following a business model that works, but (as we see now that the event’s cancelled) it is a major gamble because Jon Jones alone has the capability to essentially beheaded the event. Jones knows that he is the one who will sell the event, and that the card he’s on doesn’t need household names to sell if he’s performing as the headliner.

    Jones knew all of the implications of his actions and still did it anyway. Now he’s lost respect in the MMA world and damaged the credibility of the UFC as a FIGHT promotion.

    Good thing Ronda Rousey is here to save the sport.


  • jenkins1997

    I don’t know why people think that jones should even entertain the thought of fighting Sonnen?
    I love chael but if he would have got a title shot the LHW championship would mean nothing.

    • greaseygranny

      The same goes for Vitor bud. But he took that fight. WTF is the difference? I can tell ya. The difference is Sonnen has a MUCH better chance at winning. Vitor doesn’t.

  • BlackDog2009

    Jones can take his phony apology and shove it up his *&^$$! This guy is a douchebag and there is nothing legitimate about him. He is a great athlete and a shiitbag of a human being from what I can gather. And for those here in denial, JONES FEARS SONNEN!! Look you can come here and hate Sonnen all you want but this guy is the only man that has made Anderson Silva nervous and afraid in that octagon. Anderson Silva dances, slaps the mat, runs around and clowns with opponents… but not with Sonnen, hell no! He knows that Sonnen will not for one moment let him posture or do the arrogant routines and that is what any fighter out there should keep in mind. Always let the other guy across from you realize that you’re fighting a man that is in there to fight you not to out gameplan you. Jackson and Jones both knew that even an unprepared Sonnen is a Sonnen that could very well take your belt away in a matter of seconds! All of you with Jones’ (ock in your mouths know this and will not admit it! Cheers.

  • Many of you guys on here are upset with Jones for not taking fight, ok we get it. But put yourself in his shoes, it’s a lose lose situation whether jones win or lose the fight which by the way he would have owned Sonnen. So why risk it on chael, especially on a 8 days notice. Like it of not Jon is a product now and he has to be a lot more careful in his decision making. Because lets be honest, a year ago Jon would have jumped on this, but now that he is a house hold name he has to limit his liabilities. Everyone is saying that Jon is selfish, let’s be honest with ourselves, chael only wanted to take this fight because it would make him look good win or lose (selfish), not because he cares about the other fighters and their families. Chael would have not jumped at the opportunity to fill an undercard slot. Where is hate on Machinda, he backed out because he thought a month was not a adequate amount of time. So why Would does anyone thinks 8 days is.

    • BlackDog2009

      Machida’s being a Diva too. He lost his title shot and that’s his punishment. I don’t think DW will let him get a title shot so easy now. Jones was ready, he had a full camp, but he did not feel capable of beating an unprepared Sonnen and Greg Jackson knew it too. You’re so called ‘product’ is a coward that thinks fighting is only about gameplanning.

    • greaseygranny

      I 100% disagree about Sonnen not giving a crap about other fighters on the card. He’s been there and some of his friends are on the card. I don’t like Sonnen. But the BOTTOM line is, he’s a REAL fighter. Jones is a REAL athlete. Not a REAL fighter by any means.

      Him accepting a fight with Vitor and not one with Sonnen is gonna haunt his dumb ass for years to come. I really hope Vitor lands a solid shot and knocks this dildo out.

  • B-rok

    I’m so sick of jon jones. When he was coming up i was so intrigued by his talent, but the way he acted after the Bader fight made me start questioning him. I’m not saying he should have turned the fight with Shogun down but he acted so surprised he was getting the fight even though he knew for a couple of days that if he won he was getting it. Then the whole Evans fiasco. The way he talked about Rampage’s mental freak out. That was really messed up. Then we hear about how he’ll never get a dui and he’ll be a role model. Then two months later he is wasted and wrecks his car. He then claims he’s not a role model but he’ll try to be a better. Just two weeks ago he cried about not having enough money and how Machida wasn’t a draw. Now he denies a fight that has so much money making potential its ridiculous and a fight he’ll almost surely win because he has plenty of money. What? He just said he needed more money. Fans will be fans but there is not excuse for this. I don’t see how anyone can look at jones and his words and actions and still cheer for him. He is a hypocrite and fake. He is the the A-rod/Kobe of mma.

  • diazfan209

    Who is a bigger flip-flopper than Jon Jones?

    “Sonnen isn’t on my level, he doesn’t deserve a shot” – then he’s talking smack with Sonnen via twitter

    “Sonnen is too dangerous to fight on short notice even if I’m prepared & he isn’t” – he let Greg Jackson decide that for him

    “Lyoto won’t draw enough PPV buys” – Sonnen would have drawn much more, but Jones declined

    “Just to clear the record i’ve never turn down a mma fight against anyone and never will.” – had a golden opportunity to back this statement up, but must have forgotten he had ever said that

    “I feel terrible about the way that was handled” – he made a business decision and now has emotional remorse about it?! stick to your f*cking guns

    “In some cases not fighting can take a greater strength” – failed attempt at getting back to ‘Sonnen doesn’t deserve a shot’ rather then the GJ alluded truth that he thought Sonnen was too dangerous of a fight on short notice

    “Another former world champion, now this is what I’m here for..” – yet again implying that Sonnen didn’t deserve a shot after already publicly alluding to the fact that he’s too dangerous for Jones (even when the CHAMPION is fully prepped & the challenger would have 0 prep days

    I could go on about his lavish lifestyle and driving while intoxicated after publicly announcing that he doesn’t party, but you get the picture…….

  • atmosphere

    he’s not sorry at all…it’s just Greg Jackson telling him to make a public apology and get some of his fans back.

  • Triggerman99

    “Carrying the cross for my company’s decision.”
    “I feel terrible about the way that was handled.”

    OK, I’m no expert on etiquette, but I’m pretty sure most apologies that are any semblance of sincere don’t include blatantly directing the blame elsewhere twice.

    Is this guy f’ing kidding me right now?