UFC 151 Cancelled: In Jon Jones’ Shoes, Frankie Edgar Says, ‘I Think I Would Take the Fight’

August 25, 2012
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Frankie Edgar at UFC 125Nobody can step inside the mind of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones to say what exactly his deepest thoughts were when he got the call that Dan Henderson was injured and had to pull out of UFC 151 and the offer came in for him to fight Chael Sonnen instead.

In the end, Jones declined the fight with Sonnen. He will instead fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 on the Sept. 22 in Toronto.

According to UFC president Dana White, Jones knew his decision could potentially cause the cancellation of the entire show. And when the UFC’s top 205-pound fighter opted not to fight Sonnen, UFC 151 was scrapped.

Since the card was canceled, fighters from the undercard, as well as a slew of other UFC competitors, have taken to Twitter and Facebook while absolutely unloading on Jones for choosing to forgo the fight with Sonnen and wait to fight at a later date.

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar can’t tell you what Jon Jones was thinking about on Thursday any more than anybody else could.

“You don’t know the whole story and everybody’s side of it. It’s kind of crazy,” Edgar told MMAWeekly Radio on Thursday.

What Edgar can do, however, is provide prospective if it were he who was in Jones’ place. For almost two years, Edgar reigned as UFC lightweight champion and stepped up for the UFC on a couple of occasions when they asked something special of him.

Edgar can’t tell Jones what he did is right or wrong, but in the same situation, it’s likely the New Jersey native would have taken the fight.

“I think I would take the fight,” said Edgar. “If I had a full camp to prepare, and this guy only had eight days, I think I would, but you don’t know. I think it all depends on match-ups and everything.”

One key element that played a factor in Jones’ decision was the advice of his coach, Greg Jackson, who was not a big fan of accepting a bout with Sonnen on such short notice.

Edgar admits that his team would always play a role in his choice for when, who and where to fight, but the decision still lands on his shoulders no matter what.

“I’d like to say I would (take the fight). I don’t know what my team would say, but ultimately I’m the one to make that decision,” Edgar stated.

The downside for Jon Jones is no matter how things are painted now, he’s coming away looking like the bad guy, the villain, the man that helped cancel one of the biggest shows of the year. It’s clearly not all on Jones’ shoulders why UFC 151 was cancelled, but in the court of public opinion, he’s already been tried and convicted.

“It’s a tough spot for him, too,” Edgar said about Jones. “I was looking forward to that fight, kind of sucked Dan (Henderson) got hurt.”

Stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com for more on the fallout from the UFC 151 cancellation.

  • pooby

    All these “UFC 151 Cancelled…” articles are getting progressively more and more retarded.

    I know! Let’s ask Nick Diaz what HE would do in this hypothetical situation. That will REALLY heat up the comments section!

    • MaritalArtist

      I think he’s always in shape. Nick would have done fine. Likes to pressure people.

  • stevemcz11

    LOL look at the Jones fans getting cranky 🙂

    • Brian

      Don’t think they are gettting cranky. Whats making people cranky is the endless articles about this. Yes, we all know Jones is bad for not taking the fight, but in the end its really the UFC’s fault for having their entire ppv based on one fight.

  • adriana

    pooby: is there really any question what Nick Diaz would do? REALLY??!!

    • fightfankevin

      Smoke a fatty and get in there and mix it up?

      • adriana

        fightfankevin: If you already know the answer, why would you even bother with the “?” at the end of that sentence?

    • pooby

      I know. I was being sarcastic.

      By the way: The idea of Edgar being “in Jon Jones’ shoes” is hilarious. I imagine one of Jones’ shoes would make a very spacious house for Mr. Edgar.

  • stak

    Jones turned down the fight out of FEAR and nothing more. It’s a shame too. Here’s a guy that should probably be fighting at heavyweight and yet he’s afraid of fighting someone that should be fighting at middleweight.

    And Jones is 100% to blame for the ppv being cancelled. No one else is to blame.

    • gnodeb

      Compared to JJ, Sonnen is a can. Taking a fight against a can would be a proof that he is taking easy fights to collect big checks. Luckily, JJ is a man Sonnen will never be so he prevented Sonnen of talking himself to another title shot. JJ was clear about that even before Dan pulled out…

      Also, for how long did Sonnen know that Dan is out. They trained together for this fight, right? Maybe he knew since he started his trash campain agaist JJ. They could inform UFC earlier, so they could find proper replacement. Maybe they did. Anyway, UFC must take responsibility for this BS.

    • ThePilot

      Apart from Henderson for pulling out, and the UFC for having the whole event based around one fight, yeah you’re right Jones is 100% to blame lol

  • Bob

    The UFC will have to put a ‘John Jones’ clause in every main event fights contract from now on.

    ‘John Jones’ clause;
    If you current main event opponent is injured or unable to fight for any other reason the UFC shall pick another opponent that they deem appropriate.

    • rsnowbass

      Smartest response I’ve read so far…opposed to wanting to shoot myself when reading Adriana’s??

      • adriana

        Hey- I only speak the truth. And they have a hotline for that impulse…

        • rsnowbass

          durrr…eh..there should be a comma in place of where you placed the dash, or hyphen, for proper punctuation. UmmmKay?

  • MaritalArtist

    How is fighting Sonnen much different than Hendo? He should have taken the fight, for sure. Ok, so Chael will try to clinch a little more, and he’ll have somewhat better takedown skills. But compared to Hendo’s H-bomb, Sonnen’s punch is just a daisy cutter, which was the only thing you said you were worried about.

    HOW TO BEAT SONNEN (not that you would, but since you haven’t trained for it):

    1. Keep him away with punches and kicks.
    2. If he comes in, use some knees and elbows.
    3. Take him down and GnP him, if possible.
    4. Make an effort not to be taken down / TDD.
    5. If he takes you down, look for a submission.

    Study and practice parts 1 and 2 on day 1. Parts 3 and 4 on day 2, and on the final day, work your submissions (part 5).

    There you have it, Jon. The way to beat Sonnen. Please mail half of what you’d normally pay Jackson to: 12345 Chicken St., Dontdrivehere, CA 91234.

    • Hahaha. That is hilarious, and awesome

    • gnodeb

      Sonnen is 0-0 in UFC LHW division. Dan has Strikeforce LHW title and notable win against Shogun in UFC LHW division. So, unlike Sonnen, Dan deserved and earned his shot.
      Sonnen is comedian who is receiving a lot of money to hype fights and lose them miserably. Win against Dan means a lot, win against Sonnen means nothing. No need to talk about losing to Sonnen because he just can not win…

      • MrAdidas

        But a win over an even worst opponent in Belfort means what exactly?!? Sonnen is a much better fighter than Belfort, what did Belfort do vs. Anderson? Oh yeah he got KTFO cold, while Sonnen owned silva 6 out of 7 rounds. At least Sonnen has decent reach and size compared to Belfort. Belfort will get KTFO in the 1st or early 2nd. While Sonnen could have caused Jones some problems, which is why jones and Jackson did NOT want to fight him, even when he only had 8 days to train. Hahahaha what a joke!

        • gnodeb

          I’ve never said I’m happy about Vitor vs JJ. Vitor was doing great in MW division and I was exited to watch him against Belcher.
          Did you saw AS going forward with his hands down against Vitor like he did against Sonnen? Or, did you really think that somebody can survive 6 rounds with Vitor on top of him? Sonnen is better comedian for sure, but in cage Vitor is far more dangerous fighter and unlike Sonnen, he has carrier to be proud of.

          • MrAdidas

            Ur only as good as ur last fight & Sonnen has BACKED UP everything he has said & then some, especially when he fought Anderson x2. I only seen Belfort get KTFO vs. Silva, seing that the fight only lasted 3 mins & 25 secs, so I didnt see Silva fight with his hands up or down. (FYI: Didn’t Sonnen knock Silva down a few times in their 1st fight, from strikes?). What’s funny is Sonnen looked much more impressive in his 2 losses to Silva, then Belfort did in his win vs. A. Johnson.

            Belfort was great early in his career & up until August of 2004, when he lost to Couture. After that he & his career went down hill, Belfort won 2 fights from August, 2004 to October 2006, and those 2 wins were vs. Antony Rea & Kazuo Takahashi … who?!? WOW impressive, wink wink. Then he won 5 in a row & the ONLY “decent” name/Ranked oponent out of those 5, was Rich Franklin. Then, Vitor will ALWAYS be remembered for the highlight reel KO, but not for the reason you want to be remembered, b/c he was on the receiving end of a kick to the face. After he woke up, he got 2 more wins vs. 2 NON RANKED oponents (WOW impressive yet AGAIN, beating up “cans”).

            I’d take Sonnens career/resume over Belforts in a heart beat. Belfort was KING when there werent many top fighters, but when he did fight world class/ranked fighters he didnt do so well, at all. (Belfort might have beaten 3 or 4 top ranked fighters in his career … Wanderlei 98, Heath Herring 2001, Couture in 04 (b/c of a lucky cut from a glove – but got OWNED/FINISHED 2X by Couture) & R. Franklin 09 & Anderson 2011. I’m not sure people will agree with Heath, but Heath was very good in the early “thousands” (2000). 21-9

            Sonnen: 27-12-1 Has fought & beaten much better competition throughout his career … (this is a list of who he fought & not who he beat) Jason Miller 02, Forrest Griffin 03, Jason Lambert 03, Jeremy Horn (lost all x3) 04,04 & 06, Renato Sobral, Paulo Filho x2, Demian Maia, Okami, Marquardt, Stann, Bisping & Anderson x2. Sonnen has fought several more top ranked fighters lately than Belfort has in his career.

            The problem is Vitor would need to get them down or NOT get KTFO. It’s like me saying do you think Silva would have lasted 5 Rounds in his 1st fight vs. Sonnen if he had Belforts KO power?!? Hell no, but guess what Sonnen doesnt have Belforts KO power & Belfort couldnt even last 4 mins vs. Silva & couldnt take his oponents down & keep them there like Sonnen can.

            Sonnen is >>>>> than Blefort! Hands down, his fight vs. Silva should be proof of that & when he gets “retired” by Jon Jones, that will also prove me right. Why do you think Jones wouldnt fight Sonnen, when Sonnen only had 8 days to train, but he will fight an injured “expert” like Belfort, giving Belfort 3 weeks to train?!?

      • Drock420

        Actually Sonnen is 0-1 in the UFC LHW division, his UFC debut was against Renato “Babalu” Sobral. He got subbed.

  • markronin

    You don’t need a clause because it’s all self-explanatory, it’s common sense, and the UFC can fire them at any time they want. The only reason little JJ isn’t fired already is because he still has selling power and he’s the champ. Any lower-ranked guy who did something of this magnitude would be fired. Little JJ got a pass this time, but do it again and he’s done, Dana said it himself.

    There is no debate about this. Little JJ knew what would happen, and since he’s an unthinking imbecile who can’t do anything without Greg Jackson telling him to, he just goes with whatever Greg says.

    The fact that no other fighter has ever done this tells you all you need to know. JJ and Greg Jackson are the biggest MMA d*****bags of all time.

    Greg isn’t a fighter, and he’s probably got Asperger syndrome. The dude has his head in the clouds, he doesn’t understand real life. He’s like the Rain Man of MMA. He’s a genius in his particular field, but has no concept of reality.

    Jon Jones should have taken that fight, period, there is no debate, it’s not about was that the best fight for him, that’s irrelevant. It was about saving the card, helping the sport and allowing people to make their money. JJ and his camp ****** up, because in their deluded, selfish minds all they think about is it’s not a good fight without preparation. They take it all for granted and it would be justice to have it all taken away from them.

  • stevemcz11

    I think some of the MMA fans are spoiled. How can anybody say JJ isnt a big enough name to build a fight card around? The UFC has often had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for talent when it needs to put on a show. We had three Shamrock vs Ortiz matches because those guys were kind of somebodys at the time and entire undercards and co main events were nobodys. They pulled Gracie out of retirement to fight Hughes when he had nobody else to fight and just filled the rest of the card any way they could. If these main events
    hadnt taken place these cards probably would have been cancelled also. Along with plenty more. So the reason its being blamed on Jones is because he wouldnt accept a fight and thats why UFC 151 got cancelled. Not the UFCS fault at all!

  • The problem is Edgar would take the fight and then just stand there and do nothing.

    • MrAdidas

      WTF are u talking about?!? If you are stating that Edgar just stands there and does nothing, you really are stupid. I’d like to know the distance Edgar “travels” when he fights a 5 rounder, the guy is ALWYAS moving, which makes your uneducated comment laughable at best. FYI: if u don’t like the way Edgar fights, why don’t you show him how it’s done? NO … Didn’t think so. Just another keyboard warrior, couldn’t do a fraction of what Edgar does in training, let alone when he fights.

  • maddawgmar

    The funny thing is, Sonnen is Henderson without the power. Jones spend 10+ weeks training for a wrestler with KO power. Now he gets a chance at a wrestler with no KO power, and turns it down. Question mark to me. But I agree anyone could say they would take the fight, but they weren’t in that situation.

    As for “liemien”. When have you ever seen Edgar stand ther and do nothing? He had the best movement in the UFC, and some of the quickest hands. You sir are an idiot.

    • MrAdidas

      LOL I completely agree with you 100%, I replied to his idiotic comment before I read your post. I was surprise that no one commented on his stupidity, but then I seen your post. Glad to see someone else with common sense.

  • johnt

    why do you idiots keep saying SONNEN DIDNT DESERVE A TITLE SHOT? Do you collectively just know total dip**** nothing about the sport at all? Let me break it down for you because as much as I hate to blast people, you guys are dumber than dumb.
    Ok, pay attention kids:
    #1 – sonnen wasnt “given” a title shot – HE AGREED TO TAKE HENDO’S PLACE
    #3 – does anyone actually believe that Dan got hurt a long time ago and his camp chose to cover it up solely in hopes that by some stroke of luck Dana would call Sonnen as a middleweight replacement in a LHW fight? GNODEB you are officially the least MMA intelligent person on this board for making that comment.
    #4 – the fight was offered because the UFC knew that Sonnen would bring PPV buys. And no matter what anyone wants to think, this is a business first. And PPV buys keep the business running. If you cannot grasp this very simple concept maybe you should start watching baseball.
    #5 – Machida was physically unable to accept the fight and he was not able to be contacted in proper time. Listen to the press conference.

    For anyone that complains that he talks too much keep in mind that his PPV bonus money for the last fight (based on the numbers i was given which were $50mil in buy revenue and his 1.75% share) was a cool $850,000. If any single one of you wouldn’t talk **** and hype a fight for a $850,000 payday then you are insane.
    Im sorry this is so long but day after day I read this insane ignorance from people whose holier than thou stupidity is just too much to take.

    • MrAdidas

      I concur with your assessment, the UFC has asked several LHW’s to take the fight on 8 days notice and EVERYONE said Sanx but NO Sanx. So Dana/UFC asked Sonnen bc he knew Sonnen didn’t care about only having 8 days to train, unlike all the others who said NO, including Lyoto who had 3 weeks to train. Another reason many people wanted Sonnen to fight jones is bc of how well he did. Vs. Silva – winning 6 of 7 rounds, while no other fighter has been able to win more than 1 round or out strike Silva, while Sonnen was able to
      Do that and more.

      I also have a question, people say Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title fight, sorta true but it was only bc of special circumstances. My question is … Vitor Belfort does?!? Bahahaha Belfort is going to get KTFO, this fight doeS absolutely nothing for me, Belfort got KTFO by Silva and has 1 win in the last 12 months, which was vs. Anthony Johnson … WOW how impressive. GTFO of here, Belfort is even worst than Sonnen. At least Sonnen had height, size and cardio to do decent vs. Jones, while Belfort has what?!? Injuries. Yeah Sonnen is not deserving but Belfort is … Idiots.

    • gnodeb

      You are right! Hendo know nothing about his injury. He was pulled off by UFC because he didn’t make enough jokes.

      Sonnen didn’t deserve title shot because he has zero fights at LHW and he had a hard time controlling Bisping at MW. That tells me he has nothing to offer as a real challenger. People will buy tickets but wont see a fight. Comedian would quit after first failed TD, AGAIN!

  • Jones did nothing wrong. He made his choice so get over it. As for Dana firing him that’s a joke.

  • clarkw901

    As much as i don’t care much for Jones, I think he’s scared to lose, especially with his new sponsorship. He saw how close he came to beating Silva, but in the end, Silva won. Say all you want about his TRT use, but last time i looked, TRT doesn’t turn you from a no skill person to a super skill P4P greatest beating (almost) fighter. If it would’ve been that easy to beat Sonnen, why didn’t he take the easy paycheck and whoop his butt? Now he has Belfort and between Belfort and Sonnen, i would rather fight Sonnen. Maybe Jackson saw something in Sonnen that they didn’t have an answer for, now they gotta fight Belfort and i think they’ll have a toughr time. Just my opinion.

    • MrAdidas

      You’d fight Sonnen who just woooped Anderson Silva 6 out of 7 Rounds (which was unheard of), Sonnen who is a “big” MW, with sick wrestling & has a decent reach, especially compared to Vitor. Than Belfort an injury “expert” 35 yr old short & “small” oponent with very little reach?!? You make no sense. Who has Belfort beaten lately … who was RANKED?!? (besides Franklin & Silva) Keep looking, it’s quite a ways down on his resume. Belfort is not even a top 5 @ MW, people have to look at the present & NOT the past. Belfort hasnt done anything impressive in yrs, except get injured & get KTFO by Silva, in less than 3.5 mins.

      • B-rok

        to be fair sonnen only whooped anderson 5 out of 7 rounds the other two he was submitted and tko’d. You say vitor isn’t top 5 but almost all mma websites including this one has him top 5. sonnen and belfort have the exact same reach. not sure where you get your info.

  • diazfan209

    Frankie would fight because Frankie is a FIGHTER