UFC 151 Cancelled: Fighters Speak Out on Twitter

August 26, 2012
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UFC 151 Jones vs Henderson PosterWhen the news broke on Thursday that UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson was cancelled, many of the fighters scheduled to compete on the card reacted through social media, particularly the popular website Twitter.

Most of the fighters’ initial reactions – similar to UFC president Dana White – took aim at UFC light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones for not accepting the fight with Chael Sonnen, who offered to step in and replace the injured Dan Henderson.

UFC veteran Dennis Hallman, who was scheduled to face Thiago Tavares on the main card of UFC 151, took to Twitter to voice his disapproval of Jones’ decision.

“Hey @JonnyBones thanks for being so considerate to your fellow fighters, what a model champion. I guess we can stop the Ali comparisons,” tweeted Hallman to his 11,000-plus followers.

“I must b delusional 2 think that a champ shouldn’t turn down fights. His biz is now f-ing my biz, makes me cross,” Hallman later added.

Not every fighter drives a Bentley, or has a mansion, or lucrative endorsement deals.  Some fighters, most fighters, compete to make ends meet.  It’s what they do to provide food and shelter for their families.

Jeff Hougland was scheduled to take on Takeya Mizugaki on the UFC 151 prelims that were supposed to air on FX.  UFC 151 would have been his third fight in the organization.

“@jonnybones Can I at least get one of your new Nike T-shirts? I’ll give it to my kid since I won’t have any money for her school clothes,” tweeted Hougland.

Charlie Brenneman was scheduled to face Kyle Noke on the UFC 151 preliminary card.  He voiced concerned about the financial loss of fighters who were expecting to be receiving a paycheck next weekend, and he also took aim at Jones for the UFC 151 cancellation.

“@jonnybones u can send my check to PO box 198. EH NJ. Rent is due the first, so preferably by then. Thanks,” tweeted Brenneman.  He later tweeted, “Me n @rick_story took a fight on 24 hrs notice!! Champ what?!?!”

Danny Castillo was scheduled to take on Michael Johnson on the UFC 151 prelims on FX. He too voiced financial concerns with the event cancellation.

“Who got $50 I can borrow till my next fight?”  Castillo continued via Twitter, “Sallie mae just called, she said she don’t give a (expletive) #UFC151 or not my payment better not be late!”

Daron Cruickshank, who was scheduled to face Henry Martinez took a more lighthearted approach at expressing his disappointment at the UFC 151 cancellation.

“Sorry kitty only food that’s on sale for you now. That’s ok you needed a diet anyway. RIP ufc151,” tweeted Cruickshank.

Kyle Noke expressed his sympathy for the fans who planned to attend the UFC 151 event next weekend in Las Vegas that are now out money.

“I’m no longer fighting. the whole @ufc 151 card is cancelled. Sorry to all fans who bought flight, hotel, and fight tickets. #heartbroken,” tweeted Noke

As Thursday came to a close, maybe no other fighter scheduled to fight on the UFC 151 card summed up the day better than Eddie Yagin.  He was expecting to face Dennis Siver on the main card.

“Sucks for everyone else scheduled to fight,” tweeted Yagin. “Damn damn damn…”

As bad as it seemed as the sun set on Thursday, by daylight Friday many scheduled UFC 151 fighters had new dates in hand.

UFC 152 picked up Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort as the headliner, as well as the cancelled UFC 151 match-up between Charlie Brenneman and Kyle Noke.

Four of the UFC 151 scheduled match-ups were moved to UFC on FX 5.  Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Heiron, Michael Johnson vs. Danny Castillo, Shane Roller vs. Jacob Volkmann and Dennis Hallman vs. Thiago Tavares have been moved to the Oct. 5 event in Minneapolis.

UFC on Fuel TV 6 picked up the UFC 151 canceled match-up between Takeya Mizugaki and Jeff Hougland.

Several other fighters, such as former UFC champion Frankie Edgar and current Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey commented on the UFC 151 cancellation in various interviews.

  • I actually asked for an article like this on Twitter. You guys rock!

    And by far the best response was Hougland’s: “Can I at least get one of your new Nike T-shirts? I’ll give it to my kid since I won’t have any money for her school clothes,” tweeted Hougland.


  • whoa, wait a second. I’m shocked that any fighter would throw jones under the bus here. I’m not even a big Jones fan. He had a contract to fight Hendo. The UFC and Dana White
    specifically live and die by contracts. Now they need a “favor” and that is what it is a favor,because they were not prepared with a backup card for their company. That was his responsibility. I know most fighters whine and pick incessantly about opponents and matchups, so why in the world would Jones sign off on a deal that could jeopordize his standing? He does have a deal with NIKE, own a Bently etc.. he earned them. If you can’t afford to compete and have not won enough to warrant sponsorship why should anyone feed you? Obamacare attitude is for losers who live on excuses. Thats why you are bottom tier fighters getting 10 g from dana, and while we’re there how about Dana paying you your show money? He had a contract to PAY YOU IF YOU SHOWED. wait did you sign a contract that he could not pay you if you mt your end but he did not? wow thats stupid who is your manager? Dana pay the guys. Not Jones and take the responsibility for your failure. Last but not least Hendo I love ya but injured 1 week out? really? too close to be pushing that hard.

    • stevemcz11

      You forgot about the other fighters. The favour would have been done for them also as DW and the UFC. This thing was built on favours. Joe Rogan was commentating for free for along time. If he had said no thats not on my contract then it would have been a much harder franchise to build because very few people would know whats going on in the cage when it comes to the grappling. Also Hendo didn’t know the whole card would be cancelled when he was pushing too hard but JJ knew the whole card would be cancelled if he didn’t take the fight. Very different motives!

    • KBEsq

      Just like everyone who is sticking up for Jones, you completely miss the point, and fail to understand why people are upset. People aren’t upset at Jones because they think he didn’t make the logical, best choice for for his career. They’re upset because he made a cold, shrewd, selfish decision.

      You talk about Jones jeopardizing his standing? People are upset because we have a champ who puts those things above all else when making his decisions. No one is saying Jones doesn’t have a right to act like a selfish, jackass; they’re just upset that he IS a selfish, jackass. No one is saying that Jones needs to think of everyone else when he makes all his decisions either. However, this one time, it would not have killed Jones to think of other people, and put himself second (he claims to be a Christian). This scenario will probably never happen again. He’ll be fine either way (in fact, I would argue this backlash is hurting him MUCH more than a potential Sonnen loss would have).

      It doesn’t inspire anyone (which is what a champ should be doing) that Jones’ opponent gets pulled and he refuses to go forward with a replacement because he wants to protect his legacy or whatever.

      Also, your argument about guys making 10k or whatever, and that being their fault. First of all, you’re d*#@ for saying that in the first place. Second, you assume that those guys have been fighting for that amount their entire career. Guess what? Jones was making that much or less when he started, and a lot of those guys are just trying to climb the UFC ladder. In the meantime, they make crap money.

      • Ememay

        Well said. Champions aren’t paid to hold titles. They’re paid to fight, and if they’re not fighting, what good are they?

        • Brass Monkey


  • Buglemma

    Geez! Why take it out on JBJ? I’m shocked as all hell too! At the fighters, the comments, the company. Remember Bones didn’t just enter the cage as this elite superstar athlete. Nobody “gave” him endorsements, a championship, a reputation or marketability — he earned it, just like all of those undercard fighters that are bitching about him now are trying to do. And frankly, a lot of these negative comments sound a lot like a bunch of half jealous / half whiney little babies. IMO, the UFC with the multiple hundreds of millions it rakes in, and if you’re the #1 sport in the world, COME ON do you mean you can’t pay your undercard fighters more than a few thousand bucks, if that? I’m only saying, the undercard fighters are financially strapped, and they have a right to be frustrated but to put the blame on the main event fighter is wrong. The ufc sets the standard, they hold PPVs, they can cancel them, and they can most definitely save any card they want by just throwing a little money around. So let’s get off of JBJ’s case.

    • stevemcz11

      Fair enough not an elite superstar athlete but an
      elite athlete none the less. Nike and UFC gave him endorsements and UFC gave him a championship opportunity. A championship opportunity where Shogun accepted a fight against him on short notice btw.

      • garyfredericks

        Kudos to stevemcz11 for remembering that SHOGUN accepted the fight with JOHN JONES…a FACT that has NEVER been put in ANY of the articles about this subject on ANY of the MMA sites.

        John Jones is a champ on paper but not in heart.

      • Amazing point. The only reason Jones ever got a title shot in the first place was because Shogun accepted a fight with him on short notice. THAT is the heart of a champion: anyone, anytime. And for everybody saying “he earned all that he has now”, maybe you don’t realize that the UFC has done all they can to pump Jones up and make him the face of the company. Something that was completely ignored by him when he turned this fight down.

        • youdosuck

          Shogun had over a month to prepare for jon jones. I ask this, has any champion of the ufc ever took a fight on such short notice, 8 days for crying out loud. Its easy for these none champions to take a fight because that is where they want to be. I blame Dana and Joe Silva for putting together the worst ppv card in years. There was 3 ranked fighters on it. two were fighting each other.

          • RubeKegal

            Always find people throwing a comment out there to suck Shogun off…..short notice? It was announced on Feb 5th and they fought on March 19th, that’s a month and a half and not for nothing but Feb 5th is when they announced Jones would fight Shogun, the night he beat Bader…and he came back with no rest a month and a half later and dismantled Shogun with ease.

        • bigbeowulf


          Shogun was already scheduled to fight Rashad Evans at UFC 128, but Evans had a torn knee ligament that sidelined him for 6-8 weeks; was offered the fight just out of the bloom after he destroyed ryan bader…..get your facts straight…….

          Shogun had already been training for THAT SCHEDULED FIGHT, Jones was the one who had a month to prepare..

          heres the article 3rd paragraph, sorry mma keely, its from junkie

      • Anthony

        The Shogun reply hit the nail on the head. Ive been a Bones fan a long time–I knew this guy was something special when he destroyed Bonner at 100. I was the first to defend the guy when he was charged with a DUI –“hes young, we all make bad choices at that age”. Not taking a fight of this magnitude when he won his belt in a similar situation makes me think hes turned into a total primidona. To hell with him.

  • adam1848

    I must have been misinformed. I thought it was Dana White who canceled the show and cost all of these guys their paychecks. Now that I know that Dana has handed complete control of the organization to Jones, it changes everything. And here I thought Bones was just being used as the scapegoat…didn’t realize he was the new CEO and CFO.

    I don’t even like Jones, but this has gotten absurd.

    • RubeKegal

      Agreed, I place the blame on the UFC for having the co-main event as Ellenberger vs Hieron. The fault lies on Dana.

      • youdosuck

        Dana build it and he will destroy it. I’m glad jones didn’t agree to fight chael. Chael started running his month like he knew he might be in line for a title shot. Seems fishy to me.

        • RubeKegal

          Excellent point…notice how Chael started badmouthing Jones weeks ago and he is training partners with Hendo. Perhaps he knew something we didn’t…maybe Hendo was hurt weeks prior, maybe Team Quest has been training Sonnen for the past 3 weeks knowing full well that Hendo was hurt. I’m glad Bones turned this fight down, good for him.

    • no his not the ceo but he would not take a different fighter to keep the 151 card going that is what people are pissed at him about real fighters and champs take fights .

  • This was the perfect time for Dana to cancel a show, Too many fighters did not get the big picture until this happened. Bad for the fighters in a short term sense, but good in the long term since they see now what can actually happen if fighters are not more willing to make things happen. And maybe now Zuffa will start putting more complete fight cards together instead of counting on 1 name to cover the bill. After all this is a job, if you don’t do your job…. YOU”RE FIRED!!!!! Screw JBJ anyways I’ll take the ******* fight…

  • Maine2Alaska

    i thought JBJ was sponsored by the UFC? didnt read anything about it so i’m guessing im wrong. I see both sides to this argument. but i tend to side with Dana and all the other fighters on this one. This stuff happens all the time. And everytime this happens someone steps up and does what needs to be done. I would bet everything i have, that if JBJ wasnt making what he’s making for cash, he would take the fight no matter what, just to make that bread,.. he is spoiled. Anybody know where Gustafson was when this went down?

  • b-soc

    A very good point was made here several times – Zuffa cancelled UFC 151. Bottom line. Many other main events have been scrapped and cards have gone on – fact. Dana has found someone else to blame once again for a decision he himself made. Another good point above – the UFC lives and breaths on contracts, as they make very public for example with the Fedor situation and Randy Couture. Jon’s contract was to fight Dan Henderson. One week out and he gets a new opponent. This backfires on fighters all the time. I’m fu–ing sick and tired of Dana White not taking responsibility for his own decisions and stop blaming others.

    • adam1848

      Exactly. Well said.

    • gnodeb

      I’m usually defending DW but this time I’m sick of him too. I was hoping that deal with FOX will bring UFC one step closer to the real sport association but it looks like they take a step closer to WWE. Other shocking thing is that majority of fans like that…

  • gnodeb

    So, they all admit that withaut JJ they worth nothing!? Next time JJ fight, all other fighters should send him 50% of what they make, because he is the only one who made that event possible. For how long is he feeding theirs families and this is what he gets in returns…

    • johnt

      wow, another BRILLIANT post by GNODEB. thanks for your genius insight. Its amazing how short-sighted and ignorant you really are about the sport. Why do you bother to write posts that make you look so uninformed and stupid?

      Nobody said they are worth nothing. And let’s assume for a moment that you have forgotten that EVERY SINGLE FIGHTER IN THE UFC STARTED AT THE BOTTOM AND WORKED THEIR WAY TO THEIR RICHES. Everyone has ever right to be mad at a situation that could have been easily rectified.

      Jon Blowjob Jones was afraid to fight Chael. JBJ’s manager was afraid to fight Chael. Listen to Greg Jackson’s own words!! He said point blank that Chael is too dangerous of a fighter because he is really really good!

      But you’re right. When you are JBJ you may be “Champ” but you shouldn’t ever be expected to fight a middleweight that can barely make the 205lb limit and who is coming off a big loss while you are running a massive win streak.

      Sure, why expect that fight to happen? LOL

      • gnodeb

        Right, I’m ignorant to the sport and you think that dominant champ is afraid of comidian… Putting Sonnen in the same sentance with JJ make this sport look like a joke. Who is next in line for the title? Some retired baseball player?

        • MRGJJ

          No, the standing champion not competing against someone who has has virtually no training time — while he has had months worth — makes the sport look like a joke.

          You can put up whatever hypothetical/hyperbole comment you want about how much the other fighters are worth but the ADAMANT fact is Jones knew what would happen if he didn’t compete. If you think that is what a champion does… well, what can I say… you’re effing delusional.

          Oh, by the way putting in strawman arguments like “whats next, baseball player hur-hur” makes you look like a bigger fool then your first post.

          • RubeKegal

            OK, I love Chael, but how the hell did he deserve a title shot?

            How are you going to say that you “MRGJJ” knew the event would be cancelled. This happens a lot and fights get replaced. It’s the UFC’s fault for having Ellenberger vs Hieron as co main event.

            Oh by the way, criticizing someone for making comparisons makes you sound like you have a micropenis.

          • gnodeb

            You are aware of the fact that Sonnen was training with Hendo for his title fight against JJ. So, virtually he had a full camp for fight against JJ. And he started trash talking JJ a few weeks ago, so we have a reason to think he was aware of Hendo’s injury.
            Also, because of UFC insurance policy, UFC was aware of that injury too. We have a reason to think that JJ is the only one in dark here.
            Reading you comments made me think that fans are actually responsible. They are the one who enjoy Sonnen trash talking more then AS and JJ careers combined. They don’t want to watch UFC 151 without title fight while they don’t care about title at all. How ignorant is that?

    • RubeKegal

      gnodeb I couldn’t agree with you more.

      1st) Bones didn’t know cancelling the fight would cancel the event
      2nd)Dana’s fault for making the co-main event Ellenberger vs. Hieron
      3rd) Team Quest prob knew of Hendo’s injury a few weeks prior to the public knowing it.
      4th)When you are making 250K plus a fight, you don’t jeopardize it by taking on new opponents with 3 days of training preparation.
      5th)I think Dana learned his lesson, UFC 152 is stacked and if one fight fails to happen, there are a bunch of other great fights on tap.

  • tomasarellano

    This will never go away. Jones might continue dominating every opponent even become heavy weight champion and be the best ever. At the end this will define his carrier a selfish champion.

  • MikeMc1983

    So all, but a few fighters make statements where their only concern is really themselves, but the comments are pretty much calling jones selfish. Hmmm, makes sense. People are just looking out for themselves.
    I don’t believe jones has a reasponsability to to other fighters, but fighters and fans have the right to critique any of his actions.
    UFC has had a ton of injuries effecting the quality of cards. Every event changes due to injury. This card is no different. They ran out of luck.

    It’s interesting to note that the injuries are far more common now that there is “injury insurance.”
    I never heard what, if anything, the insurence does for the opponent.
    Just let’s you know how often guys had to of been fighting injured before the coverage.

  • diazfan209

    This was a make or break decision for Jon Jones. I was about to root for him to destroy Sonnen, but now I actually like Sonnen more even though I still think he’s a colossal douche.

    Sure, Jones is protecting his championship, but he can’t protect his credibility as a fighter or as a “company man”. He’s announced his unwillingness to fight a replacement, couldn’t even decide it on his own, and has shown that he likes to talk smack with other fighters and then decline a fight with them when the opportunity presents itself.

    He KNEW that this card relied on his fight, and that all of the fighters and fans would be negatively affected by his pathetic decision to refuse a fight.

    People are saying that not taking the fight was the worst decision of Jon Jones’ career, which I think might be true, but at the same time as a fight fan I am even more interested in Jon Jones because I’m rooting against him & want to see him lose and lose badly.

    Sometimes it’s the athletes/teams we can’t stand that we pay most attention to because we want to see them fail.

    So, Jones may have broken his credibility as a FIGHTER, but also might have made his future bouts that much more interesting because now fans will be rooting for him to lose.

    I don’t know about others, but there’s something about a fighter refusing to fight that puts a very bad taste in my mouth as a fight fan!

    • rsnowbass

      Besides Nate (as of late) I thought 209 Diaz fans were used to “loads” of bad tastes filling their mouths…

      Juuuuuuuust kidding……but really though. Tell us more about it.

      • MikeMc1983

        That was certainly a tasteful comment wasn’t it?

  • rsnowbass

    You tell me…

  • dgs

    I haven’t read every post to this article, but I’m sure others have said (and I agree with) that this is hardly solely the fault of Jon. If Joe Silva knew how to put a strong card together, maybe, just maybe an entire freaking card would not have been cancelled simply because the main card fight was cancelled. But when you have a super weak card other than the main event (which 151 was), then yes, you don’t have much choice do you?

    Really, really sh!tty to put all the blame for this all on Jon. But Dana has proven time and again he’s hardly what anyone could consider a professional man, so I’m not surprised he would say the things he has, and behave the way he has about this whole thing.

  • Bob

    UFC will have to put a “‘John Jones’ clause” in every main event fights contract from now on.

    “‘John Jones’ clause;
    If your current main event opponent is injured or unable to fight for any other reason the UFC shall pick another opponent that they deem appropriate.”

  • diazfan209

    People blaming Joe Silva & Dana White don’t understand the business aspect of the company. If a business model that allows lower costing resources around one high paid resource works, then the business should and will continue to utilize it.

    Sure, the now defunct UFC 151 didn’t have a card filled with household names, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bouts wouldn’t be exciting. You do need household names to sell a PPV, but a Jon Jones PPV only needs his fight to sell and that has been proven, so business-wise it makes perfect sense to save your household names for other events.

    Now that the UFC has events on Fuel TV, FX, Fox, and PPV, they are required to be well organized in spreading out the household name fighters people know of throughout these 4 tiers of events. The bottom line is gaining ratings for the Fox deal & gaining purchases for PPVs. If one big fight sells a PPV and you can save other exciting bouts for ratings on the Fox networks you are spreading your resources around in a strategic and logical way.

    Why was Dana White breathing fire and releasing steam from his ears? Because his top employee just f*cked up their business model for years to come.

    As a fight fan, I’m glad though because now we won’t be seeing any more sh*tty cards! (hopefully)

  • inebriatedmc

    Character is one of those traits that does not apply to everybody….. Jon Jones is showing he doesn’t have it!

  • Millar

    Well all i have to say is that No Matter what No Fighter should be able to turn down any fight. MMA Fighters are payed to fight not to turn down them, Especially world champions, Jon Jones should be punished for turning down a fight. To be honest it didn’t surprise me that Chael Sonnen
    would have wanted to have fight Jon Jones cause thats what great fighters do, they are willing to fight anyone anywhere anyplace and anytime so i give my full respect to sonnen and Jones you have
    lost all of my respect.

  • orange138

    I order alot of ppv’s and embersoles an awesome fighter but Co main on ppv I dont think so Joe Silva has atough job but im so sick of seeing 2 big name on a $50 event. How does fox get such a star studded card and ppvs look like free fx fights

  • orange138

    Besides the main event thecard was hardly Facebook worthy fooor reeaaal. I know what there thinking, if we put Jones on the card and have a bunch of free events they’ll almost Have to order it…Almost. Dana ur a great biz man or should I say was,jackass

  • dissto


    to say a fighter should NOT be able to turn down a fight is ridiculous!! this isnt street slug fest. fighters train specific to different opponents. if jones was training to fight Hendo, substituting hendo for a different fighter can mean jones should be training a completely different way. training for a striker is much different than trainign for a grappler. However, your point is even more ridiculous, as TIME is a major factor. this was an 8 day notice….what if it was day before? should the fighter be obligated to take the fight? absolutely NOT.

    secondly, you’re NOT surprised SOnnen wanted the fight?? well NO SH111T. Sonnen has absolutely, positively, completely NOTHING to lose in this fight, and EVERYTHING to gain!! Jones on the other hand, has very little to gain, as he’s fighting a guy that just got pounded by a champion in the weight class lower. if jones wins, ppl would say, DUH, of course he won, he’s much bigger, stronger, reach this, striking that, blah blah.
    however, if he lost, people would jump on him saying he alwasys sucked and Sonnen finally exposed him blah blah.
    Sonnen is about the last person that deserved this shot, and his big b111tch mouth was working overtime well before the official announcement of Hendo;s injury, so like many aleady said, he knew hendo was hurt, as wwell as he was in full camp mode helping Hendo,so he was as ready as Hendo was. by trash talking so much, he made it knows to Dana and everyone else that he was more than interested, if the fight should lost Hendo. I dont like Sonnen, but he is a smart cookie, knew exactly that he was doing, and it worked out for him…..well kind of.

    jones has a contract and obligation to fight HENDO and HENDO ONLY. Dana is the b111tch for a water downed PPV, and it was his decision to cancell the ppv cuz he damn well knew no one would buy that crap with no jones on it.
    its not like this is the fist card that lost the main event, but it IS the first card that DANA shut down. its not jones’ responsibility to sell the ENTIRE card. that is Joe Silva’s and Danas roles to put together decent cards from top to bottom.