UFC 150 Results: Benson Henderson Retains Title with Split Decision Win Over Frankie Edgar

August 12, 2012
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There is no shortage of controversy when it comes to scoring in UFC lightweight title fights.

Unfortunately for Frankie Edgar he seems to be in the middle of it almost every single time, and the judging once again haunted him in his rematch with Benson Henderson at UFC 150.

The two lightweights rematched after a razor-close fight in their first bout in Japan back in February, and while many felt this bout has a much more clearly defined winner, the judges did not agree.

Henderson and Edgar battled in a true game of inches, spending the majority of the fight on their fight tagging back and forth with strikes. Henderson landed his most damaging strikes to the legs, while Edgar showcased his quickness to move in and out and pop the champion with his punches.

Edgar landed the most significant strike of the entire fight in the 2nd round when he clipped Henderson with a punch, knocking the Arizona based fighter to the mat. Edgar rushed in looking for more punishment, but Henderson was quick to recover and avoid much more damage.

The remaining three rounds were all very close with Henderson landing bigger shots while Edgar as usual landed a much higher volume of strikes. The final round saw Edgar pick up the pace, pop shotting Henderson with a barrage of combinations but the champion not to be deterred fired back with powerful strikes of his own.

When the final horn sounded, Edgar appeared jubilant in his corner as he was sure he reclaimed the UFC lightweight title, but the judges did not agree.

The scores came back 48-47 twice for Henderson and 49-46 for Edgar, as the champion retains his belt via split decision.

“I was a little bit confused, the scoring on that one was a little bit weird I thought 49-46, but you know the judge had a perfect view, he was up close, so it is what it is,” Henderson said after his second victory over Edgar.

“Of course you’ve always got to be concerned whenever it goes to decision.”

Henderson will now close the book on his rivalry with Edgar after two back-to-back fights that were as close as any championship fights could possibly be.

“Frankie’s tough, we all know how tough Frankie is. I had to come in here and lay it all down on the line,” Henderson said with the championship belt wrapped around his waist.

An extremely disappointed Frankie Edgar threw his hat down into the corner as Bruce Buffer read the decision, and he was visibly upset as he once again goes home without the UFC lightweight title.

“I thought I had it, I thought I brought it to him,” Edgar said. “But congrats to Ben.

“I’m upset, but what are you going to do. I did, I did, I thought I brought it to him.”

Unless something dramatic changes, there won’t be a third fight for Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar as the lightweight division will now move onto the next contender and that is Cesar Gracie black belt Nate Diaz.

Diaz will now step in to face Benson Henderson, while Frankie Edgar will fly home to New Jersey undoubtedly disappointed by how the judges decided his fate at UFC 150.

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  • WarriorScholar

    Not a Frankie Edgar fan but i thought he won,but glad all this automatic rematch crap is over.

  • pooby

    I wanted Bendo to win this. I’m tired of seeing Edgar’s super close title fights. With that said, I thought Frankie got screwed tonight.

    I had Bendo taking round 1, but Frankie probably took the last 4. Maybe I’ll watch the fight again, but I didn’t see how 2 judges gave it to Henderson.

  • Henderson only won the first round. Frankie should learn more finishing moves. Can’t wait to see Edgar vs Henderson 5.

  • phrankthetank

    I had Frankie barely winning the 1st fight, but I’m a fan and admittedly I may have been somewhat biased. But this fight I thought was all his… it’s unfortunate for Frankie, but there’s only one thing to do now. Drop to 145, take the belt from Aldo, then win the lightweight strap back in a super fight and become the 1st UFC 2 division champ! Lemonade out of lemons!

    • yellowmonkey

      Very positive phrankie. I hope so.

  • adice89

    Hendo was outclassing Edgar the first 2 rounds. 3rd could have gone either way. round 4 and 5 were to edgar but he wasnt landing any power shots, they were just slaps to the face to Hendo.

    • phrankthetank

      Edgar dropped bendo in the 2nd… You have to be fully conscious to outclass someone

    • pooby

      Round 2? Really? You mean when Edgar dropped Bendo with a punch then grabbed his neck? Bendo had his knuckles on the mat for half the round to keep from getting kneed.

      Round 2 was Edgar’s best round.

  • MKE_AR

    I think Frankie did the most significant damage landing the right hand in the second round. Although he landed more strikes in the fight, I believe the judges ruled in favor of significant percentage of strikes for Henderson…Frankie could’ve easily walked out with the title but I also see how Benson won in that aspect. I think at 145 Frankie has more potential to finish fights without having to deal with the strength advantage the guys at 55 have over him.

  • adice89

    I dont think he should drop a weight class at all. A fight with Melvin Guilard would be awsome. Both got fast hands.

  • yellowmonkey

    Round 2, 4, and 5 were clearly Frankie. To the guy who said Frankie was outclassed in the first two rounds… dunno what you were watching.

    • stak

      definitely rounds 2, 4, and 5. and round 5 was so close that it could have gone to frankie as well. the 48-46 score was the only one that made sense.

      • stak

        whoops, I meant round 3 was so close.

  • shakejunt

    knockdowns are usually relevant because they tend to lead to more point scoring. that being said, frankie didn’t do anything with them and ben landed meaningful strikes more consistently.

  • Fight Metric numbers are in and show Frankie landed more significant strikes, more total strikes, had one knockdown to zero, and two takedowns to zero (six attempts for Edgar and one for Henderson). They were about even on accuracy. So not sure what the judges went with.

    Feel bad for Frankie but there can’t be a rematch. The bummer is I don’t think he could beat Jose Aldo, so he will have to bide his time for awhile.

    • B-rok

      frankie landed 4 more significant strikes and 5 more total strikes. the knockdown won him the round but wasn’t a huge knockdown. the take downs did absolutely nothing he just popped right back up. fight metric scored it a draw on a ten point must. this fight was super close. this was not even close to being a robbery.

  • lycan

    I’m a Bendo fan , and I gave the fight to Edgar , Edgar was screwed this fight .

  • Santz

    So tired of these rematches…I didn’t even care who won this one just glad someone else is fighting for the title next and that it’s not Edgar who seems to be completely incapable of finishing a fight.

  • kiwi_as

    He is capable, just ask Gray. Henderson has not finished anyone in 6 fights.
    He has yet to finish since his arrival to the big show.

    • B-rok

      Bendo has fought guys that are next to impossible to stop so not finishing those guys doesn’t seem to be a knock. diaz was the first to stop miller, guida is tough as nails, frankie has never been finished, and bocek hasn’t been stopped in 4 years.

      • kiwi_as


  • B-rok

    This fight is almost exactly like the first bj-frankie fight. I thought bj won that fight and i think bendo won this one. Frankie is always busy, but never seems to land that many combos. when you re-watch the fight notice how many times frankie throws a combo of four punches and lands zero. I think many people are scoring the fight without realizing how many times missed benson and how little damage he did. even is knockdown in the second was more of a henderson being off balance. Frankie did nothing on the take downs and spent too much time on the front head lock. i will say bendo didn’t look good in this one, he wasn’t aggressive and fought frankie’s fight much like the bj did. it almost cost him. I had the fight 3-2 henderson.

  • clarkw901

    I guess it’s bad when i skipped the report and went straight to the comments for the who got screwed comments. I watched the fight and saw that no one seemed to really want to push the action to win. Henderson seemed content with doing enough to win and Edgar “thought” he did enough to win. I guess when you leave it to the judges, this happens. Unless we’re actually judging, where it counts, we all can go through the who got screwed debate. I’m just glad there isn’t going to be a rematch, well, i might of spoke too soon, but a new face needs to be in there.

  • jonasjunior

    Sorry guys, but Edgar is a boooring fighter. He fights to score, not to finish. Go play tennis, golf or something else. That’s it.

  • bluemma

    I had Edgar winning 2-5 rounds with only the the 3rd up for debate! It’s another puzzling display from the judges, although this was a close fight, but surely still clear enough to see who won the fight! It’s a shame that Edgar now has to drop a weight to prove himself again, although he is probably the right size to drop to 145. No doubt Henderson is talented, but I can see Diaz out boxing him and taking the belt!

  • jpgagne

    I had round 2 and 4 clearly Edgar. The 3rd was Bendo, and maybe the frist too. But the 5th… no way Bendo won the 5th round! Rounds 2-4-5 were clearly Edgar’s… the 3rd was Bendo, and the first could have gone both ways…but I thought bendo landed the most devastating stike, which were leg kicks. I thought the first fight could have gone both ways. I gave it to Edgar, but was not shocked when they announced the ”new UFC lightweight” champion. Now I’m just pissed that Bruce Buffer yelled ” Still UFC lightweight champion”!

  • markrenton

    This fight played out very similar to the first except instead of an upkick, Henderson landed a couple shots to the calve. I’m still trying to figure out how two judges gave Benson a round outside of the 1st and maybe the 3rd. Where was that 3rd round that he won? I think Frankie won that but if you don’t finish a close fight you cant rely on the judges.

    With the reach in Diaz legs and arms it will be much harder for Hendo to land kicks and punches and I can see Diaz busting him up like he did to Cerrone.

  • Maine2Alaska

    Im shocked. Edgar popped Henderson, dropped him, had him in dominent positions.. had a good submission attempt. took him down a few times. Even shoved him down at one point effortlessly. Joe Rogan was wigging out over Hendersons leg kicks, but you can see Edgar trying to catch each one of them. I dont think it was as serious as Joe made it. Then you see Edgar kick Henderson in the legs and you see them buckle.. I seriously do not understand what Ben Henderson did to make the Judges go in his favor. Poor Frankie. The judges must have seen the blood on his nose and thought “oh man, he looks beat up!!”

  • RubeKegal

    These judges need to get a f*cking clue…honestly someone give me a number and i’ll harass those retards.

  • SuperNate-AO

    Doesn’t matter who won…Nate Diaz is going to school the champ and take the belt. KNOW THAT!!!

  • MikeMc1983

    Well, we’ll have to see is Nate can pull it off. I said it the moment Nick Diaz was headed back to the UFC, The only way you’d ever see Nick holding a UFC belt is when Nate has him over for a holiday and let’s him clean it.
    Nates got the talent. Hopefully he’ll stop fighting like a pansy. (only his last 2 fights where he fought like nick)
    I hope Nate doesn’t forget how to actually hit someone.