UFC 150 Play-by-Play: Nik Lentz vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

August 9, 2012
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Nik Lentz vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

Round 1:  They touch gloves and UFC 150 is underway.  Lentz moves in with a combination and lands a short right hand.  Mitsuoka looks for a takedown.  They’re clinched along the cage.  Lentz lands a knee and Mitsuoka drops for a takedown.  Lentz slips around to his back and slams him to the canvas.  Mitsuoka quickly gets back to his feet only to be slammed back to the ground.  Mitsuoka stands and they separate.  Lentz keeps the pressure on and secures a single leg takedown.  It’s constant pressure from Lentz.   He delivers a combination.  Mitsuoka rolls and Lentz takes his back. Mitsuoka stands but gets taken down again.  Two minutes remain in the round.  Lentz takes his back and flattens him out.  Lentz lands punches from the back mount.  Lentz finishes with a series of right hands.  The referee stops it.  Lentz wins by TKO.

The official time of the TKO was 3:45 of the first round.  Lentz wins his featherweight debut.

UFC 150 Live Results Home Page

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