UFC 150 Henderson vs Edgar Video Preview

July 27, 2012
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Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar UFC 150Frankie Edgar wants his belt back at UFC 150 in Denver, but Benson Henderson isn’t planning on giving it to anyone. Plus, Jake Shields and Ed Herman both want to crack the upper echelon of the middleweight division.

Check out the promotion’s extended UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar video preview…

  • pooby

    I fully expect another close fight that goes to decision. But please God, let Bendo win. Nothing against Frankie, but I can’t sit through another Edgar trilogy and if Edgar wins a close/controversial decision Henderson will want another go-round. Or we’ll get Edgar/Maynard 4.

    I think the loser of this fight should automatically go fight Melendez in Strikeforce next.

  • pooby

    “You take away that up kick, now he’s up two-nothing”

    Possibly the stupidest thing anyone has ever said.

    • RubeKegal

      Don’t see how that was stupid…I thought he won the 1st round and was winning the 2nd until that kick. You know he was talking 2 rounds-0 right? Don’t see how statement is dumb at all but Pooby I never did get you.

    • MaritalArtist

      How can it be stupid if it’s true? That upkick was an anomaly. Just like Sonnen’s 5th round submission against Silva. Weird things just happen.

      Nobody predicts those things.

  • wiiliamstanley

    Think realistically guys. Your talking about a huge “if”. If the up kick didn’t happen frankie would have won the first round. The reality is, that up kick DID happen and frankie in fact DID loose that round. You could say Ben would have been winning that first round if frankie didn’t land so many clean shots. However that just sounds stupid. Who knows what will happen in this next one and i wouldn’t be surprised about any outcome. To close tom call.

  • wiiliamstanley

    correction second round

  • Mario

    Frankie got his butt kicked in that fight. I don’t know how he thinks he won?

    Hopefully Benson finishes him, that way he can move on from the Lightweight division. I’m sick of these rematches.