UFC 149 Results: James Head Pulls Out Split Decision Win Over Brian Ebersole

July 21, 2012
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James Head at UFC 131When all was said and done at UFC 149: Faber vs. Barão on Saturday night, James Head walked out of the Octagon in Calgary with a split decision victory over Brian Ebersole.

Lighting up the night, they did not, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Head looked to take charge of the fight early, sprawling out Ebersole’s takedown attempts and working punches to the body, trying to soften him up.

He did effectively take Ebersole out of his game, defending nearly every takedown attempt in the fight, but Head never really got enough of his own offense going to fully take control. To be fair, much of that probably had to do with the constant feints and odd angles that Ebersole showed all night.

Head turned it on, if ever so slightly, in the final round to once again fend off the takedowns, and this time landing a few more sharp punches coupled with knees to the midsection.

Head did enough to earn 29-28 scores from two of the judges, while the other saw it the same tally but in Ebersole’s favor.

Having lost his UFC debut to Nick Ring, Head has now strung together back-to-back victories, while Ebersole has more food for thought, as he ponders a move from welterweight down to the 155-pound class.

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  • grettz

    The ufc has to do something about these judges this fight and thr lombard fight were unbelievably scored for the wrong person i am starting to lose respect because this is becoming purely insane lombard won hands down! Ebersole also head landed 2 punches n boetsch ran backwards whole fight…ewwww.

    • shakejunt

      see condit vs diaz

      moving forward doesn’t mean you’re winning

  • grettz

    That was a terrible decision also anyone with half a brain knows that diaz won..look at guida maynard as an example running like a bioch is just crap and should not be rewarded with a win. Come to fight people its getting ridiculous. And the judges in mma are becoming a laughing stock christ.

  • grettz if you think Diaz won that fight then your opinion is worth nothing.

    • RubeKegal

      agreed. What planet are you on to think Diaz won? He was like a slow robot moving forward while Roy Jones is on the outside lighting the robot up.

  • grettz

    Ok maybe i forgot or was too full on wings but i remember being stunned when condit won and i was stunned again when boetsch won. Shall i assume i’m insane for saying boetsch did nothing to win also?